For depositions against Donald Trump who stole election 2016.

There were no rights to our planet we own outright needed  and individuals continued the same drug money laundering I testified against using a sophisticated group of machines, tape recorders and a camera I outed for the land grab, sited in the following testimony. In 1991, Donald Trump met with friends aboard a yacht and said to them then, “I think I figured out how we can scam America with the largest land grab in history.” This land grab is seperate from our negative install. Back then there was no connection to any cashless standard. They wanted to build real estate using cocaine money laundering and set out to develop the down south cocaine cartel for it. The challenge here happened when I installed our negative and Gordon Duff thought that he could use the headset he criminally installed because he broke into my home in Marysville, Washington and implanted parts in my brain. I found out this morning, he even purchased a camera for what was called a “Rosary quest,” which to me my story was about my testimony against the land grab. Depositions need to be filed against Donald Trump for the land grab and those should include the others participating.

The whole world knows we own our planet outright and Duff thought it would be fun to launder drug money for the land grab to consider everyone’s rights to our planet fraudulent.

Duff referred to the camera he put over my home as, “that camera we brought (against all humanity) to say we don’t own the planet.” What a lie he is. He was part of the down south cocaine cartel from the start with Ghislaine Maxwell and Les Wexner.  He installed the camera to develop the land grab properties that are now competing against existing homes on the market. His homes were bought with drug money. Your homes were bought with your hard work and income you earn legally just as I do. I only accept legal money here. Restraining orders cannot help them keep the planet. We should be proud to defeat Central ID and the boulder builder species as it was found out “From where we’ve been central id usually wins,” referring to other planets, and that is just before they harvest the whole planet.

He said, “Drug laundering can start when this camera gets hooked up.” I am against drug laundering and am to be considered an informant. From my understanding down south was started with the murder of Robert Maxwell and it was understood that this group likely used insurance money from his murder to start the cocaine cartel.

I am ready to testify against the land grab. We connected this case to los angeles and I wanted to connect it to those individuals who are sitting there competing for the rights of the planet we already own. Please stop the camera and allow me to testify. I already have special clearance for it. I wanted to record this part about the camera I alluded to in this story. No one would have expected how the camera was wrapped into the land grab, at least not me.

It is pictured here, connected to the telephony.

Alleged planet owners own no more planet than every other American or international.

“She finished her planet was found out,” about me after torture for the last two and a half years. Alleged planet owners did not need to launder drug money. I even became President and Schumer used Trump’s Presidency outed yesterday. At least we took down the spacejet. This is all alien craft designed to harm Americans and internationals from the boulder builder species that are already dead.

Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly.

About the war in Syria, we fought when we were winning. Trump actually then expected America to have an easy win which matched with what I was doing and the fighting strength we had gained through my participation. He was later set up by both Erdogan and Putin.

Why can’t we actually make the drug laundering arrests? I deserve to be paid my stipend and to have my depositions completed. You know where to find me and the camera makes me look lousy rather than who I am. Everyone is Constitutional. The criminals are communists.  I deserve just compensation from the time the camera went in as it likely coincides to when the first team arrived here. What is wrong with the depositions?

The biggest lie duff ever told was that it was espionage to fight terrorism, and he told it because he was so busy making arms trafficking and stolen oil deals which led to his large methamphetamine transactions. How much did he cost America?

My case is made and it is here. The testimony is known to the public and has been disclosed as such.

How much will it cost area homeowners? Stole 2016 is liable for every bit of housing equity and his camera is complicit in their loss. My testimony is not complicit in their loss.

Christopher Wray is complicit and no arrest warrant from him or anyone involved in this case on an adversarial position should be allowed.

I intend to be paid for my work and the harmful threats we are removing.