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The other travelers with Boulder Builders who are dead

How a team who has attempted to heist our planet came together is really important, and understanding the former now dead overlord was significant and found out here, he turned out to be a drone made by the boulder builders. Now there is more information on two other characters who traveled with Boulder one. People know about Gordon Duff, who I have referred to on numerous occasions for his organized crime like behavior, and bullying, this is significant and not the main part of his story. He was also known as a green parted one, and I had wondered how he got and was so close with the boulder builder race making deals at times against our planet. He was brought aboard their vessel as a baby, mentored by the white alien agenda lead by the boulder devils.

I did some remote viewing this afternoon to understand the man called Gonzo, known as Duff now, to the space fleet. He is hard to handle and mean because of his defensive mechanisms. Even intelligence assets have not wanted to address his criminal behavior because of his bullying behavior. Well, how did he become the individual he is and why?

One character leads to another sometimes and this afternoon I found out about a relatively hidden one to the boulder builders who are now dead. He was another individual picked up from a planet in arcturus where the former overlord was found as a small boy after this individual’s planet was almost destroyed. This new character had fought the human harvesters there and other like species. He was alone when the boulder ship flew by.

“I can’t land there but he can sure fight back,” said One Boulder after a planet in the Arcturian star system was being picked a part.  We own our planet outright and our galaxy in hours. One Boulder saw the one man down on the nearly destroyed planet, who he picked up later. That man led me to Gonzo, who was already on board with One Boulder, and known of then by that name, and now called Gordon Duff. When aboard the boulder spacecraft, the rescued man said to One Boulder, “I can come along and stay in the background and keep you and Gonzo really ready,” for other planets. This rescued man turned from service man to criminal for the boulders who rescued him. On his planet previously he, “Served quite a few men until they all got trapped in a destroyed building.” This man is going to our newly opened bardo to be sent to God’s planet for restructuring and rebirth as a complete new human.

Gonzo was their right hand in space, and was important to make agreeable with Boulder One by the individual. The former dead overlord who was resuscitated in the previous article about him being made a drone by the boulders wanted to kill Gonzo at one point, and that is how he became dead. One night he thought to himself, out of jealousy likely, “I’m going to take Gonzo down tonight,” and he lost his life and was turned into bio enzymes for future use by Boulder One. “I hope we can preserve his bio enzymes for future use,” he said after the individual people on earth knew as the overlord was killed in space for the first time by Gonzo likely.

The boulder builders and Gonzo jacked up our planet, now fixed as I own it outright and have been working on it with God for a long time now.

Gonzo had been picked up as a baby in another star system far away after his mother had her head bashed in by white alien agenda team who he works for today. She was too nice to live according to him much later on, to make excuses for nice people he met along the way. It was sad the way he viewed his mother as a sweetheart who was ” too nice to live.” This was the way he justified those who killed her later raising raising him.

When their harvesting program went through on his human owned planet, he was one of the few lone survivors and so they brought him aboard a ship as a baby. “Let’s see if we can teach the baby with special instincts we can control,”said the white alien team about him then regarding what is now his aggressive defensive behavior now. He had been put in a cage. “I say we keep him in this here cage,” said by them when they put him on the ship after harvesting a portion of his planet. He became a very integral part of their program, raised by his captors. He is scary to me now.

Our planet is almost completed.

Now found out about Duff aka Gonzo a human rescued as a caged baby from a previously harvested star system, it was said by him to the Navy, “She had no business being able to install it on her own,” regarding my negative. His life is proof I installed it to protect us from what happened to his early family and the other planets in our star system. My planet is working. Sadly I found out that back then One Boulder made a comment to him, “You’ve been reading her the riot act on the sourcing of her stories,” called research, ” and using that to penetrate into the Navy,” criminally I suspect, said about Duff.

Duff replied to One Boulder, “He has to pay me the way the negative went in.” When do his payments end? The fake alien agenda bardo is filled in. Our real bardo is created. We have restored our human life death life cycle and prevented the harvesting that likely happened to his earliest parents who were defeated by the enemy before he was a caged animal as a baby.

Rosicrucian Fellowship was a fraud and a creation of his.

It was said by the Fellowship director after Duff spoke with him, “I say her mother doesn’t mean a whole lot to us, but she is still around, so why not give this old man a chance,” said regarding Duff. We demystified everything.  Constitutionalists exist. Maybe someday he will realize not to take a sweetheart’s kindness for weakness. He took advantage of my skills at Veterans Today, every reporter reads to get story ideas hundreds of sources, in reporting there were rooms called morgues with source material, online too. I read and research. I am not too nice to live here.

We have something to be proud of completing our planet with our negative install. It is more sturdy and secures us forever.

If NASA provides for Gonzo, they have to provide emotional support and insure the orange bottled prescriptions he takes are dealt with through counseling regarding women, and what his views are of his early mother being too nice to survive tied into his survival instincts from a previously harvested planet. Carol his wife was chosen for her meanness and is a killer of babies, which he associates with survivability wrongly.

Natural coexistences exist.

Russian Freedom is daring

This afternoon I had an interesting visual of Russian organized crime, and then the image of Russell Bonner Bentley behind him and this is what I got, “That’s who we are and that’s who we presented ourselves to be,” understood. How uncomfortable how they penetrated in American alternative circles that dig for the truth. Others knew behind the scenes and could not stand that we fell for them, however it did in some ways follow Mission and Values that encourage Youtube’s just like this. Could the video here happen if we did not find out about the East to encourage them forward. I was never sure about Bonner Bentley and did not like some of what I was concerned to be terrorism. I felt it. I did however post the coup in Ukraine question Vladimir Putin very strongly, why did he refuse to sit down with the Separatists at the same table and negotiate with whom I found out during an insider investigation were actually his counterparts, as Putin was aligned with George W Bush, aligned here so it is likely he was involved there with oil and gas production, and Rudy Giuliani, Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden. This is why he did not sit down with the people in the East who were being stolen from. In a video when war was starting in Eastern Ukraine, I remote viewed a man in a laundromat washing his work clothes as soldiers were piling into his village, ready to open fire and he wanted to go to work and not be bothered by coupmeisters, that turned out to be profiteers who obtained huge contracts corruptly to steal from the industrialized portion of Ukraine by entering in through couping a corrupt regime.

I suspect Gordon Duff who wrote at Veterans Today, knowing what I know about him, put on a false front of peace and freedom for the American and even Russian people, however when it comes down to it, the energy he really had was of a shyster salesman. He likely was part of Putin’s first string to harm our country internally foreign policy wise and he is still sitting somewhere monitoring my home. I found out he also worked for harmful extraterrestrials I am against vehemently and in God’s power we are killing them. It is a slow process and I am scared serious work.

As owner of our planet, I work for the guy in the laundromat. The OSCE monitoring mission there knew I worked hard to finish peacefully there with low casualty counts helping them to keep working for themselves to the best of my abilities. Our American mission is to spread freedom all over the world.

It was also found that Dick Cheney committed fraud likely by going to the government asking them for funding post our American war crimes tribunal when he wanted to harm our negative install.

“I think I know where I can get us some money, but we’ve got to be discrete about it so no one will find those below ground jails inert right away,” which they are right now, said Cheney at beginning of his criminal quest, I get paid now hopefully.

