Biden removed van

Biden does not believe in aiding our adversaries to have free apartments and the drug money van was gone this morning, so I hope it is permanent as with the Trump administration there was too much given to those offshore and accepted bribery internally. What is bad about the apartments from yesterday’s article is the package costs of monitoring and surveillance that goes with them and so it is a lose, lose for Americans and humans.

Do we care if Colin Powell owns them? As long as he pays for them. The methamphetamine trade should stop and North Korea should consider jobs for its people.

I work to eliminate costs for Biden. Is there anywhere where I can help today? “We have the gold standard, tax money and differential paid,” and I should receive a stipend from the drug money I have stopped as an informancy fee is typically 4-6% and stopping the drugs will eliminate other costs of jails and other costs. We hope to bring back the friendliness in Los Angeles I expected.

Pay per arrest should be reviewed in Los Angeles. We need steady pay for law enforcement that is not reliant on shipments of drugs to seed the market to stimulate salaries, courts and equipment purchasing.  Fewer courtrooms will be established saving municipal costs and costs paid by the American people, police will look more human and we will have far less drug use. Can you imagine a city of Los Angeles free of methamphetamine and the savings?

We reduce debt.

I have served against methamphetamine since I was 19 and was involved with the Carlsbad/Oceanside Police Departments in California, as an informant and now container loads have been stopped. William Burns is active and looking for espionage and these criminals are “on the run.”

Gold had been kept to prevent devaluing due to drug money and the debt can be serviced by Biden Administration and as debt spending is reduced it is easier to service with more money coming in to Treasury.

They expected jails to be built for the drug trade we endured. Wray had been arrested and duff from yesterday’s column had been the last to help trump with only a small amount of cocaine. Biden is in and good standing can happen