Apology to those affected by Dick Cheney monitoring of my home

It was finally found out today that Richard Cheney was the individual who had set up an illegal monitoring contract over my home because I installed my negative correctly for our planet I own outright.

He found out I did the revoking agreements work and I am our only negative holder, so I restored it to its original real position so we would not be harmed which is my responsibility as I work for God alone well known in the intelligence circles. It was terrible here for the last 2 years I suspect. I have suffered breaking and entering, tarnishing of my home, and horrible sound technology with alien agenda around.

I hope to send them home soon to that great big star system God alone owns. They have had their consciousnesses split so this is challenging work. Only 83 of the 182 need to go home to God’s planet and they will return here in full form. Past lives are real as people know they get reborn again and God fixes their consciousnesses that were even too split for them with what the mystery guests did to the boulder builders.  The scary part is the Cheney team is infested with what the boulder builders could not control. The boulder builders are dead now. God and I

Two statements said before.

My real enemies said this, “We’ll coordinate the evidence from here and once the old guard is extinguished, we’ll take power,” said Andy Swetnam working with the software giants I am against.

“Now we shit can the ‘cocaine guys’ and put Burlingame in,” said a cocaine punk about Stevenson and his friends before. What gives them right to put Burlingame in.

Maybe I just have to trust people I liked again and they pay me, and that is what a negative install is about.

My purpose against terrorism is to save people’s lives.