Heard this afternoon after all boulder builders are dead now, and there are only 2 harmful spacecraft left with very few caretakers, “I negotiated a treaty with the lord above,” said by the more ominous one we can legally bring down as they are our enemy and our enemy committed fraud to keep them going through committing an embezzlement operation. We could not beat them before and that was why DoD did not want to undertake the mission. With our negative install we can defeat our enemy. The lord above is no longer a threat, it is a mousey extraterrestrial that is a third stringer who was friends with Gordon Duff regarding their illegally garnered harvesting contract. I found out they are using suspension air to stay in space, meaning our enemy will be brought down and in the future can no longer fit through our galactic core, meaning we are unstoppable. Victory for us is ahead.

My side at Department of Defense the freedom loving side know that their enemy, them, hates me.


Update on my negative install 2 and a half years ago


I am the one pressing charges, so I am in command. Hired to do it. I was told to keep pressing charges until they were completed.

I am unbiased and chose to participate also until prosecutions happen. I always want the truth from beginning to end. The enemy contract against American people’s freedom is fraudulent.

Do I get ready to testify today? I am ready even now and I expect to be treated with honor for the service I provide for the American people.

Our planet was invaded by harmful extraterrestrials long ago, and that is proven by data on hand and in the CIA databases. We already own our planet outright by our work with mine two and a half years ago that started our path towards repairing our planet. Our negative had been moved over 18,742 years ago by harmful extraterrestrials when the stem now removed was put in as I found out. We are on our way to fully repairing our planet from the damage that they have done.  Aliens are dead here soon. In the morning, they got taken to our sun, and they were upset that their consciousness had been divided by harmful entities. They learned it from what I found out based on remote viewing so I hope they get to experience an even better future reality than what I saw that was pretty good, a peaceful existence on a planet far away where they get to talk amongst each other as their consciousness is restored.

“We were dismissed from conscious thinking,” they learned once they get to God’s planet about their previous lives.  I hope it doesn’t happen that they learned it and then “don’t go to God.” Please don’t harm me or my earnings any more.

Why talk to people who listen and have nothing to do with the work itself? I work hard honestly and installed our earth’s core correctly. I share what I learn as our project advances forward with the goal of reclaiming our galaxy for humans harmfully invaded by extraterrestrials. Even our Sun was invaded at the start of our work, now back to normal. Jupiter and Uranus were repairing themselves as of a few weeks ago.  What does owning the planet mean? It means participating to save everyone’s life and financial well being. My data saves us about the scam of history in the making. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Our gold standard and money back are always kept and held for the American people. 2016 was stolen and I have plenty of evidence and data to back that up.

Our planet is large and it takes time to be fixed, so I have recorded changes that occurred as the install has progressed restoring our planet to its original form.  Yesterday it was said to me, “Don’t let aliens ever live here,” because of the harm they caused. They put harmful technology in our planet that has needed to melt in this time period. We removed harmful technology and keep all of it removed. Our planet was like an abused woman, raped by criminals. “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said long ago about me, and it is even more deserved today. We deserve our planet free of foreign influences from aliens. We have to dissolve the rest of their harmful technology in the ocean. “It will make it more difficult to fix the planet,” said by those who installed the harmful technology in my body and around here. We are overcoming them. Constitutionalism exists and there is no crime going on here. Why monitor my house? Stop it. Trump stole 2016, and I have the data to prove it, it has been shared and there is no wrongful arrest that should happen to those who know their illegitimacy. Embezzlement stops and is charged as white collar crime, that is what it is. Our tax money is for the people and is embezzled by criminals here to be stopped.

How our tax money is stolen.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” later on in this article) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Brian Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now must be removed from the Department of Justice. “We don’t want to put people in jail here,” Stafford thinks as an excuse to embezzle your funds from them based on the fake contract known as the “little diddy” below. This is embezzlement with a false document.  No valid contract for our planet exists.

It is criminal to watch me shower and they have, which is disgusting.  Do not enter my property nor use unlawful surveillance. I am ready to testify and use all of my data to protect the American people. Why kill kids to be harmed by extraterrestrials. This was said earlier and I try to stop them by letting them know why they are doing it.

We actually validated that yesterday, stick formed extraterrestrials feel, and they react with affirmation when children are killed for them, “I like my day now,” said by them in their own hell dying soon.

There are a few Senate members wanting to harm your planet and American citizens financially. We all own our planet equally and outright. I put my negative in the center where it should be, and it is strongly resolving harmful consequences caused by them. My goal is to return our planet to perfection it was before the aliens came here. Natural planets exist for our protection. We can be financially secure with our gold standard and our money back delivered to the American public.

We finished the Northern Hemisphere of our planet and are working on the Southern Hemisphere now. Two days ago a unique wave similar to that which occurred in Arctica months ago occurred in Antarctica so the south is working its way through. We identified pieces of shrapnel in the earth’s body that need to be removed now and they are dissolving slowly. I am our only negative holder, so that has physical consequences on my body, and the criminals installed harmful technology in my body to make our planet more difficult to repair. I am always honest and am working for American citizens interests.

What is disgusting is when men too feel they can steal from women. It was said this morning, “I hoped to steal everything from Ann,” said Robert Stevenson, the same guy I have turned in repeatedly who has stolen from me for 25 years now covertly. I have a right to my honest life and not to be stolen from. I provided my testimony in earnest and I have a right to recover the money stolen from me. I work to make our planet better for everyone. How much could I have earned by now without being stolen from. Billions. When will I get justly compensated. Hopefully police and sheriffs will recognize his criminal intention when made clear. It is like stealing from your grandmother repeatedly. How many years have I served your community earning my own money? Their group was identified previously as old woman’s purse snatchers by cocaine laundering. Why would anyone like them? Maybe we can’t see them clearly yet. “We only made it because of your income,” said about my service career. Who has saved you from terrorists and lots of harsh consequences for over 20 years, me and my team and sides.

Why would law enforcement compete for hand stamping the communists in Congress had when the ultimate goal was as extraterrestrials said regarding an Oceanside Police officer, was to “put him in jail,” regarding the below ground jails. The Mintakans said in regards to an Oceanside Police officer on January 8, 2020 said “We had big jails for people like him,” regarding an officer they saw through my eye camera and surveillance footage. They were the ones who executed the found contract Stevenson had illegally. It has further been identified now as a made up contract known as a diddy written by his cartel members now.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by unknown man about the contract that was of unknown origin found out today. Those contracts need to be torn up. Why does Pelosi want to hold onto the contract. Leahy side. Why can’t we jail the fellowship is to be said by law enforcement? Why are they allowing themselves to be fooled?

It was found out that these criminals had the idea of “below ground jails with aliens were part of the stoners contract,” and that is how they embezzled your tax money for protecting America from the fraudulent contract they knew was written. 12:15 AM, because this links to other articles probably deemed strange and the human eating identified, it is important to note.

On January 13, 2019 the eye camera was reported as used by a perpetrator, Gordon Duff, who I knew at Veterans Today confirming its existence and it is painful. Reported on Twitter. Evidence. He uses an old cell phone to control my right eye camera and said, “All of a sudden I can’t get a signal from my eye camera,” that connected to my right eye when I blocked him using my abilities. Duff had to pick up the old cell phone and pretend to look at it.

