An Open Letter to the Galactic Federation

Dear Galactic Federation,

It can now be proven in all likelihood that planet Earth has been dealing with a colonialist terrorist alien race that may or may not look like our Egyptian Gods from during the Egyptian period. Who ever they are they have used colonialism  on earth and inside the Unites States of America for terrorist purposes. They have been terrorizing the planet for what seems to be thousands of years. Every time we evolve to where we would be competitive in a friendly way, galactically, they “reset” us with what ever lore they are using combined with advanced technology.

I apologize that humanity was unable to reach its level one status, we would have been able to do so had this entity not existed as peace was about to happen in 2001. This colonialist group is determined to stop us from reaching that status. They have killed millions in the last 15 years to achieve their potential final outcome. They have injured millions and targeted potentially billions. If you are real, we have a right to justice on this planet. We have a right not to be a colony to this alien race that hides subversively behind our elite.

We have a right to the natural freedoms that are given to any advanced species. We have a right to join the Federation or at least be given a chance to, if you are real. It is not fair when a known bully strikes the kids on the playground until they bleed to death and are unable to come to the lunch table, for the kids will to be discounted. The principle or monitor should step in.

Granted I always thought we would be strong enough to over come them. It just seems now the entity has blinded America so much that it cannot be a shining star of freedom, and just like they wanted may be put down. The benefits of freedom and rights of the individual will be gone yet again to the menacing power that has been operating as a colonialist off-world entity for thousands of years., making us believe that it is humans who are evil to one another while their “angry God” in “religious texts” punishes the people.

The angry God is unnatural because it is the opposite of what is foundational for survival by any race of people. God, All That Is, seeks positive for the species and all life. There are challenges, yes, anger towards its species is never a reaction. Everything from All that Is, is about encouragement of self discipline and learning from mistakes for improvement and advancement.  That is the natural order of the Universe.

Here in the USA, we just had a law passed that entitles Americans to sue outside terrorists for their criminal acts. I wish to sue this entity in your court for its criminal acts both here in the US and on our planet. They have no right to do this to our people, and they deserve to be treated as terrorist group that has operated here on this planet for far too long. Not allowing this level of justice to happen would imply complicity on your part,  knowing about it, what our intention would be if people were allowed to be aware and what humans reaction would be.- while going along with it would be wrong because this group is not of our world.

Perhaps you can say that we need to learn from this experience and overcome them, that is Divine Law. Well off to the reset we go then, because humans are not smart enough to overcome them, especially with the level of technology being used. Perhaps we will learn in the next go around.  Or perhaps you will begin an investigation?