Celebrating Winter Solstice 2012

Every year I celebrate Winter Solstice as a way to set intention for the coming year and get rid of the things that encumber my progress. I invite friends over for a nice bonfire, and we share food, stories and enjoy a ceremony designed to empower us in the coming years towards our goals.

One of my favorite parts of the ceremony is when I read my favorite poem of all time, My Dream 3000 which I change the date each year to the coming year in the hope that I can speed the process to achieving the goals set forth in the poem. I found it at a store in San Francisco about six years ago. On this day I wanted to share it with everyone. The words are by Robert Muller, Former United Nations Assistant Secretary General and Chancellor United Nations University of Peace, Costa Rica. I have the Prose Poster by Sami Sunchild. You can purchase one by clicking www.PeaceWorldbuilders.com

My Dream 2012

I dream that we and all beings will lift our sights, hopes and dreams to the year 2012. I dream that all governments will join together to manage this beautiful earth in peace, justice and happiness, that all religions will believe in a global spirituality, that all beings will become a caring family, that all scientists will unite in an ethical science, that all corporations will unite to preserve nature and all humanity. I believe that we will eliminate all wars, armaments and violence from this miraculous planet forever. I dream that the distance between the rich and poor will be eliminated. I dream that we will stop the destruction of our miraculous richly endowed planetary home forever.

Let us make this third millennium a jubillennium of peace, love, joy, happiness and beauty, celebrating our grandiose mysterious journey into the star studded heavens

About Solstice from www.williamedelen.com: “For thousands of years this period of the Winter Solstice has been the most important date in human celebrations, for the sun has started its long journey home bringing with it Spring and Summer.

“Celebrating this event today, you and I are part of a line of descent that has been uninterrupted almost from the birth of humankind. There has been no time when someone, somewhere, was not celebrating this date. Long before the birth of Jesus our bloodstream ran in the veins of sun gods and sun worshippers: Greeks and Romans…Barbarians in Germanic forests…Northern worshippers of Thor…Egyptians … Jews…Gauls…Persians and Indians.

“Considering that our very survival depends upon the return of the sun it is no wonder that human celebrations have been so monumental. No wonder that Julius, the fourth century Pope, when asked to fix a date for the birth of Jesus, said: “we will say it took place in Bethlehem on December 25.” That was the date of the Winter Solstice according to the Julian calendar. Other virgin born gods celebrated during this Solstice period were Marduk, Osiris, Horus, Isis, Mithra, Saturn, Sol and Apollo. And so for thousands of years we have celebrated this date with singing and dancing, with solemn ceremony and flowers, palms, mistletoe and holly, plays and majestic processionals moving through high cathedrals. Christmas, the Solstice, is in our bloodstream. It is in our genes.”