80,000 Americans almost killed by alien agenda rabbits foot saves the day

It was found out last night that 80,000 Americans would have been killed in the local area here by those operating the machines previously reported on Duff and his cadre of officials that want to reclaim the planet their way. Nature has a right to select them off as was expected without shooting sprees. They were given these machines by our government long ago, and it was said, “why don’t you set up a system of controllers where evildoers operate the machinery” said by communistic redhead before. It is now dividing itself out. Last night Stevenson one of the guys involved in their quest was angry that the French were upset that their team went to France and cost their gold standard to be recovered, so he gave a rabbits foot to the white alien man, which would have yielded the death of 80,000 Vista, California residents because only the alien agenda controls the machines. He was stopped because I typed that in to the french government and they curtailed the machine use in the local area. Stevenson is human and I felt bad for blaming him for the incident as he has no access to the machines and that is the only way it could have happened.

It had been said a long time ago and I have really worked hard with God to prove natural selection really works with him alone as our guide,  the honest American side said “I don’t like it we just took that game over guys opinion,” and I worked hard to undermine the harsh stuff they had planned against the American people’s best interests to harm and kill them which is criminal, and I serve our country. Payment is required.

We have other planets coming online now also that started with my work.

The redhead needs to realize that humans own our planet now and that this white alien agenda is declining. You cannot say the boulder builders have all rights to the planet anymore when the data is presented about the white alien species that is already naturally selected off with the silver ship leader dead. We killed one boulder and have zero left. It was known now that they invaded here originally with harmful intentions.

Here is what the robed white one who sent down the young  white one, who died shortly after negotiating with us criminally to move our core, said then,”We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there,” so there was intentional harm they intended to inflict on us as boarders. Back then they died here within three hours after they installed a powerful harmonic sequencer to set us all up from beginning to end. Originally they could not enter into our star system and that is where we are headed with our own craft gold craft we received from a kinder gentler off world race that is largely made of human population from afar.

The planet of jails is a fraud contract Stevenson and his friends should be embarrassed at taking around and is why the French were so angry and against his team regarding their gold standard.

We have our gold standard and my money back to deliver. The Chinese must have their gold back by now with the Indonesians hopefully to receive their gold back soon

Duff the criminal with the machines, who almost killed 80,000 Americans citizens here in California last night, presented a fraud contract to the Navy here long ago from the boulder builder race that we killed. With zero left this morning. They are unnatural

From an article here that gave them the license to launder drug money despite being an insider threat to American citizens on American soil, as a machine operator he was one of the ones who would have killed 80,000 Americans and killed thousands using machines in Indonesia

There was no validity ever to any boulder builder contract, they lie, as the boulder, now dead, in the quote here admitted, “I’m going to SAY I had a contract with that completely disabled man,” they claimed with Duff, pictured on flyers used by Les Wexner to build the apartments. The con on the flyer  then went into the Navy and claimed, “below ground jails were for the Americans unless I get the buildings I want,” this was completely untrue and a scare tactic he used to get what he wanted free real estate for his friends through cocaine money. The jails were never to be used and he used that weakness to obtain the buildings being constructed with the drug running and added telephony, some unlicensed from China, and connected to Russia to harm Americans.

The jails contract was written by an extraterrestrial that was alien made who slept with Trump, this determined who was being picked up and taken to the White House and allowed Patrick Leahy side to put out a hit against him. This sex compromises us and him despite him seeking financial gains with them.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by unknown extraterrestrial man about the contract that was of unknown origin found out on February 21, 2020. Those contracts need to be torn up. Why does Nancy Pelosi want to hold onto the contract. Leahy side. Why can’t we jail the fellowship is to be said by law enforcement? Why are they allowing themselves to be fooled?

Some are scheming our tax money.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” in this article) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Brian Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now and it must be removed from the Department of Justice. “We don’t want to put people in jail here,” Stafford says as an excuse to embezzle your funds from them based on the fake contract known as the “little diddy” below. This is embezzlement with a false document.  No valid contract for our planet exists.

