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It’s Hard to Make a Start Sometimes

It’s amazing how difficult it is to actually make a start when you feel nervous about doing something that you see is overwhelming in someway. Like posting to your blog every day, you feel nervous that something you say will be taken the wrong way or that you may make a mistake somehow, but then the feeling that you are sitting on the sidelines too long can overcome you, so you make that start. 

And as the famous quote from Ronald Reagan to Jimmy Carter during the Presidential Debate, “There you go again.”

The plea that comes from these pages is for peace and a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve the basics. As with Reagan’s comment, the idea of the basics for everyone has been looked at as though the poor or lower income people would like to have this handed to them on some silver platter, as Mitt Romney said, “All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what … These are people who pay no income tax. … [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

No Mr. Romney, they believe that they should have an equal opportunity to achieve the “American Dream.” They don’t want a hand out and the majority of the 47% would not accept a hand out.

It is different when you are born into a privileged home. You don’t have a day wondering how you are going to make it today to pay your bills, make your rent payment or buy food to put on the table, if you have a dinning room table.

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A Word from a Typesetter’s Daughter on President Obama’s Birth Certificate

It was just enough today when I heard Donald Trump talking about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He’s talking as though the internet, I-Phones and even fax machines were around back in 1961. Back then a call from Kenya would have required someone to travel potentially more than several days just to make the call then what, how did it get in the paper? How did it make it with the other birth announcements from the same day?

People didn’t have cell phones and there were probably no public telephones in villages, so a person would have to travel by foot, mule or however they traveled to a major city to make a phone call.It could definitely have taken more than one day as some villagers in Africa travel more than a full day to travel to a major city on the transportation system they currently have. This was 50 years ago.

With that how would the announcement below get in the paper by August 13 then, the same date when many other people were born at the hospital appeared in the paper.  It is interesting that August 4th, 1961, the date President Obama was born on was a Friday, just before the weekend in Hawaii.

Back then, if some people can remember, the world did not work at a lightening fast pace as it does today. As President Obama was born on a Friday, just like the three babies typed below in the photo above, it is possible that the birth announcement was not typed out by the hospital and mailed until Monday or Tuesday.  Notice above how the President is below the daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. D. Wright born on Saturday, August 5 yet still in the paper on the same day. 

So let’s say the envelope was typed Monday and mailed Tuesday, August 8th. It potentially arrived at the newspaper office  on Wednesday, August 9. Then the secretary or administrative assistant, as we would call probably her today, opened the mail late Wednesday or Thursday morning. It may have been late in the day when it arrived, so she may have waited and opened the mail the following day. She then would have placed the paper copy from the hospital with the birth announcements in the in-box for the typesetter, who could have typed it in either Thursday or Friday and it was then output in gullies, pasted up Saturday, and printed Saturday night for Sunday’s paper.

There were no zip codes back then as zip codes were not implemented until 1963. People were not in a hurry to publish birth announcements, they were just like they are today, nice but not critical urgent news.

No one would have known that President Wright would have caused such a problem, wait, I was just reading the birth announcement from August 5th, that’s not the President. Would anyone have questioned President Wright? Oh wait! She is a daughter.

Website Tip: MyAPI Plugin Error, Warning: Call-time Pass-by-reference Has Been Deprecated

I tried posting this on the MyApi Forum page, but could not login. The page that was seeking an answer to the problem is linked to below. After I installed the new version of MyApi that connects this site to Facebook, I experienced the same error and was able to fix it. The error said,  “Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in” and gave specific references to code in several php files.

What I discovered was that it was a problem in the php.ini file. The following was turned off when it needs to be on for the files to run correctly:

allow_call_time_pass_reference = Off

As this site is hosted by, the php5.ini file is outside the root directory, so all I had to do was open notepad and paste the following:

; Whether to enable the ability to force arguments to be passed by reference
; at function call time.  This method is deprecated and is likely to be
; unsupported in future versions of PHP/Zend.  The encouraged method of
; specifying which arguments should be passed by reference is in the function
; declaration.  You’re encouraged to try and turn this option Off and make
; sure your scripts work properly with it in order to ensure they will work
; with future versions of the language (you will receive a warning each time
; you use this feature, and the argument will be passed by value instead of by
; reference).
allow_call_time_pass_reference = On

Then save the file as php5.ini and upload it to the site root directory.

The issue was solved. I tried for about 15 minutes to login to the myapi site and could not register or logon, so hopefully someone finds this post in my blog.

Celebrating Winter Solstice 2012

Every year I celebrate Winter Solstice as a way to set intention for the coming year and get rid of the things that encumber my progress. I invite friends over for a nice bonfire, and we share food, stories and enjoy a ceremony designed to empower us in the coming years towards our goals.

One of my favorite parts of the ceremony is when I read my favorite poem of all time, My Dream 3000 which I change the date each year to the coming year in the hope that I can speed the process to achieving the goals set forth in the poem. I found it at a store in San Francisco about six years ago. On this day I wanted to share it with everyone. The words are by Robert Muller, Former United Nations Assistant Secretary General and Chancellor United Nations University of Peace, Costa Rica. I have the Prose Poster by Sami Sunchild. You can purchase one by clicking

My Dream 2012

I dream that we and all beings will lift our sights, hopes and dreams to the year 2012. I dream that all governments will join together to manage this beautiful earth in peace, justice and happiness, that all religions will believe in a global spirituality, that all beings will become a caring family, that all scientists will unite in an ethical science, that all corporations will unite to preserve nature and all humanity. Continue reading