Our Constitutional Republic Stands With Me as President Gold for Voters Until We Vote.

“She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” and that is true I have worked very hard for American citizens and our Navy.

“This country was supposed to be brought down,” admitted Supreme Court Justice, Sonya Sotomayor the other day.

Did 327 million American citizens agree to that? No. I am serving as President gold and money back until we have elected representative leadership.

“I did Vegas with the cocaine men,” admitted deposed Donald Trump a few days ago, and we must arrest those involved with it. The deposal as was said was conducted by a former Secret Service Agency Director who the Navy thought was going to act honestly, and acted covertly against them with individuals associated with September 11th, namely Sheldon Adelson, for the land grab here. It was wrong what Brian Stafford did. It was correct for the Navy to depose Trump to protect American citizens from the bankruptcy the entire 2016 “winning” team intended for against the American people. Adelson deserved no freebees for conducting September 11th covertly as he admitted. It was Stafford’s personal relationship with Adelson that stemmed from a failed male female relationship that started his personal relationship with Adelson, that nearly bankrupted America. I’m not going to break American citizens hearts and we keep our gold standard and our money back for 17 years of reparations from the damage done by Adelson and his team with Bush Carlyle. Stafford was not involved in the planning of September 11th, and was told about the incident by the programmers.

They engineered American citizens for failure that day, and worked with harmful off worlders to get to this point. This time, God willing, the large land grab is stopped with the confiscation of assets from yesterday. They threatened us, American citizens, pretty harshly yesterday, and we will win. I sent the case to both the New York Attorney General and also the California State Attorney General. Both sides of the aisle need prosecution for what they have done here attempting to bankrupt American citizens, premeditatedly, as is explained through facts and data. This PowerPoint includes the nuts and bolts of it and the land grab was admitted to yesterday when Adelson threatened with the confiscation of assets, asked the question, “We can’t keep the real estate then?” No. I will pursue this case until they are all arrested and detained. Stafford confessed to Adelson’s involvement in September 11th and that may be why these individuals became involved here through Stafford.

Brian Stafford said in May of 2018, the following, “He’s going to arrest me,” for having him make the confession over Syntel, regarding Adelson’s involvement September 11th. We need to bring the September 11th new suspects on trial here in the United States of America and it was clear “the programmers” told Stafford September 11th was going to happen. I did not know it would happen and it scared the crap out of me. I have protected America with all I have since then.

“I knew the event (9/11/01 terrorism incident conducted w/ Bush Carlyle and Mintakan technology, nuclear components in the columns exploded) because the programmers (Bill Gates and Paul Allen team) told me it was going to happen,” said Stafford on February 2, 2019. I did not know anything.

Sheldon Adelson needs to be arrested, and he said to Stafford on January 31, 2019,  “You told us you would guarantee us the right not to use flashlight’s (my) testimony.” I am testifying now and every day until I get them in jail.

How did we get here with them?

Bill Clinton said January 29,2019, “some deal the aliens made with her” Caused Hillary Clinton not to pursue the recount when she and Bill talked, as Jill Stein raised almost $7 million for her to win.

Then I found out on January 30, 2019, Hillary Clinton had what was called a “special secret national security clearance,” which coincides with Bill statement about aliens, the blue ones that were barely staying alive. I found out their bubble habitat will not work long term that Bill Gates had put in to use cashless against American citizens intentionally to reduce American liquidity.

After Hillary turned down the recount effort Jill Stein worked on for her to win election 2016, Clinton and Trump worked on bankrupting all Americans together with the Russian oligarchs. A Russian oligarch statement prior to election Nov 2016, “Tell me why I can’t make America go bankrupt,” said to Donald Trump who replied before being made President, “We already had that in store for them (American citizens).”

Later Hillary Clinton met with Trump teams and asked, “So how do we make this bankruptcy work?”

Why would “they” not let Sanders win?

