Overview of Water Energy Indpendent Home

I have been working on developing a water-energy independent home for almost 10 years now. This project will soon be launched on rockethub.com.  It is my personal goal that no one should ever be homeless or without food, water and energy or fuel.

We need to create a sustainable, self-reliant world and this home is the start.

What I always think about is, how long have we humans been living on earth? At least thousands of years.

How many average people own their home, outright? How many own their water production and treatment? How many own their power? Almost no one.

In how many years? Thousands…

This is why we have to do this.

We have to establish a benchmark for life for the average person, so that they are strong and self-supporting and can help others to be the same. It is leadership by example and moving forward on basic needs, that still as of today are not met for the majority.

Our goal is to provide a housing system that would be affordable to almost anyone. We want to permit and builf this energy and water independent home, so that we can use it as a demonstration project to show what can be done.


The testing of the home will allow us to work with exiting developmental stage technology and improve upon the equipment to reduce costs and develop better integration. We will also have monitoring on the house for water production, water recycled, energy produced from various energy sources including hydro, gas production from peletized green waste, solar power with battery storage and hydrogen generation.

This project is important to anyone who lives in a home and most importantly those that do not, because with small resources eventually we hope to offer water and energy independent homes for as low as $300 per month, once the concept and technology are completely refined.

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