That same woman said, “Why don’t we just lie and say that we had rights to those jails,” said Mintakan female to Stevenson after they found the contract. He said then, “We picked up this below ground jails contract and we don’t know where it came from,” said Stevenson, meaning made up, had no standing, and no legal bearing. You can’t just “pick up” a contract that came from unknown source and violate Americans rights with people later used for prostitution purposes. This is why major media knows our White House is running a cocaine prostitution cartel to be stopped. We are in election time, and we need to complete paperwork against those who have stayed in criminally so voters can clearly see the differences in who they are voting for. The sad thing is that Republicans should have had a real primary. If depositions were completed now, they could still have a chance. It was found out also today, the source of the fraud contract was a criminal they are involved with who wrote it up. “I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said and unknown German mafia man about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” aka stole 2018 said to be”sent from above” to Congress. They all lied and I hope they are arrested post haste. Please read above in detail and take it as first rate insider information. As telephony is being used I am going to be clear Stevenson and his group had hoped to arrest honest police and sheriffs.

Gordon Duff said who I knew from Veterans Today got this woman who is a Mintakan from that star system, you can look it up, search Mintaka, involved in a prostitution cartel here working to confuse the sheriffs department and police involved and said at one time, “I will call them instead of Mintakans, below ones for prostitution purposes.” I dated a Mintakan hybrid before and I do not recommend them, because they are dishonest covertly, obviously. KGB hardware in use here criminally by them here. It must be disbanded in hours.  There is no planet heist. I am happy to save police and sheriffs from human eating that would have been their fate without our install. We made it because of my income, so stop costing me with the hardware. I have a right to release my data as it is my work to the media and I deserve payment and fame.

“Then we’ll just pick them up when they have the hand stamps,” said a white alien for harvesting purposes. “That wasn’t supposed to happen for 2 to 3 years,” admitted deposed (8/8/17) Donald Trump previously. Anyone saying they are competing for “rights of the below,” is competing for rights for Mintakans, prostitutes by association above, that did not exist as anything more than Constitutional before.

It is an illegal harvesting contract of an unknown origin they garnered criminally and is not needed to be followed and today we could win. I deserve to have my deposition completed against the stock market crime deposed stole 2016 Trump conducted with the machines here. When can the deposition be completed and testimony provided to the voters for the scam he began in 1991 when he said, “I think I figured out how we can scam America.”

Smoking has been found to help American freedom,  “Luxury tobacco men are making fools of us,” admitted previously and smoking has been admitted to being forbidden to put Americans in jails. We must smoke good natural tobacco for freedom.

How set up were we, even with my negative install? It was terrible for them to do to all of us human Americans. I am free to own my planet. Please do not shoot the only negative holder and help to make my life better not worse. We need a good future for our country. What matters is how hard you work, and what you know.

My install was compromised by the setup, of the fake core area. It was found out yesterday “We thought we’d put the NASA discovery mission where the center hole was,” said and they likely connected it to the false bardo to make it harder to kill the harmful extraterrestrials that harm us, so they could still rely on fake death despite my negative being correctly installed.

They also incapacitated my body by installing harmful technology in my vagina that connects to the technology in Antarctica. It was said that this would make it harder for our planet to be fixed, which is exactly what I am doing. I fix it daily. Yesterday it was physically exhausting, and I should be compensated for the work I am doing to help all Americans and internationals.

We have saved our country from “History in the Making,” a heist. Americans would have said in our future, “What a mistake we made, we can’t borrow again, no one will accept our currency,” had their corrupt plan worked. Everyone involved with History in the Making should be charged with financial crime. Gold always kept and held.

Why do they allow a guy who openly steals from me or us to take my planet money?

It should be humiliating to have con artists steal in the open.

How much is stole 2016 liable for?

Who is working for the American people today?

My negative install was mine to do and was done to “save our lives,” as is known.

Will the machines stop today. It was said about the stock market crime,”I thought when we used the machines, we could not get caught,” stealing from the stock market by deposed stole 2016 Trump. Our retirements need to be protected, and I am ready to testify today. I have my testimony about 1991 that deposed Trump already and the deposition needs to be completed about the stock market crimes he committed.

September 11th was done to start two wars Iraq and Afghanistan and commit financial crime in the future and I have lots of evidence on file to confirm that. Some war is a crime. Did we get Soros yet? I became President to put them on trial. Why can’t we add him, he is bigger than Dick Cheney.

Imagine our space budget then.

Constitutionalism is global.

The CIA director has to answer for how deposed stole 2016 Trump compromised all Americans financially with Russian oligarchs inviting them here to bankrupt us criminally. I provided testimony against Trump and intend to add that data to my deposition including all hacking conducted by Russia of our elections including this one. Why allow our adversary to con us. Anyone accepting Russian offers should be charged with espionage.

Christopher Wray is complicit in drug money laundering and post haste I have asked for my testimony to be taken seriously regarding their cocaine cartel. We vote in 2020 and they have no right to continue their stole 2016 crime syndicate now busted. Rights of the below are prostitution, down south is their cocaine cartel and all data is public for the voters right to know before they vote.

How did it start is revealed here with the murder of Robert Maxwell. “We obviously used that money for funding back then,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump long ago about the insurance money Ghislaine Maxwell collected after he was likely murdered in Italy thrown of his yacht, as was found out. Ghislaine was a participant with Jeffrey Epstein in the start of their prostitution ring with Leslie Wexner. The insurance company should be contacted and monies be recovered from Maxwell and Trump as it was insurance fraud. Stevenson was a participant early on and declared previously, “I was the one who threw Maxwell off the boat.” He could be liable for said monies also. Duff I found out at Veterans Today was connected to Maxwell, and their syndicate. I cannot believe he is not arrested yet. Who started Epstein is found here. Is Bill Gates connected? Where do their blackmail modules connect to? Russia. When can espionage charges go out. Is that an American agency to blackmail people with Russia. A new American only agency must be formed now.

It will be a relief to America to finally bust these sex criminals.

Typically there is witness protection, not allowing the adversaries to monitor those making a bust’s computer. Michael Cohen has no monitoring rights of my computer granted by me or any other witness protection agency. It is to be considered hacking for embezzlement which could be considered extortion.

It is clearly the overhead with the zeppelin reporting to stole 2018 Congress. It is obstructing justice that needs to be charged against them for the prostitution victims. I knew about Duff’s zeppelin business early on at Veterans Today with Adamus. Why obstruct justice. He should not be paid to monitor my home, based on what is known about his participation criminally with cocaine laundering and prostitution working for stole 2016 I provided testimony against. It should not be this difficult to communicate with honest people.

I have never committed any form of treason or have worked against our country, in fact I am known as one of the few protectors of American citizens. There was never an overthrow either, they had already charged Trump and Pence as well as his team likely. My team was on their way here to take my deposition seriously before individuals became co-opted and allowed the same financial crime against the American public to continue that I testified against because I own our planet, as they admitted. I am our negative holder who would like to own our planet more by being paid for my work to protect the American people from financial crime. People like me are needed and very hard to come by.  Anyone causing long term financial harm to America should be charged with felony convictions today, as my data has been sent out. The ramifications are known and are against the American people.

