Constitutionalism Our guarantee and Getting Our Tax Money Back.

There was never a need for unlawful detention and we have a permanent moratorium on it with Elizabeth Warren and myself. Constitutionalism guaranteed.

But what gave some the right to negotiate our tax money with the fake agency charging for protection. They actually were embezzling money through the Justice Department saying, “We don’t want to put anyone in jail, so we will take $80 million from the Department of Justice.” Their jails contract was fraud. The signers of the contract for the jails were not the originators of the found contract. They just did it likely for embezzlement purposes. It was found out the contract was illegally executed by people who had no right to sign it, prostitutes and cocaine dealers. Deposed stole 2016 Trump signed it and he was not voted on by 74% of the people and the rest of them believe he is sworn to uphold our Constitution which all Presidents are.

Trump did that to avoid justice against his stock market crimes and other financial crime he has been running globally. Congressional members were in on the con against the voters not wanting to deliver our tax money, which needs to be returned. We need to identify all Congressional members collecting our money back. We vote post haste and should know before Super Tuesday so we can vote them out. Nancy Pelosi is running.