50 States of Surplus

We need a government based on real intrinsic value of what we have on hand and how American people can profit from those resources to include all waste and all water to include waste water in small municipalities. There was too much cocaine transacted during Trump administration and they tried repeatedly to bankrupt the American people. Gazillions are in the biden treasury without the drug running, however some still exists as of today for their apartments, some wanted to overcharge for these apartments, however these apartments are in all 50 states and are not profitable. They may need to reduce the rents for these apartments as it was also found more people are leaving California than are coming into the state. We hope to bring real projects to the state to create jobs. A lot of advanced technology was stolen by our adversaries.

There should lots of housing during the Biden administration, as too many homes and apartments were built with the drug money by individuals on cocaine and who were told to use such to obstruct justice, and my testimony validated itself,  and those who obstructed justice regarding my testimony should be responsible for the differential,  and we know who was involved according to the video testimony, so they should be billed.

I continue to work for the best for the American people and there is enough manure in all 50 states to create waste to energy projects that are exportable.  I am seeking my project funding for those projects that I have spent personal funds to develop for 18 years and so who has development money.We defeated cashless. I am concerned about the dollar being week and so we have our gold standards.  I hope to do something to make a difference and be formally introduced to the American people  and can we not build jails for people who are against terrorism as our gold space program could be given to me with a small budget and project funding to work with farmers. “we have our gold program,” said Granholm the other day, so maybe I am making progress and so what can I do to improve my chances to obtain funding to build real intrinsic value projects and I was glad when I remembered Plasma Arc technology I had before and that requires funding and development too and do we have a lot of weapons to be reconditioned. Will we buy rockets instead of having our gold program to develop  and can we command Mars and I will tell Sean it is true, the chinese did land on Mars. So this Sunday when you are weak, we know Balfour was defeated and we keep working just like the chinese do to make money for the American people



So, now how do we provide jobs and stimulus for the American people? We need to develop projects that are supportive of the incoming economy that will likely be one based on renewable technology. Looking at what I currently do to earn a living, recycling computers and televisions that people spent thousands on, and we pay the people $5 or recycle them for free, how do we hold onto intrinsic value that consumers paid? Consumers must create their value through purchasing real We know we have farms that have been treated harshly during Trump’s administration can Biden deliver to these farmers aid and also solve their future problems to maintain intrinsic  value that they have?  We need to calculate their real resources to include manure and livestock by-products.

We caught this morning an attempt at Bush stealing the thorium process that was to recycle nuclear fuels in power plants, using ads and rather than allowing India to have the advantage, they chose to go to Afghanistan to steal rare earth minerals.

With 23 years experience against Russia and China, I compete globally for America to be number one. The thorium process is valuable yet in this new 4 minute commercialized video they attempted to intermix rare earth minerals I suspect as an entry point into war in Afghanistan. Basically saying if we have thorium systems we need to go into combat in Afghanistan to steal from them.

How can we develop America to be that with Biden, and that is by working on projects in all 50 states to include smaller municipalities that do not control their water, and when you look at those won by Republicans those districts make up the majority run on septic and with small municipal plants, those red states could be invested in with small treatment plants. These plants could recycle waste water in areas of California, such as Tulare County, an area with canals where the recycled water could be fed into. At one time I was working to obtain a contract fo 65 plants at $1,500,000 per treatment plant. The commission on the system then was 10% and why did the sale not go through and it was Bush campaign. With biden can I finally obtain my contract to put the resources into Title 22 testing so we can make the central valley the breadbasket of the country again? With the increased food production in our state, how high would American GDP grow from California alone?

According to the U.S Geological Services the Central Valley supplies eight percent of U.S. agricultural output and produces 1/4 of the Nation’s food, including 40 percent of the Nation’s fruits, nuts and other table foods. If they could double or triple their food production during the Biden administration, what would our country look like, and the one obstruction was water production. When driving through the Central Valley there are signs from farms saying “Without water we cannot grow,” our crops, and now with Biden will they have their small municipal waste water plants to recycle their wastewater locally. Municipal wastewater treatment is expensive with sewer plants. Localized wastewater treatment is much more cost effective with Sustainability.

In home water recycling can happen and was it sold to the Saudis. Our patent back then went through international deliberation with a con man who stole Action Pumping tubes, that were low cost for in home recycling, This was 20 years ago and those tubes are still available. With a $,2000 computer sold for $5 to recycle it, we need to think for ourselves, how do we retool our world? These electronic water recycling tube systems would have to homeowners for under $5,000 to make their homes water and energy independent. Millions could be manufactured for the rural areas on septic. The cost of a septic is about $8.000 per home and when these homes are converted to produce their own recycled water, the homeowner’s cost savings throughout rural America would be $3,000 to include their own in-home water production. 21 million households in the United States use septic systems, that could purchase a $5,000 system and eliminate the pollution of our ground water as well as tie into in home sub irrigation systems.