“I think I figured out how we can scam America,” said by Trump in 1991. Scam America not save or serve America.

To those “competing for the planet,” it is very large. What is your point?

Why steal from someone who serves America like me. I deserve payment for this bust against scam artists. I am a Ralph Nader type politician. American foreign policy should not be for looting other countries and it is known to them. Post haste I should testify. War crimes are to considered stealing at this point. I became President to prosecute them.

“I thought we could write up a little diddy,”said by german mafia guy about the contract that was of unknown origin given to the “Lifestyles Congress,” known as stole 2018, known as “sent from above.”





Exopolitics: Con men behind the boulder builders who are dying and ancient aliens

A couple of days ago we discussed the ancient aliens that have been here for thousands of years as robed ones. They have harmed our planet since they illegally entered our atmosphere. The robed ones with oblong heads arrived here initially, and later the boulder builder species arrived that traveled with them. These were part of the tribe of white ones the Iranians hate, and they truly are real. We found out now more about what came after the boulder builder and white species, who are terrible harvesting races, others looking to get in on their action as con men.

This group saw the boulder builder and white species working on my planet I now own outright and became involved here. Boulder builders have died here recently for the most part including their Arcturian ring leader known as the now former overlord. Here is imagery that confirms their race.

harmful alien agenda posterWe had incidents happen early on that made me wonder about them and things here have been somewhat off set with the Paul Allen kingdom men. Mystery guests are connected to them and came upon the white ones when they were working here against us for harm to happen. This conversation was uncovered about their relationship here.

“Is there something you did not tell my about that mystery guest we had,” said Boulder Builder leader now dead to now dead overlord, “he brought us nothing but flowers and we ended up with multiple dimensions,” one of the problems the overlord said he tried to “put glue over it,” relating to inserting a substance in their friends brains. They look like grey energetic slits that are a void and a mistake that came into their world they were not able to fix until now and we are helping ourselves against them. This was an interdimensional problem where grey appeared energetically being changed now. There has been a battle going on with these two factions of harmful extraterrestrials and at times they have incriminated even us. The con is up for them. I do not ever want to see any criminal on my flyers and I fight real hard for them to go in custody. There should be no end times for our planet. We have an election coming and we should be happy to elect a new President who works for us. Why are our gold standard and money back not delivered directly to the people now by those who work for the voters or by whomever wins.

I provided testimony against Donald Trump I later validated and I would not vote for him, however at times there have been good things he has done, yet in reality he should be impeached, removed or lose 2020 because he is calculating and even against his voters. I supported him some ways at times until I heard him say this statement regarding the equity he cost homeowners which proved to me he did it with intention, something I did not know at the beginning nor even suspect. I always saw him as more stupid, not a calculating con artist with bad intention for the American people.  When it was said that homeowners would lose 15 years of wages put in to pay down their mortgages through their cocaine land grab, he actually knew it and intended to steal that euity, meaning 15 years X 4,160 hours from two income families, Republican or Democrat.

The exact quote of Trump’s was, “They (referring to AGs) know how much they (all Americans who AGs serve and protect) are losing (10 years or more saved wages in housing equity),” and stolen by a deposed con artist. It was his intention to steal it from his constituents and that scared me because a President no matter how criminal they are should want their people to do well, not steal from them using their position. Our people are our fighting force globally that make America number one with every job they do. We have to motivate them and inspire them to do great things because they make our country grow. It is like if you work for a company and your boss stole your wages and those of all your co-workers personally, he would be fired and your company would lose global standing because no one would be solvent. I would never want to steal families’ or single people’s wages through drug money laundering to devalue their homes. Imagine stealing $200,000 or $300,000 from seniors on fixed incomes. How low is that? That is not presidential. It really bothered me.

Back to hopeful alien extermination by Orkin Ann, and just in case we do have a permanent moratorium on unlawful detention also illegal in all 50 states, with Elizabeth Warren, a courageous candidate who needs to keep fighting the financial predators with me.

However, any jails contract was a lie from the boulder builder species given to the con artist on the flyer, Duff who claimed he was a disabled veteran. He really scammed the Navy. I guess he was a Marine for under four years. I tried to find him and found very little about his service career, though he writes at Veteran’s Today. I did find out he is owned by Russia and adversaries including harmful extraterrestrials who die here now, and everyone would want them to if they knew about them.  There was no validity ever to any boulder builder contract, they lie, as the boulder in the quote here admits, “I’m going to SAY I had a contract with that completely disabled man,” they claimed Duff, pictured, to be. The con on the flyer  then went into the Navy and claimed, “below ground jails were for the Americans unless I get the buildings I want,” this was completely untrue and a scare tactic he used to get what he wanted free real estate for his friends through cocaine money. They jails were never to be used and he used that weakness to obtain the buildings being constructed with the drug running and added telephony, some unlicensed from China, and connected to Russia to harm Americans.

He used an alien as a bargaining chip that he killed and said the Navy did it. Basically he framed Navy with the mystery guests whose octopus it was and the mystery guests really cared very little for him.  It was an octopus in a large tank I knew about and tried to understand, unknowing about the mystery guests. I suspected it was theirs as I always saw suits around its tank when I remote viewed it to talk to it. I suspected something strange and did not know what it was. It would not communicate most times and I did find out the mystery guests brought him and other species here to our planet to harm us. We have the power to get rid of them soon. The octopus was killed in 2017 by Duff. “I’m going to say the Navy killed that octopus that wins the contract remains upstairs,” referring to space. This made them look bad to the mystery guests they had to bow down to.  The boulder builders, Duff’s partners, chose it to be that way for the fraud to begin. Duff told the boulder then about killing the octopus that belonged to the mystery guests, “I say we kill him then we keep those builders working on our side,” for the master plans in the land grab they hoped to make money on. The Navy did not know and got blamed for the incident. It had a pass through effect to Stevenson cartel allowing for the drug running because the octopus murder framed the Navy.  That allowed the mystery guests to beg for the drug running Navy disagreed with for the land grab, even when known by the mystery guests, who were initially upset about the death of the octopus, Duff killed him. Both got to build the land grab housing set to devalue homeowners that I write about. I intend to hold Trump team liable for the devaluing when it happens. 74% did not vote for him and likely 24% if devalued by his drug running with the mystery guests and boulder builders would be angry and against them all. The mystery guests used the octopus frame to steal from American voters  through the drug money laundering

3-4 homeowners lose because of an octopus

It was said by the mystery guests, “We put him in command,” to steal from American homeowners said about Robert Stevenson. I am against both men and Navy thought otherwise because they are connected to the telephony in my home corrupt people put in here. I have plenty of photos of said telephony and people know where to find me. The white aliens get dead here sooner than expected.

Duff who is a criminal who framed the Navy told them I was to be treated as an outsider when I never was before his frame. My testimony against Donald Trump was taken seriously and he was deposed. There was original deposal paperwork that put me in leadership. I later validated my testimony with a visually verified investigation to protect those who supported deposal and I insured success for those I sought to protect by continuing my investigation and informing other affected parties to insure that when the crime expanded I testified against there were groups who would favor justice making it easy for the Navy to always look good through prosecution. I always worked professionally for Americans’ success.