It was lied about.

A Mintakan woman who was likely part of their prostitution ring said, “Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” to Stevenson after they found received the fake contract. He said then, “We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bearing. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans rights with people later used for prostitution purposes. Duff said during that time, “I can just call them instead of Mintakans, below ones and get our prostitution started.”

This is why major media knows our White House is running a cocaine prostitution cartel to be stopped.

We are in election time, and we need to complete paperwork against those who have stayed in criminally so voters can clearly see the differences in who they are voting for. The sad thing is that Republicans should have had a real primary. If depositions were completed now, Republicans could still have a chance, rather than the mayor of the city of Vista and other Republicans complaining about their earnings statements in the future because Trump and the machine operators will steal their money.

When Judy Ritter’s earnings are stolen by these machines deposed stole 2016 Trump uses and he says, “It’s all my money,” will you be ready to charge him with stock market crime? “They know how much they are losing,” said by him about housing values. “I thought we could take it all now, but then I thought we could be present with the other mix of Congress,” working with alien agenda said Trump. 
We need to further out these machines. It previously was said by deposed stole 2016 Trump, “I thought you said when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” said to alien agenda. They must be included in the deposition paperwork without allowing them to kill one more American.
“I get to kill more people overseas.” said an extraterrestrial now who will attempt to incite riots in China to compensate for the 80,000 saved here.
We want contact experiences not those detrimental. They should not be allowed to kill our people nor sacrifice American humans for their bidding. There are better species in our Universe that is vast who would not come here and kill us. They derive extreme pleasure off human sacrifices made for them. Their blue underground is well known here as sacrificing children and it should stop. We have to take our machines back from them. Please talk to the redhead I met at Subase about that.
Based on the above facts we no longer need the Elizabeth fable, “Alien agenda excited for the planet of jails the below ones had,” about the Mintakan prostitutes renamed and the made up contract they signed.
I asked the Justice Department to investigate alien agenda as a harmful species this morning,. They have done some sophisticated cloning work. “I thought we created him with such vim and vigor was said by alien agenda in space about the individual who wrote up the “little diddy” who has sex with men. The extraterrestrials that made him also admitted, “he has kids.” Hopefully most clones and drones will die more quickly now. At least the boulder builders are dead now and now their stowaways the Mintakans should be treated as humans are for law enforcement purposes. They could stay here as they have enough human components to make it on our planet and I know my ex-boyfriend the Mintakan-hybrid battled the energetics of the white extraterrestrial race a lot in his home. He did not like me and harmfully mutilated my face, however I know he did not like tall white ones.
We did capture one of their ships before, and we should continue to advance on the enemy. Why are we paying them, those who kill us to stay on the planet?
There is no such thing as dark side. It is who controls the machines currently. Stevenson gave a white one who he thought protected him, yet Duff the green one a machine operator would have killed him dead on many occasions, the rabbits foot to operate the machines to kill American citizens. I am against killing any human from here on out. We need to disband the machines and tape recorders now.
I am for Americans never to be fooled, nor say this, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again. No one will accept our currency.” Gold standard and money back kept at all times.
Allen team lied to Congress regarding black ignorant people who did not have hand markers already, “Something we thought was rather honorable,” found out yesterday, coincidentally. In reality they were the first to be human harvested unneeded in hours, and that field agent should be protecting us not those who wanted his race eaten. The white ones when they arrived here criminally and selected down the Africans they met first in Egypt for the Middle Eastern races that were not as smart and advanced at that time. There are many large books detailing their ancient culture that can be submitted. The black races had landing pads for spacecraft back then and are known to space race as Zetas. The white ones select the more primitive mentally vulnerable to participate with to con them to work against even their own interests. This is how Leahy’s team was able to  encourage Trump though their side tried to have him killed using the alien agenda, even putting someone in his bedroom.

We are Constitutional country and our state of California Constitution stands up in court