Who Was in Charge of Our Planet Before Our Install

We have more control of our planet now, and the foundation was pretty fictitious because of what people perceived. Here they thought the former overlord called oil well man was in command, however it can be said now that he was just a clone created by a Boulder Builder species now dead.  Congressional and other people were playing for his money, while I was the one who did the work of our negative install. What I like to do is to demystify stuff and make things simple, not complex. I cut to the chase. Donald Trump admittedly by Michael Pence stole election 2016, “We stole 2016,” yup and I have the data to back that up with the hacking, data sheets of exit polling data, and the other convictions solidly detailed. What standing should they have by now. I have provided validated testimony against Trump for financial crime and am waiting for depositions to be filed against him and his sides regarding the stock market.

So now on to the now dead oil well man that people believed in to be the “overlord” here on our planet, it was found out originally that he came from Arcturus and was picked up there by the Boulder Builder race that was a group of invaders who came here to our star system, starting there long before us. He was a small child then with his parents who operated their supercomputers, that in the end could no longer fight them off because of the way that their negative was off set and the harmful psychology programming they had put in. His dad said, “I can take my bosses supercomputer.” His son noted when interviewed after death here, “Our galaxy collapsed then.” Looking at Arcturus it is a dead star system, validating that fact. I am completely telepathic and a known dog whisperer. “You don’t want me to stay around?,” asked his father later on to the Boulder Builder, shortly before being killed in somewhere in space. His dad was mild mannered and a subservient man who operated the supercomputer for the boulders. His son lived on until he was likely made dead in space and then they used his body to make a drone to interact with humans and other individuals, wrongly.

Luckily we have only one Boulder Builder species left, & they were the ones that decimated Arcturus where the former, now dead likely cloned overlord was from. How he was made when dead, “I’ve got to make his eyes off set so I can look at every being,” said One Boulder, now dead after they killed him, working on him as a drone.

Younger version of boulder builder

Younger version of a boulder builder

Why have we allowed cloned individuals to control who gets paid for our planet. Who is Elizabeth?  And what is her relationship to this harmful space traveling race? We only have two left of the boulders, and then she must be dealt with for crimes against humanity with them. We own our planet outright and need to demystify the manufactured reality created in the mainstream media. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of this hierarchical fraud once and for all? Please stop paying a drones money around.

Elizabeth is not going to make it. She could be charged as a war criminal as they used the Saxe families previously to mimic our service members when they created a terrorism incident with Tony Blair, a war crime.

I am going to clean my house today. It was said, “Put spells and magic in her house.” Please do not allow green ones to monitor here with the Sheriff’s department looking in claiming spells and magic hurt me in someway for a wrongful arrest to happen. I am honest and a witness waiting to testify.

“I got her to put that back with one keystroke,” said a green alien woman, about my coffee cup I threw in the trash this morning, and likely some threat in the background against me if I threw it out. Why are we allowing aliens who are clones to monitor my home? Do they get dead here sooner?

Brian Stafford who was involved in stock market crime likely said early on, “I say we can only pay her for the planet when the jails those guys had contract for are brought down.” Their contract was found out to be a “little diddy” meaning a lie they wrote themselves.

“We get paid by the hour to monitor your house,” said the sheriffs now who do not like me, and would have been bankrupt personally without our work including mine, despite deposed stole 2016 Trump paying them with Elizabeth. Why are they paid? And a reminder for them, the Oceanside police and Sheriffs were the first thing these aliens who are paying you wanted to put in jail below ground for human harvesting with the other people.

Said in regards to them on January 8, 2020, the Mintakans, the fraudulent signers of the lie contract “little diddy”, said in regards to an Oceanside Police officer, “We had big jails for people like him.” Sadly their contract has been used to embezzle funds through the Department of Justice, your tax money. The individual  and his teams who are determining when I would be paid for my install are the ones embezzling the funds.

“I say the jails (below ground ones sited in the fraudulent contract known now as “little diddy” later on in the linked article above) can be used and I take the money from the Department of Justice,” said Stafford regarding our tax money called money back held there.  The contract as it is proven fake now must be removed from the Department of Justice.

“We had below grounds with oil well,” said Elizabeth this morning, in regards to the cloned man now dead and the fake contract. Below ground jails disappear eventually, and so why am I responsible for making that happen as they embezzle our tax money. I am responsible for myself and our country at times despite Stafford and others  who did steal from the stock market, and said “I say we can just install sanity hearing (the telephony here for their embezzlement operation) she’ll never find out if we gave her the Presidency or not,” which they did on August 8, 2017. I have tracked what they have done here since then and intend to testify against them for financial crimes.

They need to separate the Sheriff’s department from the embezzlement operation. Please provide witness protection here with and by honest people working for the financial security of America long term.