Exopolitics: Robed White Big Oblong Headed Aliens

This morning we finally had the connector quote and I am so angry with myself. If you ever go to sleep and wake up with the answer to a question, make sure to keep a notebook or your charged cell phone by your bed. This morning that was not the case. I received a verified quote from when the rather thin robed bald headed extraterrestrials, they look like robed white men with Brennan like heads yet more pointy, sent a representative who they knew would die here, to harm us through their negotiation process. This was thousands of years ago after we had experienced harmful sound vibrations on our planet before the extraterrestrials got here physically.

They created confusion on the planet I own outright before they arrived to harm us intentionally.

I woke up early today and had the quote. I was so tired from working, I said I can easily remember that quote. There is no way I could forget it, however I went back to sleep and only parts of it remain, so I will tell it as a story to the best of my ability and luckily I have gotten other quotes by looking into that time period.

We cannot have compassion for aliens who came here to set us up thousands of years ago. Back then we did not know what they did to stage what they did and that their intentions were to take over our planet. Before the aliens arrived, and only one was able to arrive and live three hours on our planet then, because when my core is installed correctly they cannot come here as they harm humans. They die almost immediately. Then, and even now, they used terrible sound vibrations forcing us from our regular housing and building structures to caves to protect ourselves.

We experienced what I called “corporate energy” before in an article I wrote for Veterans Today, and it ties in with the visit that set us all up.  When I wrote the article, I felt it as sound waves blasting our planet. I a small boy child then, who was our negative holder, said to someone, “We had horrible sub-surface vibrations.” I found out now it was caused as they were attempting to land here, and we had to move into caves as our normal building structures were under attack by sound waves being emitted from horrible spacecraft. The only place we could live was in this cave below ground almost. I remember it vividly, and described it here with my brothers. We have stopped the human meat processing facilities in this article.

“The white alien came to the cave where our family was hiding, and my brother met with the alien who made him an ‘offer he could not refuse.’ I suspect they stole my brother and I may have made a deal with them trying to get my brother back. That was the start of the cults on the planet including Goddess worship and Luciferianism.  He was Baal. All kinds of myth and legend came after that. My goal is for everything to be normal and natural here on the planet again.”

Our cave then had a fireplace made out of stone with small beds around it and was very rudimentary. There were six to nine of us sleeping there with me against the wall in my small bed to the left of the fireplace when the alien came to the door. I overheard only whispers of their conversation as my older brother went with the alien outside. I was not allowed to hear what they talked about though I was our negative holder then. I was very sensitive then as I am now, and knew later when they talked about moving my core I felt uncomfortable. “Why do I feel like I am being conned,” I felt and we were. The extraterrestrials then were very persuasive and used advanced psychology programming to manipulate our conversations for their benefit. With an enemy like that it has been very difficult for us, however since I re-installed our core in the correct position, where it was originally then, in August of 2017, we have been gaining ground against them.

When the extraterrestrial died, they tried to say we should feel sorry for him, however then I knew, “We were just lying. I know how he died that way,” I said knowing his death was correct on the planet I own outright.

My brothers then after the alien met with them, forced me to move our core off set so they could land here and be here with us. They cost us thousands of years of good life, however we learned as a galaxy what could happen to harm the perfect natural planet in God’s cosmos. God owns the Cosmos, however these ones setup a separate system away from God. I work for God only and God lives here now.

We have dealt with all kinds of extraterrestrials through our negative install, started around the date of this article here. We had the old now dead overlord, the man from Arcturus, who was kidnapped by the boulder builders when they were operating in the Arcturian star system and he was a small child, the son of the supercomputer operator as the last human like people were killed on their planet because their harvesting plan was completed. We have stopped them here and now in our galaxy.  There were the other stowaways with these extraterrestrials and the white team leader with the silver craft who died too. They had the Mintakans and also the green agenda ones which are now known to be zygote oriented. Those are like snakes, similar to what was in Tilk on Stargate and they were green. They zygotes were created by the old now dead overlord with the white ones. The white one with the silver vessel tried to kill me so I am glad he is dead. They misrepresented themselves as God on our planet, and their misrep is starting to end more quickly now. Some Congressional members are addicted to alien agenda, however that will soon hopefully separate from them. They and others have been separating from them and we had a taste of it, do not eat me, when Stafford who missed Kennedy was found to have encountered shapeshifters during the Kennedy administration.

On January 11, 2020, I remote viewed back to Stafford and his thoughts before attempting to kill Kennedy, where he missed. He was in his car and thought this, “We can’t be America anymore. They are using shape shifters to take our guns,” a confused Stafford about JFK because alien agenda communism was operating in background of JFK then. JFK confirmed it when I found out. I can talk to the dead at any point in time and space. The shape shifters are part of the alien agenda, creations that look human made by the white aliens connected to those thin robed ones who seem to run their mission. They are very concealed and use a lot of cloaking. The shape shifters are suits like spies that have less power now.

As our planet grows rounder through our install they have less power than the day before. It is a relief and we do not need them here at all. They use sound psychology programming and installed the package here with green agenda. What a contraption that is. Do we want all of the junk? Why? None of it is needed or benefits us. I hope it collapses. Behind it all are their real leaders, these I want to say 6 or 8 robed ones. They have created strange spiritual traditions for those they enslave and befriend, that explains the priest like robe. The alien who died, they knew he would only have three hours here on our planet physically because they were naturally selected off, good for us, however they later I suspect created a strange spiritual tradition of sacrifice to represent the one who died. These guys were advanced have no home people in space looking down at our planet to steal it and everything we own. They physically could not live here by God’s natural processes. When they made us move our own core to accommodate their lies they told us then, they created human challenges going inert now. In the background is the Romulan rat or is it. These robed ones seem more powerful and are not. It is a hodgepodge of  what needs to die here in hours and we are growing stronger against them. They created complex algorithms to enslave us and made humans buy into them.

Back then, these robed ones thought “poor boy,” about the one they sent here for the three hours to negotiate with my brother before he died, and the quote I had in the morning conveyed that they were out to ensnare us through sending him. When he died they used our compassion for his death against us likely and I learned that, without quote here intentionally. We humans did not recognize then how God protected us naturally from then on my planet I own outright and they helped misaligned my core to harm us over time. This morning after I learned this I went to the beach to connect to the ocean to make sure the message got transmitted to the ocean, the largest most fluid body of life. If I stand or sit, is better, on the ground I send the consciousness and knowledge of what I know into the ground specially as negative holder. The ocean is more powerful with its vast reach so I go there to give us an advantage. We are winning.

