Being a Minority Diplomat

Knowing your position in life is important and today as Rahm Emanuel and others were confirmed, I acknowledge the fact that I am someone who deserves to serve on their staff as was known that I am a staff level position and not someone who should be forced to compete with high level positions. Many of them were the same old faces that remain of questionable intentions overseas and even here. This was known all the time. Trump Administration officials lied about my service life and I have not gone through line by line the things that I endured during their administration as someone should be doing to have charges against them.

They lost the election and many Americans were looking forward to that long ago. It is now almost eleven months into the Biden Administration. We wonder what convictions I had in the background as they went through the State Department. Anthony Blinken met with people and I wonder with me being our original installer, me acknowledging that I should be a staffer serving under a Diplomat, could this help more people to own our planet, as in California when  I was there, I moved the lava around and everyone owns our planet.

I do not like being deleted as I found out today, that is what history in the making was attempting to do.  We need for all people globally to be equal and those individuals who serve our country to be respected and individuals to realize I am a woman who deserves an income of around $160,000 per year as our installer, and I am not with those individuals I turned in that harm people. I hope here in Alaska as middle income people shop this holiday season, there is new equality and awareness for me.  I would have loved to serve in the Diplomatic Corps and believe in our natural planet.  We all need to know our place and not be put down, we are Sovereign and need to understand how we fit in on our own