Being an unknown Celebrity and who should be in the media

If I actually spoke to the media what would I say, we had defeated netanyahu and here we go again @BernieSanders and we hope for the strength of Benny Gantz Israel to keep netanyahu defeated and when we look at the submarine incident it is nothing but placation for the paymasters in the background as that submarine was from a time when he did lose. He wanted to play with the paypoints men and stay in the game when he had lost so do they expose the men behind the scenes who were in on the terrorism creation to line their own pockets?

Yesterday I identified a suspect involved in financial corruption linking to the hardliners in the background working with netanyahu against him.  We need to look at the whole group with the Likud party as being involved in financial corruption against those who would work for more balance in the Middle East peace process.

The wrecking ball in the Middle East  has to be stopped as the strikes that hit the UAE were.  We know who supported those strikes and it is not us.  How much money is spent when the conflict intensifies and they ruin the middle east?  Who else is behind the scenes working against the UAE and preventing them from being the tourism mecca they could be? It was not russia, as they just had a tourism roadshow in Abu Dhabi.

Μoscow City Tourism Committee held its first on-ground roadshow in the UAE after the pandemic, within an ongoing initiative to promote Moscow as a leading tourism and business destination to the region. The first roadshow took place in Dubai on the 10th of January 2022, at the Shangri-la Hotel Dubai, followed a second roadshow in Abu Dhabi on the 11th of January 2021, at Sofitel Corniche Abu Dhabi Hotel.

Then yesterday the US intercepted alleged houthi missiles and they could have been anyone’s and in reality they likely benefitted Netanyahu’s cause over those who are in both israel and peaceful Iranians such as Hassan Rouhani need to be brought back and remain in leadership. We keep fighting for peace in the Middle East on my income for the leadership we support. I have always in world leadership declared who I support and that is leaders like the new President of Chile. Can Rouhani get back to work in the background as we know who was involved in the assassination of Soleimani and the US is hiding the truth? Iran wanted the truth released and who better than Vice President Kamala Harris to tell the truth. Wouldn’t that be ironic and open up the middle east to women?

Who do Americans want to see in the media, Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. Why is American foreign policy failing in the case of bringing forth globally a more more moderate peaceful world and is it? Is Harris willing to fight for the real world leadership we are with and it is interesting if she as a woman is weakened by not standing up for soleimani, that would give men more power and allow her policies and Biden’s policy to fail. Women can win and become great peace strategists.  Iran knows trump and Pence did it. Should she keep Iran in her back pocket?

Was the housing I testified against ever part of any case, yes they were and they do connect to the “These witnesses were guilty of running drug money through the russian computing system” and they were charged.  Those homes need to be inventoried and the assets tabulated as individuals may be using the proceeds from sales and rents to funnel into campaign contributions. Now they are building a new computing system and did trump attempt to pull $900 billion from the said russian computing system a couple of days ago. Yes

Who has access to those old supercomputing funds and is it illegal to ask for payment from those funds as in reality the “russian computing system”
is the old mainframes that were connected to the dead old overlord and ran by gordon duff. Supreme Court was indeed connected to them

I was involved in the removal of the supercomputers that the judge involved in the case termed as Russian computing system and soul retrieval was involved in those systems. American Business Machines owned them. We need to pursue the new supercomputing system that does not involve our natural planet and identify how they are using the vaccinations and passports to harm the American people with them, as this is what was according to Biden, “We partnered with the uber elite on” and we need to make sure we have our natural rights

Perhaps the Aurora will help break down the software that the other team has been working on

Preparing for Aurora: Ensuring the Portability of Deep Learning Software to Explore Fusion Energy