Chinese Communism Entry Point in America through Giuliani and Keyport Base

“I don’t like your type, but I can make your government go to jail,” said Rudolph Giuliani about the forced deal with a Chinese group to remove the steel from the September 11th terrorism incident. It was the communists Rudolph Giuliani made the deal with, and they were leaking in there and in the Northwest where I was living at the time. Giuliani threatened them because the democratic government of China was in power then, and he could have likely jailed them directly.

“What do you say we make a little interim arrangement for you to take hold of a little of our personal property right here,” Giuliani team said to the group aligned  Xi Jinping, who is the current President of China, when they made a deal for the steel removal from WTC towers with the communists.

Those communists likely then made a deal  through a middle man with a redheaded man that I met at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center instead of Admiral Center when James Slyfield, one of my employees then attempted to setup a meeting with Center to assist with my magazine advertising.

The redhead when making the deal on phone said, “Then we can for sure bring communism in here?” excitedly after Stevenson met with him in 1998. Stevenson is the former cop who admittedly conducted September 11th with his secret society friends. “We did the World Trade Center with the secret society,”  admitted Stevenson, who now is involved with scamming real estate from American citizens using cocaine money. See PowerPoint here, and they have been turned in so many times personally to the FBI.

Man on phone replied happlity, “directly into the United States.” That I suspect was part of the electromagnetic jails package that was installed by the stole 2016 ones used here against American citizens and hotel guests, such as the Intercontinental.

Package banned as of February 12, and now being removed by our negative being placed perfectly put in the center where it belongs.

Intercontinental Hotel San Diego












Was this the deal they made with the far right to bring communism here against American citizens? Likely. The two worked together with Bill Gates to “roll” American citizens in the future using hand stamping or stamping, that will now not work now.

The Guilty of September 11th including those who use them, Russian oligarchs

“There are poor people that we intended to the hand marks,” admitted Gates about their tagging and ultimately bagging system, where the below ground jails would have been used to harvest American citizens.

Recovery of assets, like I have done with our British Commonwealth money here, is better, and we are a Sovereign Constitutional Republic like we were in 1790. That money is trillions and helps the poor people much more with the solidity of our US Gold Standard, we need no communism.

I have suffered personally because of the communists who have stolen from me since 1998 when Stevenson met with Community Programs Morale Welfare that I published my magazine for.

They forced me out for their 2000 agenda to start the terrorism wars. The Department of Homeland Security was created after the seventh lowest year of terrorism in nine years, and at that point, they, the now known communists pressured me to stop publishing my magazine and forced me out.

They admittedly use the painful technology “technology Stevenson installed” in my brain and my mouth to hurt me for the last 18 -25 years to varying degrees.

Yesterday it was admitted, “Her income was too great to make this communism happen,” said redhead angrily about me, who substituted for Admiral center in 2000 meeting about my magazine. This shows malicious intention towards my income to impose an unconstitutional system on the United States of America and its citizens. The targeting of my business and personal employment income for the last 21 years is illegal, and they owe me the income differential.

Military Beat, A Constitutionalist Magazine owned previously by me.

Not only did I lose $350,000 or more with my magazine, I lost millions through my business negotiations that were tracked and known sabotaged by them including millions of dollars from Sionix container sized water treatment systems transactions. I also had to work full time to support fighting them on the terrorism side as they set up teams of Middle Eastern terrorists against American citizens and service members. They harmed me at work continuously sabotaging my sales using the targeting methods I endured, as Stevenson called them “child molestor implants.” I still became number one at any job I was interested in and enjoyed doing. I earn typically over $70,000 per year working 30 hours a week or less to support my fighting terrorism.

It is all the National Security Agency who attacked me, us on September 11th and wanted communism, now it’s over soon with them arrested.

“They can’t take it, they are the guilty parties at the National Security Agency” was said about NSA who conducted 9/11  a few days ago, and Dick Cheney stand the down order for Air Force jets not to scramble after the pilots Duff hired.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said Dick Cheney, inside the White House bunker, “apparently confirmed a stand-down order at about 9:25AM.”