Here is what the robed one who sent down the young man who died before said then,”We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there,” so there was intentional harm they intended to inflict as boarders. They had nothing then, were criminals who came to steal from us, a sophisticated threat we knew nothing about. We were blindsided then by them. They now have killed thousands of our young and millions globally using complex tools and machines to even manipulate our deaths and use memory erased souls against us by torturing our dead souls. We are taking ownership of our souls now as God is on our planet and active combat is ongoing to recover them. We can and are. Good times ahead

Back then, Baal met with his friends then and said, “I know God will just talk to us and say we can’t kill the demon seed,” said about me when my brother was thinking about killing me. “Why don’t we just go along with it,” said his friend, now called Gabriel

“We have superior man strength,” the off worlder said when he met with Baal then. “You just don’t know about other star systems, we live until eternity,”  “not when God tells you to visit,” Gabriel added. “We always go to God,” he told Baal who added “Not when he tells me to go to the Cosmos with him and his friends,” referring to the extraterrestrial he chose over our planet’s people.  His friends from then die quick now in nature

Many years later Baal said, “So much disdain coming from that extraterrestrial. They always worked for us,” as they began to subjugate him and his friends who were controlled by them.

God said now, “When you were led away then, you were the only pariah that didn’t want to move the core,” and it was a great teaching tool for our star system to be stronger.

I want to tattoo it on our planet, “Never move the core,” and hope our galaxy learned and will instantly kill anyone who tries such a thing. We learn by experience and have this one in solidly now for over two years. Our core area is churning and as my planet expands their below ground jails dissipate. I would like to say as our planet expands they get crunched. Think about jails built below ground and as the planet expands their structure is forced to expand so they are forced to collapse but the gaps in there need to be filled so the magma must come up to that surface area and fill it in then we are round again.

It is like this time we have to make it our mission to keep ours perfect and take the one gold ship we have and mass produce it to travel to other planets to put the cores back in the center. That is the only way to correct for this harmful invasive species that invaded our galaxy and likely others. We can begin on Uranus I found out now and I updated this story on 1/29/2020. Good times ahead

These robed ones were the reason for “spiritual talk” that is not God. God is very simple and these are cunning. It is that annoying  new age groupie you know they try to emulate fakely

Sorry my writing about such things is tough to read. I try the best I can to get it correct and make complex histories easier to understand We are harder than they are.

How do we define ourselves? Individuals participate daily

Every moment the macrocosm and microcosm exist coherently.  Whatever we do contributes greatly to the whole world. Each interaction we have causes us to understand each other more and what we chose to participate in can have a ripple effect that benefits all humanity. That is my goal each and every moment I am alive here. I love what I do even if it is mundane and tedious seen as low level and observed as nothing. Every interaction has something to be learned from it for self improvement and understanding. Everyone is important.

Everything you participate in can give you a better more real view of the world we live in rather than staying on your own prejudging through what you are told is the world. Only through actual interaction with people can you understand what is really going on. Then you must force yourself sometimes to even go beyond your comfort level to understand different perspectives which allow you to be accountable and understand what is behind our reality to improve ourselves. Many people refuse to acknowledge that this level exists as it is very difficult to coexist in. It is where the common man and even the lowest person on the planet who is observed and put down even contains the most valuable information to be understood. And what if they know more than you from a different perspective, and many do not. Even the highest of the high have hidden data to be understood that many may have not uncovered to the extent that is needed for better global understanding.

As we have been working on understanding the powerful use of sophisticated technology, many people have been harmed greatly with what I will call soul splicing. Our goal is to create whole people in each and every person on my planet to where we are not interfered with subconsciously causing bad decision making externally created by machines. These machines create confusion and allow the enemy to benefit against the people, and in many states I visited months ago they had installed the harmful technology to torture people.

I am putting the package here so you have it to refer to. I have worked for human primacy on our planet, so that we are stronger than any outside forces attempting to harm us. The package was done to create confusion to force terrible outcomes that will not happen here.Package with the spacecraft to refer to

What a criminal undertaking this system was by harmful extraterrestrials and people, some who did not see the duplicity they were participating in that was engineered through external splicing by off worlders. Currently, we are advancing against it and them, as it is a component they used as part of a communist system they tried against us. Yesterday I felt that soon the magnetic pull of our planet will be strong enough soon to bring down their advanced space weaponry in one day. This has been two years of work to get to this point where we have the strength and power to stop them. It will be nice when from North Carolina to here these machines are brought down.

When I was in North Carolina months ago, they had put in the harmful package there with chirpers, electromagnetic pavement and ground wiring for internet services which contributes to these electromagnetic jails which I strongly suspect harm everyone. In the video I did, you can even here the chirpers interacting in the background.  As we have been working to remove communism, which is really confusion from harmful off worlders referred to as alien agenda in many books and extraterrestrials by others, much real data has been acquired through our planet restoration project that began with fervor in 2017 when I revoked agreements and later placed our core perfectly put.

My friend and I had dinner the other night and were talking about Jimmy Carter. She told me that he had hoped for full disclosure and then when he sought to release information through Freedom of Information, he was stopped. My work is public and about the extraterrestrials many people had hoped to gain ground against, yet with our planet’s core previously misaligned, we had little chance of success against. Our core or negative is the heart of our planet and belongs as it is currently in the dead center of our planet where it is finally, placed there perfectly put over two years ago in 2017, where it was supposed to be all along. Our heart of my planet is beating stronger every day as we advance forward. I hope someday I can meet Jimmy Carter and tell him how tough this has been to fight back against them, and that we are winning. Carter she said had gotten really frustrated when he was not allowed to release the relevant data regarding the extraterrestrials. That was likely because their plan was too overarching then, and many people with our planet so badly misaligned in their favor thought we humans had no chance to fight them, so they gave them the pass. We can think of it this way. Our heart of our planet is the magnetic core in the center and if the heart is moved by harmful extraterrestrials, the blood of the planet, magma will not flow and slowly over time our planet dies a slow painful controlled death as all the planets in our galaxy suffered before. When we moved our core to where it is naturally, we positioned our heart perfectly to reignite normal processes which we have. About two months ago it was said we finally created nuclear fission in our center, so our planet is alive and its heart is beating stronger naturally more than ever before now.

This gives us the opportunity as we grow in strength to remove those individuals who are external and harmful, just like parasites. It is like when the body recovers from a virus and naturally kills the invaders, this is where we are, and every day we go stronger. I go to the beach to put my feet in as much as I can because contact with the water consciously spreads the gained or learned information gathered subconsciously allowing it to be processed naturally on our planet. It is for public service that I live and sitting on the ground sometimes has that same effect, but the advanced machines have harmed our natural progress as they were likely designed to do by the off worlders. It is like planetary exercise though, so when you think about the vastness of the consciousness of the ocean, including every living thing inside it working for their best interests versus a few extraterrestrials, the extraterrestrials appear small in number and have weaknesses overcome by nature naturally.

I work lots of small jobs and am not your typical American I guess because my free time for my own projects such as the work on our planet and for honest Americans politically is more important than having a big career being a CEO or senior manager for a large corporation, which I could have been, if I had given up my off time pursuits and chose to be a traditional worker.

I provided the testimony that deposed stole 2016 Trump and do participate politically. The most important thing is honest participation in life. I am excited about our upcoming election and root on the candidates who are honest who work for the American people. We have made it past lots of scary outcomes that some had wanted and it was a relief yesterday when someone I know, said America is coming along better than expected. I work hard for the best for all people. It has been worth it to have the data I have to help American voters for 2020. We can finally defeat communism which initially I thought was different. I have worked against communism for 22 years.