With the gazillions, Biden could file bankruptcy on the national debt. We could then work with all of our money to improve all 50 states sustainably. American manufacturing could grow only green and we can work together with Congress to approve real development for the American people from their homes by understanding what they have and we need. I deserve a contract for the projects I have that have been stolen repeatedly. How much can I develop as the owner of our planet should be asked.

My boyfriend worked on a small lithium project that reminded me of when I dried wastes for 15 hours, a test for waste to energy plants on my deck. We coordinated engineers and also Roy Young was there. We were planning on bringing Waste to Energy to all 50 states to recycle food waste, paper and other waste fuels in large plants that were to be manufactured here and exported internationally. These were multi-million plants that can be developed in 50 states. What would the value be to Americans and jobs if we designed them for our country and provided with what we have waste.

With the amount of municipal waste America has 220 million metric tons of garbage.


How many times was the commander in chief used to launder drug money. Every day.  Who did cocaine? If these plants were built in every state of the union we would have nothing but profit centers.


Biden is in command as commander in chief, and we are ready to advance with real projects. Melania and flynn were russian spies outed with duff who should have lost credentialing by now.

Cocaine was run by Christopher Wray and diagrams were submitted to show how drug money was collected. We are tired of drug running and brothels in our white house. We have a new White House, and there are trials going on in New York against Les Wexner criminally complicit with Donald Trump. When I traveled to DC it looked janky. Development money should come from Biden sides.

Manure provides power for all 50 states and takes advantage of agricultural by-products.

My boyfriend Sean Spaulding  looks like a younger version of the farmer above and we have proven too that lithium is the next generation of fuels, previously they thought lithium could not be held in large battery systems such as those being used in space now and I wondered if my chemist Ed Laurent is still alive and able to replicate his treatment process from salt water brine. He is and this process was threatened by China who wanted to steal it as he wanted to make money on it. Trillions  in revenue could be achieved from this process, and those who called my phone today  would lose what they wanted to buy from him for $50 billion.  We will be able to build huge battery power systems for our 9 planets and think about how much power will be needed for our planets to have electricity. “On the space station they store every day travel for our spaceships,” said NASA, proving larger battery systems that can produce more power for planets. We could use those sizes to begin work on our planets with the production of lithium from the vast by-product resources found from at least 18 large desalination plants globally, knowing there are thousands more in operation producing 77,018 acre feet of water per day. One acre foot is approximately 325,000 gallons per day. Desalination produces sea salt as a by-product and that salt can make the latest batteries for space.

“She is owed $110 million,” said about me.

I count on us. My testimony is long proven true, and so how can I produce revenue and defeat our adversaries.

Our gold program has defeated the rocked in India.

Why would America have poor performing space travel?  We want space travel with real thrusters that are fun to pilot.

“We have huge thrusters in the back,” said one of their space fleet.

I hope our son, who is being aborted by machines and technology, gets to serve in the Air Force or Navy who takes command with the Army on expeditions to our new planets as we know the aliens with the harvesters have been removed.

We have W’s men in custody with Stevenson.

I am tired of working under duress because of Gordon Duff.  When the Wexner conviction goes through in the State of New York, is he not included, as he was involved with Maxell.

Bill Gates was involved with prostitution and drug money laundering. Will his mansion finally be raided when all data is used against him.

As a good friend said, “Republicans are best at conning their constituents out of their money,” so the incoming administration is a welcome change.

Wray is under arraignment and are these two caught.

Other ideas that can be used and I am still looking for the working plant that Energy Dynamics had in Dominican Republic. This is a simple small scale tire recycling plant that could improve relationships with India. It is much cleaner than those requiring shredding.

No jails should be built for validated testimony, that as my boyfriend said would prove true when they were out the door, which it did, charge them back as their behavior has been, “So what is going to happen when we don’t we don’t want to pay for it,” as Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said. How much do they owe the states.

All data is in the hands of the incoming administration, so when will my mortgage fraud investigation go through “Drug money into mortgages” and the standard informancy fee is 4% and the last shipment was two containers we stopped

I am glad Biden, someone not owned by our adversaries is commander in chief.

How can we develop these projects and market them globally rather than have them control us.

We should use ADS for nuclear fuels recycling through Thorium and that can be used to help India.

We also had plasma arc technology before