Criminal quest by criminals, laundering drug money and having sex while you file for unemployment…

Today’s headline, “Millions file for unemployment,” due to Corona caused by them.

“We’ll run our quest out of Miramar (Naval Air Station) or some place Stupid like that,” said a con artist, Gordon Duff, who said a big lie about me “She only wants to harm the small foot soldier,” for him to sell his unlicensed communist Chinese technology, and launder drug money with Russia against American citizens as well as coordinate a prostitution and cocaine cartel in conjunction with and against deposed stole 2016 Trump.  I found out they were also targeting him in his dream state compromising even him. The quest involved Paul Allen’s team who as Robert L Stevenson his partner admitted caused him to commit crimes. I only work for American foot soldiers interests, the opposite of what he said.

He also lied about Syria. Deposed stole 2016 hoped to corner Recep Erdogan initially which is what I did.

Stevenson said regarding Paul Allen’s quest then, and Allen team had been avoiding House and Senate Select Services and Judiciary members truthfully to file bankruptcies all around our country, “I really feel like I am getting torn up by this stupid quest of his. He wants me to commit crime like I never did before.” People need to stop any criminal quest and investigate all crimes associated with Allen team and any others. Stevenson could come forward. If Duff is associated with the Allen team, it is obvious that he likely is part of criminal activity also.

I have turned them in repeatedly and drug laundering should be stopped permanently. Deposed Trump has been turned in for the land grab, and these individuals are participating in that conducted with cocaine money. I hate drugs of all kinds. I should smoke pot and have a hard time with it.

Our gold standard and money back protect American standing and should be delivered to the millions of jobless. This administration is incapable of leadership, and we should get depositions filed against them and deliver to the millions.

I provided my testimony in earnest against the land grab that Donald Trump started in 1992 after they set up the down south cocaine cartel. He also stole election 2016 with Hillary Clinton stealing the Primary then.

How is American foreign policy going? Couldn’t we walk through that door? Constitutionalism guaranteed always. People expect it and I found out their quest was not for unlawful detention. They lied about it. It was scary. I love the American people and that is why I work hard for them every day as a proud American citizen.

Their quest was disgusting with dark spells and magic pretending they were God lovers to people in town. Stevenson’s partners admitted that’s how they got in over here to launder the drug money and conduct prostitution. They have been turned in to the FBI.

“That’s how we began,” here in Southern California said Adam Powell in regards to using Christian fundamentalism for profit, despite his secret society friends knowing about the Cosmos Law. I have examples of the spells they have left in my home and I have been trying to combat them working with God to cast magic against them. I am not into that so I sometimes screw up and God has a hard time working magic for me. I work with the planet I own outright physically to break stuff down. I would not break into someone’s home like they have and they have been reported as such. 

I am against their Rosicrucian Fellowship, so please do not put me as in with them. Please disband their listening here. I did turn Elizabeth in at Interpol and they know she is guilty of attempting to sell our core. This should stop the Oceanside Police from any sort of arraignments they admitted to attempt. She also has been reported for terrorism before regarding September 11th and also additional incidents she was involved with Likely with Tony Blair and the Saxe Families framing American service members for the incident they created. It is terrorism to take down two buildings in New York with nuclear components and kill 3,500 Americans. LAPD monitoring system tied to drug laundering for human eating space program as Branson team did not want us to travel to space. Hopefully they will rescind his rights there as he has used them to launder drug money for a Solyndra type project, destined to fail.  I work for us to travel to other galaxies separate from them. LAPD is welcome to tag along. I look forward to bringing thieves and human eaters down.

I want Miramar to stop the quest of the century and focus against financial crime. A new FBI Director must be hired. Christopher Wray background is included elsewhere.

Duff began killing children using the supercomputer, with the operator saying the following,

“I said accentuate the children’s age and accentuate the secret service agency lady of the future,” turning me into a corrupt person that I am not, getting their dead souls to believe a lie. My goal is to take their souls into God’s hands and use them for our benefit of the honest side. We needed to know why they were killing children and what they used them for. I am always honest to the best of my ability, to a fault sometimes.

That is how they recruit souls criminally exposing them to fraudulent imagery.

I sent this data out to individuals against Ritual abuse as it is no ritual abuse. It is computer abuse altering projections subconsciously that gets the kids to say they hate me, when if they knew me they would love me. They would want to be as daring and heroic as I am and save their country and even themselves every day until the others are stopped.