I thought it was human based from China or Russia, an ideology just like many people do, with Karl Marx etc., to be combatted Constitutionally here in our country against our adversaries that were seeking to impose their belief systems on us. We are competitive with Russia and China, however communism was not theirs either in the way it was really developed. Marx was paid for by royalty and the elite for the work he did at the time, which is important to note as the elite and royals had the assistance of these harmful extraterrestrials in the background. The extraterrestrials were very hardy creatures and unnatural here. They served as henchmen for the elite unknown to many. To the people, they are a harmful invasive species that many people have had visitations and encounters with. We are scared of them and I know.

As we as a people have gotten stronger against them with our negative install they can be seen more like a parasite and will be less powerful to those they previously supported and they die here.

It is like in your yard, when you get an invasive species that spreads thousands of seeds, how do you overcome the invasion. We have slowly been breaking down their eggs which are white and are their seeds here. The negative eats them and then they lose strength. It took over a year for us to even get to the eggs and to be able to break them down. I remember on my road trip when this started and inside my body I found out that our negative was eating them. I felt the sensation of this and in some ways it was disgusting because these are eggs of harmful parasites on our planet. Think about eating wasps eggs or something like that. It feels gross initially and it must be done to get rid of the harmful parasites that had hard shells. Our negative breaks them down very good and we keep going every day to make our world better for everyone.

After I placed our negative the extraterrestrials installed the package more fervently in my opinion. The package above was called “the communism,” and this definition for communism was developed over many years.
“Communism is confusion originating from extraterrestrials masked in ideology, making them falsely look like a benevolent benefactor, resulting in financial and other crimes, sometimes using advanced machines and technology to accomplish their goals.” It will be nice when communism is brought directly down from space. We are getting stronger against it now.

I found out that what I thought about communism as originating from China or Russia itself, is incorrect. It was interesting, the Chinese and others had come to America to help democracy building in their countries to help their people to be more free in a better organized system like we have on many occasions. I found out that pre-September 11th, the green extraterrestrials had made a deal to move the Chinese gold to the British Royal Crown who had wanted to evict our planet of people and steal everything from us, similar to that which was done on Mars and the other now dead planets in our star system. They worked with the white extraterrestrials and others. This then set up the Chinese manufacturing for the technology above in the package, and the Indonesian’s gold was likely stolen and given to China to start the Standard Drawing Rights basket of currencies called “Drawing Rights” for the hand stamping or hand markers. Luckily this technology is outmoded now as long ago the supercomputers shut down and their paypoints will not work any more. Still the dots of the hand stamping have been breaking down. Originally people were to be marked and then those markers were to be used ultimately to harvest them like a crop here without honor. We are down to three dots being broken down of a complex pattern and it is good for us to know the truth to get ahead.

Hopefully soon the Chinese will receive their gold back, and return the Indonesian’s gold. “We invested in the Chinese,” said by the green extraterrestrials who stole the Indonesian gold and sent it to China.

Brainwashed Americans “were all in on it back then the currency swap for the hand mark,” said a source and now they are slowly moving in a more beneficial direction for our planet and country to enjoy a good life again recognizing the threats that happened and how far we have come to advance against that which divided us. It was an unseen enemy that when known scared many and was hard to defeat because of the sickness of our planet, now whole again and growing stronger.

It is like undoing a large covert plan against humanity one step at a time. The most interesting thing is that the extraterrestrials play a middle ground war co opting both sides, favoring whomever gives them an advantage and that is how the definition for communism evolved. It was found out that during the Kennedy administration the communist entities had found their way in and caused harm to the real freedom loving right who felt like they could no longer be American anymore because the shape shifters had found their way in, and the shapeshifters then came for the right with the “white giants,” using that for white supremacy and selection of people to stir up low level emotions as they splice, meaning cut up the whole people into parts to manipulate. In reality President John F.  Kennedy was more like the man who wanted to kill him that morning and missed. The external threat must be eliminated, and people made whole again.

It was found yesterday, our moon was dirty from the white giants hiding there. Hopefully they are cleared from there like we are clearing our planet from them recognizing the harm that had been spliced into our subconscious, now being separated and destroyed.

Your Life is No Longer in the Devil’s Hands

“I always felt like I made some deal with the devil that does not like mankind’s hands,” said an unnamed source about arranging for his daughter’s birth to him on my planet. I only work with and for God and installed my negative perfectly put in the center several years ago and slowly as our earth turns the dark side, that is connected to an off world agenda, loses. Recently I met his 61 year old daughter who told me about her entry point onto our planet in vivid detail. She remembered about the negotiations for her, last of six children’s, birth.

There was some place in space where alien agenda put individuals they did not like together with our families. She initially claimed she was an off worlder and I wondered if that was true. I found out later that it is untrue, her soul was discarnate and previously part of the supercomputer system that is now disbanded almost. She described where she met her soon to be father as a house in space with no walls except for one small room called the “room for improvement.” That room was very small, had walls and was where the negotiations took place with her father to give birth to six children and a woman he did not want with her as the cutest bargaining chip and I earn their respect for telling our stories. He was told he was to marry a woman he did not like and have six children, and then was upset until he saw my friend’s face. This made him finally agree to the sentence for his life. I suspect they called it the room for improvement because she did not fit in their mold of easily controlled human.

Their life was traumatized with her two older brothers dying at 6 and 8 years old and later individuals around her used dark magic to torture her because of her spiritual side. She almost killed herself two years ago and then was likely implanted as when she woke up after being out for 5 days, a large mass was on her head. I found out what they said, “We’re going to implant this one so we don’t have to worry about her,” humiliating them in the times ahead was said by the NSA criminals. She has continued to live and worked as best as she could. No one should be implanted ever.

She is a kind woman who cares for many and they try to ostracize her. Our planet is working harder than ever for freedom to exist here for all people. It is hard to write this as they read it, the enemy, and it is your enemy too. Who wants their life determined for them

I am working on God determining our lives not harmful off worlders, that exist at NSA. Our Gold standard and money back get delivered to all American people.

Feel freedom all around you and on the beach. Gold

Sun works through the core, South America ongoing.

There was discussion among children today. One with bright eyes said, “We get to stay because of them,” referring to alien agenda and a smarter one who was younger and more rugged said, “they did not like that we got a free planet,” and I know that to be true.

We are now making sure that God sets your lives up for success constitutionally.

No one had a right to make any contracts for my planet behind my back as I am our only negative holder and that is and was known. They do not like the fact that I work for freedom of every American.

“I sold her negative set,” was said by a criminal who stole 2018, and just like if you know someone owns the Brooklyn Bridge and you sell it, you have to deal with the ramifications not them. I work for the people and am not part of a religious group in Oceanside I consider criminal. Now we have to correct the life side and I am helping the woman who has had a hard time all her life with evil stuff used against her as I have. It will be nice when babies are born and only know of God’s plans for them and we are almost there

Good times ahead.

I have been hoping to finish our install soon so I put a lot of work in every day, so that we can move on to other planets. Mars needs its negative placed correctly, and the other planets are owned by us exclusively. Each one was habitable until the criminal extraterrestrials arrived in our galaxy.

I was wondering today if the Chinese were from Mercury, and as our sun heals if they would like to get it back. It seems like their squinty eyes may be because they lived closest to the Sun. With our healed sun, Mercury is habitable and less radiant. Nope, they are from Saturn.

