Exopolitics: Robed White Big Oblong Headed Aliens

This morning we finally had the connector quote and I am so angry with myself. If you ever go to sleep and wake up with the answer to a question, make sure to keep a notebook or your charged cell phone by your bed. This morning that was not the case. I received a verified quote from when the rather thin robed bald headed extraterrestrials, they look like robed white men with Brennan like heads yet more pointy, sent a representative who they knew would die here, to harm us through their negotiation process. This was thousands of years ago after we had experienced harmful sound vibrations on our planet before the extraterrestrials got here physically.

They created confusion on the planet I own outright before they arrived to harm us intentionally.

I woke up early today and had the quote. I was so tired from working, I said I can easily remember that quote. There is no way I could forget it, however I went back to sleep and only parts of it remain, so I will tell it as a story to the best of my ability and luckily I have gotten other quotes by looking into that time period.

We cannot have compassion for aliens who came here to set us up thousands of years ago. Back then we did not know what they did to stage what they did and that their intentions were to take over our planet. Before the aliens arrived, and only one was able to arrive and live three hours on our planet then, because when my core is installed correctly they cannot come here as they harm humans. They die almost immediately. Then, and even now, they used terrible sound vibrations forcing us from our regular housing and building structures to caves to protect ourselves.

We experienced what I called “corporate energy” before in an article I wrote for Veterans Today, and it ties in with the visit that set us all up.  When I wrote the article, I felt it as sound waves blasting our planet. I a small boy child then, who was our negative holder, said to someone, “We had horrible sub-surface vibrations.” I found out now it was caused as they were attempting to land here, and we had to move into caves as our normal building structures were under attack by sound waves being emitted from horrible spacecraft. The only place we could live was in this cave below ground almost. I remember it vividly, and described it here with my brothers. We have stopped the human meat processing facilities in this article.

“The white alien came to the cave where our family was hiding, and my brother met with the alien who made him an ‘offer he could not refuse.’ I suspect they stole my brother and I may have made a deal with them trying to get my brother back. That was the start of the cults on the planet including Goddess worship and Luciferianism.  He was Baal. All kinds of myth and legend came after that. My goal is for everything to be normal and natural here on the planet again.”

Our cave then had a fireplace made out of stone with small beds around it and was very rudimentary. There were six to nine of us sleeping there with me against the wall in my small bed to the left of the fireplace when the alien came to the door. I overheard only whispers of their conversation as my older brother went with the alien outside. I was not allowed to hear what they talked about though I was our negative holder then. I was very sensitive then as I am now, and knew later when they talked about moving my core I felt uncomfortable. “Why do I feel like I am being conned,” I felt and we were. The extraterrestrials then were very persuasive and used advanced psychology programming to manipulate our conversations for their benefit. With an enemy like that it has been very difficult for us, however since I re-installed our core in the correct position, where it was originally then, in August of 2017, we have been gaining ground against them.

When the extraterrestrial died, they tried to say we should feel sorry for him, however then I knew, “We were just lying. I know how he died that way,” I said knowing his death was correct on the planet I own outright.

My brothers then after the alien met with them, forced me to move our core off set so they could land here and be here with us. They cost us thousands of years of good life, however we learned as a galaxy what could happen to harm the perfect natural planet in God’s cosmos. God owns the Cosmos, however these ones setup a separate system away from God. I work for God only and God lives here now.

We have dealt with all kinds of extraterrestrials through our negative install, started around the date of this article here. We had the old now dead overlord, the man from Arcturus, who was kidnapped by the boulder builders when they were operating in the Arcturian star system and he was a small child, the son of the supercomputer operator as the last human like people were killed on their planet because their harvesting plan was completed. We have stopped them here and now in our galaxy.  There were the other stowaways with these extraterrestrials and the white team leader with the silver craft who died too. They had the Mintakans and also the green agenda ones which are now known to be zygote oriented. Those are like snakes, similar to what was in Tilk on Stargate and they were green. They zygotes were created by the old now dead overlord with the white ones. The white one with the silver vessel tried to kill me so I am glad he is dead. They misrepresented themselves as God on our planet, and their misrep is starting to end more quickly now. Some Congressional members are addicted to alien agenda, however that will soon hopefully separate from them. They and others have been separating from them and we had a taste of it, do not eat me, when Stafford who missed Kennedy was found to have encountered shapeshifters during the Kennedy administration.

