What Cheney said long before my personal quest began

“Shit too bad we can not take out this space fleet. Too bad we can’t use atomic weapons on them,” said Richard Cheney early on long before our negative was installed correctly by me. We don’t need any nuclear weapons fired when we are close to defeating them. Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. I installed our negative perfectly put in the center to enable our side to defeat those lousy jailers.  Stole 2016, Donald Trump’s deposal went through  for financial crime. so I should not be shot here. I intend to get depositions filed against the stock market and land grab. This morning it was likely admitted here that they competed for the master plans which are in reality the same land grab I testified against only wrongly named for Congress to participate here criminally laundering the drug money for the housing that is unneeded and those plans do fail. Parcel clearance was already asked for as they are excessive housing. I am available to testify both locally and nationally against the land grab. The below ground jails should be eliminated with the work we have been doing and this will be a relief for many of America’s foot soldiers who were casually hoping that our negative install would help them to eliminate them to save their butts. I am happy I installed my negative correctly to make this happen despite not liking Cheney. We work together for the same cause yet just strike differently. There should be no case of the destroyer to put American service members into custody here or anywhere else.

Planet owners did not participate in the install process they only listened. Who should collect payment, the installer, the negative holder, me. I recorded my testimony at City Hall to protect this city and more should be delivered. They have no right to keep me hidden to collect those severance checks they have been given so my planet will fail. I own our planet outright.

Why would they pay Stevenson for the below grounds to be decimated when I did all the work? Did they help to defeat the criminal space race or did they side with those that were to be eliminated, Cheney admitted to. They sided with them. I side against them and intend to work until those below ground jails are toast. That should pay me the $50 million I deserve. We had a nice stream of lava heading towards our coastline from the middle. Gold standard and money back need to be delivered. I became a good President just unknown to the mainstream media. Our world is free. I expect to be paid for our work done. I started my project and intend to complete it and be paid.

To have authorities stop saying I cannot win here? 289 Congressional members need to stand stronger and they cannot be disbanded. Wray cannot send out arrest warrants from this point. My case could be made against him and the down south cocaine cartel. Below grounds decimated. Hopefully tomorrow I can collect our payment.

It was found out the Paris Accords were in fact voided and they should remain that way as we still have a country to run without ship explosions.

We know what would have been said, if they were not voided and that would be an embarrassment to any intelligence professional for such a thing to happen to America,  “What a mistake we made. We cannot borrow again. No one will accept our currency.” Our money back should be delivered both ontime and as discretionary income.

Concessions upheld. This is a Constitutional country and we must give credit for work accomplished.

We need good government to take hold.

There is no need to harm anybody for our negative installed correctly. It was found out the now dead former overlord instructed the likes of Patrick Leahy to murder people until the American public was put in below ground jails. With those jails eliminated now, we can all  breathe a sigh of relief and pay my expenses. That dead overlord was found to be a drone of the space program of the boulder builder species. Even if the jails are voided, as Leahy wanted, by the Allen Congress I should get paid for their destruction. They were voiding the jails to pay Stevenson cartel and the Allen Congress, themselves, for the housing to be continued that I testified as land grab. I am still waiting to testify. Our space program should be given to the common man. Gold program only should exist and it is proven to beat out the case of the destroyer. My concessions should stand.

Are people afraid I will be too successful if paid? Isn’t it time for me to build Greatness?

For the record and not how Cheney told it, it was me who helped France to recover their gold standard when I found out his 16 men had cost them. Those were who he claimed restored it called garbage can boys.

One of them sadly enough has been influenced over and over by Bill Gates and Paul Allen now dead by cancer. They caused him as he admitted, to commit more crime after September 11th, Gates and others caused. They were told not to go out that night from a remote building somewhere by Gates. We need to know what types of crime they committed.

Robert Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team has been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.”

Allen team said early on, “We can make the bankruptcy happen while House and Senate members are not paying attention to us.” Hopefully they are stopped and those involved with Gates and allen teams are arraigned.

Stop torturing me.