Whistleblowers and Their Importance to Our Freedom

A Fantasy about Inaguration Day . . .Fantasy about Inaguration Day: Image credit: jscolman 123RF Stock Photo President Obama and Senator Patty Murray Get Out the Vote Rally, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington,10-21-2010

When President Obama was inaugurated the first time, I had a dream that all of the Whistleblowers would line up at the White House the day Obama was in office for his first full day and each one would be heard. Then there would be mass investigations into Iraq, Afghanistan, 9-11 and Building 7, torture and illegal spying on American citizens, as well as the bankers’ role in the financial crisis.

I dreamed that he would clean the big mess up that was created by, during and after 9-11 so that our country could have a firm foundation of truth to stand on finally, because of what he said in his campaign and his prior actions.

This truth out, I thought would bring peace to the many who fought and were unjustly treated as well as those who had been injured and the families of those that had died in the wars.  Maybe it was too big of a dream. Maybe there are too many nasty people involved with too much power, but the treatment of Whistleblowers including former CIA agent John Kiriakou, as well as the countless others, hurts our country and is causing it to rot from inside out both in the American people’s eyes and in the world view. What are we fighting for if we no longer have the freedoms ourselves? What is the price of no one being investigated or caught for the crimes committed? What does that say to other governments in the world? Move FORWARD with a proper investigation into the improprieties and set our country free to be a leader by example again. Only then can the world see that the American Ideal is real.

“For Truth, Justice and the American Way!” Maybe I watched too many cartoons when I was a kid and believed in the fantasy about our country. Work hard to keep the Dream Alive.

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