On January 11, 2020, I remote viewed back to Stafford and his thoughts before attempting to kill Kennedy, where he missed. He was in his car and thought this, “We can’t be America anymore. They are using shape shifters to take our guns,” a confused Stafford about JFK because alien agenda communism was operating in background of JFK then. JFK confirmed it when I found out. I can talk to the dead at any point in time and space. The shape shifters are part of the alien agenda, creations that look human made by the white aliens connected to those thin robed ones who seem to run their mission. They are very concealed and use a lot of cloaking. The shape shifters are suits like spies that have less power now.

As our planet grows rounder through our install they have less power than the day before. It is a relief and we do not need them here at all. They use sound psychology programming and installed the package here with green agenda. What a contraption that is. Do we want all of the junk? Why? None of it is needed or benefits us. I hope it collapses. Behind it all are their real leaders, these I want to say 6 or 8 robed ones. They have created strange spiritual traditions for those they enslave and befriend, that explains the priest like robe. The alien who died, they knew he would only have three hours here on our planet physically because they were naturally selected off, good for us, however they later I suspect created a strange spiritual tradition of sacrifice to represent the one who died. These guys were advanced have no home people in space looking down at our planet to steal it and everything we own. They physically could not live here by God’s natural processes. When they made us move our own core to accommodate their lies they told us then, they created human challenges going inert now. In the background is the Romulan rat or is it. These robed ones seem more powerful and are not. It is a hodgepodge of  what needs to die here in hours and we are growing stronger against them. They created complex algorithms to enslave us and made humans buy into them.

Back then, these robed ones thought “poor boy,” about the one they sent here for the three hours to negotiate with my brother before he died, and the quote I had in the morning conveyed that they were out to ensnare us through sending him. When he died they used our compassion for his death against us likely and I learned that, without quote here intentionally. We humans did not recognize then how God protected us naturally from then on my planet I own outright and they helped misaligned my core to harm us over time. This morning after I learned this I went to the beach to connect to the ocean to make sure the message got transmitted to the ocean, the largest most fluid body of life. If I stand or sit, is better, on the ground I send the consciousness and knowledge of what I know into the ground specially as negative holder. The ocean is more powerful with its vast reach so I go there to give us an advantage. We are winning.

Here is what the robed one who sent down the young man who died before said then,”We can’t go no where so we’re sitting here waiting for the earth to turn to smuggle him down there,” so there was intentional harm they intended to inflict as boarders. They had nothing then, were criminals who came to steal from us, a sophisticated threat we knew nothing about. We were blindsided then by them. They now have killed thousands of our young and millions globally using complex tools and machines to even manipulate our deaths and use memory erased souls against us by torturing our dead souls. We are taking ownership of our souls now as God is on our planet and active combat is ongoing to recover them. We can and are. Good times ahead

Back then, Baal met with his friends then and said, “I know God will just talk to us and say we can’t kill the demon seed,” said about me when my brother was thinking about killing me. “Why don’t we just go along with it,” said his friend, now called Gabriel

“We have superior man strength,” the off worlder said when he met with Baal then. “You just don’t know about other star systems, we live until eternity,”  “not when God tells you to visit,” Gabriel added. “We always go to God,” he told Baal who added “Not when he tells me to go to the Cosmos with him and his friends,” referring to the extraterrestrial he chose over our planet’s people.  His friends from then die quick now in nature

Many years later Baal said, “So much disdain coming from that extraterrestrial. They always worked for us,” as they began to subjugate him and his friends who were controlled by them.

God said now, “When you were led away then, you were the only pariah that didn’t want to move the core,” and it was a great teaching tool for our star system to be stronger.

I want to tattoo it on our planet, “Never move the core,” and hope our galaxy learned and will instantly kill anyone who tries such a thing. We learn by experience and have this one in solidly now for over two years. Our core area is churning and as my planet expands their below ground jails dissipate. I would like to say as our planet expands they get crunched. Think about jails built below ground and as the planet expands their structure is forced to expand so they are forced to collapse but the gaps in there need to be filled so the magma must come up to that surface area and fill it in then we are round again.

It is like this time we have to make it our mission to keep ours perfect and take the one gold ship we have and mass produce it to travel to other planets to put the cores back in the center. That is the only way to correct for this harmful invasive species that invaded our galaxy and likely others. We can begin on Uranus I found out now and I updated this story on 1/29/2020. Good times ahead

These robed ones were the reason for “spiritual talk” that is not God. God is very simple and these are cunning. It is that annoying  new age groupie you know they try to emulate fakely

Sorry my writing about such things is tough to read. I try the best I can to get it correct and make complex histories easier to understand We are harder than they are.