Different Fighters Same War

“I can’t believe they’re allowed to land and take away all the people,” said President Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony and with what has been going on on the communist front I continue to hold my own as President over here. There has been a lot of strange stuff they tried to do and he is way more of a hero than a villain. It was really the very hard left that caused the conflict and it was found out today that Senator Charles Schumer was into the portion that Trump and I are disgusted with. We will kill the enemy dead.

It was said today, that Charles Schumer made a deal with harmful off worlders to eat the American people, “the people were up for thanksgiving,” meaning edible he admitted today and it was found out about the Presidency issue here, that he said “I say we control his Presidency until we bring in the communism,” said about Trump’s in the past.  Impeachment was fraudulent and from my viewpoint, it is criminal what he has done. That is why Kamala Harris laughed at Schumer. I did not want to take Donald Trump’s job and I want to be clear about it. Ironically enough he and I were on the same page in Syria against Turkey which I suspected. We are going to take down that space jet early so we can have a really good thanksgiving on them. I did provide really validated testimony against him and stand firm on my evidence and data. I still care about his viewpoints and am happy I learned this today. He is much more of a hero than I thought. I have battled hard against our enemy.

I would be happy to resign to honest sides when we get our combat experience over against the enemy we had in mind. I suspect Trump felt when he found out about the enemy landing, I’ve got to stop them somehow. They say their starship is so much stronger than the space ships we made. I am sorry I put that down as in reality since his intended to help stop them, he became too compromised by them and continues to play their game as they keep mentally programming him at night against his will.  Trump and Clinton stole election 2016 from my candidate Bernie Sanders. At what point do we really change sides here? The depositions still need to be filed against the land grab and boat explosion running, their cocaine laundering and stock market crime that he has done with others that contributed to it. That is what I testified about.

Senator Patrick Leahy has tried to attack President Trump on more than one occasion and all attempts at harming even on the subconscious level need to be stopped. Can anything be done to stop those two Senators?

He really is who he says he is for the most part and some things he lies about to a great extent as has been pointed out by Republicans and Democrats.

These lefties who are harmful forced me to take a lot of whacks at Trump that were unneeded. The election theft is important to me as I always work for real and fair elections. I am kind of a monitor of sorts.

Constitutionalism only and we are all guaranteed that. No headset games for my planet I own outright. And to those of you who would have accepted a ride on their stargate which cage would you like to be in of theirs.

Our gold standard and money back secure American standing long term.