I know one thing Elizabeth wanted to sell our negative for $5 million, a crime against everyone I serve. I suspect now that is the money that was given to Senator Patrick Leahy’s office for the alien agenda study of $5 million. I am against them and have completed a true research project into the harmful extraterrestrials that is ongoing. I own our planet outright, and I am determined to restore it to its original condition before the extraterrestrial boarders got here, with my own money if need be. It is proven they came here and conned us into moving my negative to harm us based on all evidence and data. We have almost sealed the false bardo created by the harmful extraterrestrials to control our human life death life sequences with criminal intentions.

It had been said by Elizabeth “We’ve always been in control of that trap door we put under,” that connected to the fake bardo the aliens created. We now control more of our life death life cycle than ever before. Mankind existed long before we are told we did. Infact, 26,000 year old human remains were found in Chula Vista, CA and they were without a supercomputer then. That started approximately 18,000 years ago.

Here is what one robed white one who sent down a young white extraterrestrial who died shortly after meeting us said thousands of years ago said, “We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there.” They intended to negotiate the movement of my negative from its natural position to harm us as boarders with their supercomputer they brought with them from other star systems they had previously decimated. They were criminals who came here to steal from us, a sophisticated threat we knew nothing about then. Boulder builders were in space observing the incident, and they are almost dead now. That extraterrestrial did die here then.

Why are we allowing aliens that live here to try to “stamp our hands and steal our money,” as was admitted. Please don’t harm me for their white collar crime to continue.

Yesterday we had fears of human eating by them, hopefully that did not go on and will not happen.

Planet owners are a fraud ponzi scheme. I have done the real work. My negative set is ours for permanent use by my side. I intend to get paid for our install. Planet owners and their ponzi scheme stay away from my house, no need for your sanity hearing con.

I am and he always been our only real negative holder and it was up to us to correct what harmful extraterrestrials had done with criminal intention before. I was known as our negative holder by the intelligence community before, when I moved to California at 17, someone said, “She’s really cute, who is that?” “That’s our negative holder,” the man replied. We corrected our negative two and a half years ago and now we are waiting for payment for me hopefully soon. I keep working earnestly to help my planet I own outright.

There should be no insinuation of sexuality needed as I know how it set me up when I was 17. “I’m going to get that kid to really screw up,” said an agent against the nice man who acknowledged me. He caused arousal to cause  harm remotely. Then the nice intelligence man said, “She really pissed me off playing with her vibrator,” and that’s what these cons keep insinuating here that they are monitoring my home for sex to happen here. Please get the criminals who caused pre-sexual behavior from me when I was 12 to stop monitoring here. Their photos are on enough flyers.

Elizabeth had been in financial difficulty before, so she is not that royal, and the British were wondering what to do about the debt she had on her homes. It will be nice when she is seen as just a regular person. That already started happening as her grandkids left for Canada. I want to win and am always competitive for 327 million Americans.

When do I get paid finally for my work?

“The big check should be given to her directly,” said and agreed it should be directly given to me. They can be liable for History in the Making right now as it was discovered that it would cause long term financial harm with 327 million American citizens unable to borrow again. Does the San Diego District Attorney want to be liable for every citizen being unable to borrow for the entire future history of the United States of America.

Let it be known that if History in the Making had happened American hundreds of smart people would have been angry and against them. It would have been said, “What a mistake we made. We can’t borrow again. Now no one will accept our currency,” under cashless.

When I get paid I will immediately begin creating American jobs with the advanced renewable technology I developed over 18 years. 3 plus years of my work counts and my convictions should go through against Bush Carlyle.

My convictions list should not be allowed any restraining orders nor allowed to monitor me at all. When I get my “big check” I will pay my own bills. Why is the “secret society” even in between with my credit card debt? The old overlord now identified correctly as the Boulder Builder’s drone. Please no more drinking games with perverts including Paul Allen’s team. They need to be charged back for every single county they tried to bankrupt including this one as Allen’s team has a proven track record of intended bankruptcy for profiteering and it was said by Allen team, “We went on a quest for bankruptcies,” of hundreds of counties. As it was found out yesterday Allen team known as the cocaine men were aligned with Vladimir Putin, so in effect Putin is acting through them on American soil criminally to harm American counties behind the backs of Congress. “Putin had an interest in the cocaine guys,” said by Brian Stafford, an agency credentialed individual who sided with the cocaine guys, linking him also to financial crime and espionage running behind Congressional members backs with the KGB hardware. They need to be charged with operating the machines for criminal fraud and contributions are accepted here.

“We can’t make the bankruptcies happen when House and Senate members are paying attention,” said Paul Allen previously, showing them to be covert financial criminals operating against our Congress.

Why even refer to the “man who came here” as the old overlord when in reality he was just the Boulder Builder’s drone operating criminally on our planet.