Biden won

“I thought I could give residual income to the administration that was filled with corruption,” said Gordon Duff this morning about the apartment homes and they are running drugs to for Trump. We are ready to arraign all of the drug laundering from this vantage point. We have gazillions in the Biden administration and let them self fund. It is the Russian side he worked for with Cheney to include Paul Ryan and his minions in Congress. We have kept our gold standards for Biden. These apartments are their own doing and Duff said this morning, “I am going to run drugs from offshore for these apartments,” and how do you pay for your home? These are turned in individuals and Christopher Wray was arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles.

I am a private citizen and Duff admitted, “I am going to work for the other commander in Chief,” referring to Trump. He is not the other commander in chief anymore. Duff,  George W Bush, wanted to kill me for going to the Bernie Sanders rally here in Vista, CA in 2016 and there were hitmen in the background. They are criminally complicit in harming honest politicians. What do people say about Romney? He is a snake oil salesman and dishonest. They cannot retain any commander in chief nor the Presidency. We have the differential paid to Janet Yellen and they continue to attempt to operate out of my home and deserve to be sued. No one can force anyone to have sex with someone corrupt and turned in. I intend to collect victim’s compensation from Biden. “If Bernie Sanders had won there would have been no alien landing” and we have killed them.

They used my couch this morning and compared it to the governor who is sleeping with his wife, and in reality I have slept on a couch since Robert L Stevenson paid for my rape.

Our testimony should have been admitted during the impeachment. Duff accepted bribery from our adversaries and is connected with Russia, prostitution and war crimes. Why is he not arraigned yet and the methamphetamine transactions from before line up with what he did all along. Feeding the cocaine and harming honesty in politics. Should I call the FBI again and they keep using the fact that aliens may land here to extort funds. When I worked to save our planet, it was done to save every American and the Biden administration benefitted from the work of eradicating the aliens in retaining the gazillions of dollars. I deserve payment in the $50 million range for our planet we own. When can I get compensated for 24 years of harm conducted by Stevenson with his implants and invasion of privacy to his drug running

I have a boyfriend who is against their drug running, rape and accepting payment from our adversaries which is something they all did. Biden and Sanders are innocent and we own our 9 planets

I am honest and qualified. We have Constitutionalism and Freedom of Speech.

Honest depositions had been filed to pay the differential to Janet Yellen. They agency men obstructing the depositions have also been fired by Biden Administration officials.

“We can barely afford to make up the costs on the apartments,” said Romney friends.  We have nothing to do with their apartments and need to stop all drug running

Their agency has been disbanded. Trump lost the election. Biden won and I am a Sanders supporter and have publicly declared that repeatedly. Cocaine planet ended and we are glad.