I found out this morning, oligarchs had stalked Bernie Sanders when he was forced to concede to Clinton with the Superdelegates. Sanders said, “Even the Russian mafia is after me to resign to her,” when I remote viewed him during the Superdelegate situation, and they were likely following all candidates in election 2016 to insure their heist. If Sanders had won, there would have been no bankruptcy.

At that time in 2016, I was fastidiously fighting terrorism for American citizens through online combat efforts and working for the election recount, as well as identifying possible voting convictions.

I had identified controlled opposition left leaning terrorists in Syria, that caused me to be outed because Stafford’s files were stolen by a corrupt associate he had working for him at the time. My headset controller was located in those files. The headset was the covertly and against my will installed headset done started by Robert Stevenson of San Clemente, CA in conjunction with later Bill Gates that included the silvery substance they use(d) to take naked photos of me and send them to Congressional members and foreign adversaries.

This individual who stole the files was corrupt.

And later Trump likely purchased the data from him, when Trump and Rex Tillerson began working with Kim Jong-un and China against American citizens interests.

From there on I began working against the election theft of 2016 and started to work on saving my planet, which was heard primarily when I began revoking agreements to place my planet’s, Earth’s, negative or core in the perfectly put position, in the center where it belongs. More information is found here.

I did not know that there was a plan for harmful off worlders to harm all American citizens as it was admitted to this morning and uncovered by me in the process of my work. Intelligence teams know what they intended to do to us now.

As Hillary Clinton just disclosed this morning, “We were going to kill all American people” with the nonpartisan Nixon plan, that is broken now. In the interim, they had planned the bankruptcy of America to strip our assets from American citizens, and they lost that opportunity.

I am still President and want it given to the American voter. Gold and Money Back is ours for American citizens now with real voting convictions, so that Americans will have the opportunity to choose real candidates and real elected winners.

The “special secret national security clearance,” I found out Hillary Clinton had was related to the harmful extraterrestrials that wanted to kill all Americans which they all approved of, in addition to likely killing 7 billion people globally with Bill Gates. I learned of that “special secret national security clearance” from Bill Clinton remotely when I was in Washington DC.

The adjunct and the NSA are connected to the “special secret national security clearance,” as these harmful individuals who wanted to kill everyone and turn our planet over, as they said, to extraterrestrials who conduct intelligence work against all humans and American citizens especially. This morning it was found out that the experiments they were running on two children were not working to alter their genome sequencing for sexual abuse in the future, which is the way they control American men, when their male female relationships break down.

This ties in with the other information I had regarding the supercomputers no longer working to set up American citizens and others lives in the future.

Individuals having anal sex have previously tried to steal American assets, and hopefully those assets will be confiscated soon, with Sheldon Adelson arrested for September 11th and the land grab here in California they attempted to conduct against California residents.

Sanders is a clean candidate, and truly would have won 2016 naturally. Anal sex is not required to pick Sanders or me up as our President now, as it has been proven that this was what was used to pick up Trump as President on February 17, 2019, Trump asked the adjunct, which is an anal holeless extraterrestrial, “I cannot have sex with you one more time?” to be President that day. This behavior is identified here and is unnatural, likely programmed National Security Agency like computers written about in the previous article here, “Good News, Humans and American Citizens’ Planetary Jails are Broken.” as was found out this morning when the adjunct attempted to program two children to achieve this and failed permanently.

“We were really trying to program those two, now we lost them” said the adjunct about two children he could not program sexual manipulations into their cellular level. This type of behavior is changing now for the betterment of humanity and for historical purposes it is reported in this video, and remember this is changing now, when the psychological reasoning to what prompted the behavior is identified.

We save the whole world by professionally picking Sanders or me up as President now and letting him and other candidates have a real chance to win 2020 with the real election convictions being made before hand so they can gain real popularity without bots holding them back, crosscheck lists allowing for the purging of voters on both sides of the aisle and Diebold lists being made, all are and were part of the election theft package from 2016 and 2018, partially.