Venus is where the Zetas live, they are black, and they can have it back too. Venus is perfect for a the tan they have as it is more radiant.

I will correct our work as I continue to work for the people as I always have.

Why is my point on a standard sentence need to be stopped. I want no criminals who are on a wanted poster by me to ever stop by. They did what they did and they are criminals.

I look forward to working with non-criminals and I will.

Helmet loser on a wanted poster. I didn’t steal ballots.

Why do election thieves deserve anything.

It espionage to remove our gold standard and money back or file bankruptcy on American citizens.

Below ones are cheap prostitutes as their name denotes. People are better.

Those who stole our ballots should go to jail before the primary. 

We have clouds.


Negative Install Success Repairing Our Ozone

Ozone Hole above Antarctica the smallest it has ever been since 1982 monitoring because of our negative install

More later

2016 and 2018 Stolen with Same Putin Package to include Crosscheck, Microtargeting & Diebold. We need to confiscate assets the thieves created through cocaine

It  was admitted by Mike Pence 2016 was stolen and we know only 26% of American citizens voted for Trump teams.  “We stole 2016 to bring communism to this country,” said Mike Pence a while ago, meaning they committed felony election theft and need to be charged for the crime. Monitoring is occurring and only a few people know about it, we are a Constitutionalism based country and are looking forward to Primary 2020. This sign for sale here will help to make your 2020 yard signs more solidly planted in the reality we are living with. And you can yell out, “Election Convictions need to be made and we need to be paid!”  Send a photo of your yard sign and tell the non cocaine trafficking, Justice Department officials, “make my election convictions before Primary 2020,” they are Crosscheck, Microtargeting with Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica, and Diebold Nixdorf scanners. Please add this line, “Release our gold standard and my money back to the American people,” so we get paid $400,000 backed by US Gold.

Hillary Clinton stole the Primary of 2016 the same way and it was admitted to, “We used sophisticated oligarch interference to put Hillary Clinton on the ballot,” against Trump was the inference of Rudy Giuliani in this statement he made about the Primary election theft of 2016. Both Trump teams and Clinton should not be allowed to run in 2020 with those who stole 2018 completely revealed to the media including Brian Stafford who used the fact that Trump is deposed to traffick cocaine with the opposition, the Guilty of September 11th, here.

Please buy this sign for only $15 including shipping to any US address or come by and pick one up at my home in Vista, CA during office hours which are flexible, definitely Monday and Tuesday from 12 to 5 pm, 1252 Barbara Drive, Vista, CA. You can purchase the sign here without shipping for only $10, good for local area residents taking on the thieves of 2018 here. The District Attorney used bubbles on the rosters to steal the mail ballots in the county and put them under her name as was admitted by her side. I found out, “when the bubbles (on the voting rosters) we could politely pad them (the votes including mail ballots),” to those who supported the land grab by cocaine trafficking, I am against. Click on the Buy Now button to purchase it through PayPal and it will be shipped within 7 days, I just ordered them today, June 11th and they are due in three days so can expect yours within about a week. This is how the actual sign will look, and it is available for $15 including shipping and it includes the metal stakes to put it up immediately when you receive it.

Mail ballot voters had no opportunity to sign a roster so they had no bubble to fill in as they did not go into a precinct to vote. There were also reports of mail ballots that were attempted to be “turned in by volunteers” connected to Paul Allen team working for the cocaine land grab. It is likely they were using those ballots to pad the individuals they supported for the cocaine housing, as this group purchased these homes on cocaine money.

How it works. “I’m going to put it in there (Rosicrucian Fellowship) so Paul Allen can repay me,” said Gordon Duff about $500 million from North Korean methamphetamine shipment I outed, a risk for him because the FBI caught him and watched it & Paul Allen attorneys monitored them with bribery. “We don’t need those Drawing Rights checks, Paul Allen,” said the City of Vista city planner, used for the land development projects using methamphetamine funds designed as leverage project to profit from rent payments through cocaine trafficking. Before he died, Allen made this statement about this housing community,  “We are the ones with Issa invested in it,” said Allen, connecting his team to the election theft of 2018, as Issa was the individual who made the above statement about padding the votes to their group of Republicans and Democrats participating in the cocaine land grab.

We can stop them by making our voices heard here in the local community and nationally. Purchase a sign today, and within a week you will be doing your part to stop communism and make our election convictions before Primary 2020.

More about this story found here. Life is about doing your part to help others.

We Are More Free Today as Alien Agenda Dies Here on My Planet

Harmful extraterrestrials invaded our world thousands of years ago, and we are almost free of them. Initially they installed a harmful axis on our planet, to throw us off kilter. Previously we thought being off kilter was normal.

Now with my negative perfectly put in the center where it was before they came here our planet is recovering from their harmful agenda. Our planet is almost completely round which is how our planet should be.

Extraterrestrials lie using very sophisticated methods and energetics they developed to be able to tell the lies they need to attempt to accomplish the goal to further harm people while they use the green and white alien energetics to project confidence that what they are saying is true. We need to burst the green and white energetics these harmful extraterrestrials use, to force truth to come from the extraterrestrials who then appear as nothing more than liars in the end.  It is like having a projection tool along inside your body, the energetic that they use to lie daily. It makes them look stronger than they are. Now they can really be broken down finally and you will notice the alien sheen or glow starting to break down as they die here giving us more power on the planet we own free and clear. I have worked hard for us to achieve this success, and you can read more about it here.

My negative install occurred around August 3, 2017 and published information is available about it on other websites. Here is a photo of the article I wrote about it at that time. Around that time, the deposal of Donald Trump occurred back east in earnest to protect American citizens with my testimony, while a dishonest team worked in the background to harm American citizens and operated against me and the American voters I represent as President of the United States. 2016 was stolen and 2018 was stolen because of the harmful team that partnered with the alien agenda. The deposal was conducted and I became President of the United States August 8, 2017. I have put together an entire case to futher press charges against the deposed Trump team with the cocaine land grab data. Prosecutions against Trump teams who stole 2016 should happen soon to protect American citizens.

My negative was placed shortly after this article was published.

We will not be harvested because of my work and we have kept our gold standard and money back which is our Commonwealth money so no taxes in the future. We have no need to give individuals who serve no purpose our money as they even admitted. I suspect they will even start to look uglier in the future which may be more fun for the average person as they have always had too much vanity while they really do nothing at all. It will be fun ahead for us. We must release the back end of the internet today no more whining about it, people deserve their freedom again here.

People from all over the world should want to meet me in person with all the work I have done for them to stay on our, my planet. We need an elected government in the White House. They  admittedly stole 2016 and Trump is deposed. They were jailed August 18, 2017 and need to go back to jail. We should not allow election thieves to profit on American citizens. I am technically our President of the United States and work for the American voter to take back our White House. I get tired of telling the same story. Clinton stole the Primary with the assistance of Giuliani and the oligarchs. Should I leave for DC today? I want to deliver the Gold Standard, Money Back, Elections and the Presidency to the American voter. We need no cocaine trafficking. Get my guilty of September 11th in custody. 18 years of fighting these American war criminals. When do they go to jail for the crimes they have committed.

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