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Upcoming Classes

Come learn about amazing discoveris learned through revoking agreements and understand the history of the Galactic Core and false agreements that were set up to block God from being solidly on the Planet through All That Is. Find out about new ways to connect to God.

Class costs $75 per person and includes the above chart laminated for your personal use. Class Class coming up in the City of Vista, for more information on Dates and Times, please call my office at (760) 945-4943

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Quest Money – I have wanted to find a feasible way to fight against the white alien.

I made the mistake of drinking a bottle of wine that I had saved for Stafford and I to end Bill Gates cashless economy. I saw the new Space Program on an energetic level now when he healed me, right now. It felt so good because it was coming together. If I die today, there […]

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Quest for Love GOD

NAVY It has been difficult.  The queen of england wanted to steal the Negative. I found out about it and the serious challenges started over the summer, as part of their long term game plan that was against the Planet. I found out about soul erasure at the Galactic Core level. No one wanted to […]

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Turkey again sponsoring terrorism

It seems like no one cares.I was illegally framed for something that was true. Turkey is a State Sponsor of Terrorism. Turkey is becoming new hub for Salafist-jihadi exodus from Syria — Al-Monitor (@AlMonitor) January 9, 2018 My article was re-written again on I am going to re-post the real story. I suspect […]

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Ritual Abuse FBI Investigate. satan. worshiping

Investigation. ritual abuse. child sacrifice. ritual abuse. rosicruician. fellowship. Investigation. white van.

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Malaysia, now and Then.

Malaysia used to be the land of beautiful golf courses and vacations, as tensions ratchet up, it’s small military has been co-opted into fighting an unnecessary war for Israel. Malaysian army ‘ready to perform its duty’ towards Palestinians. I was at the Travel Show and stopped by a booth from the Malaysia tourism bureau, I […]

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