Fake core used in drug running

“We installed the fake core,” and that was done to run drugs by the 16 men connected to my car with the directed energy weapons man claimed as the installer. He did not install our real negative. They have been working to extort huge money using my car. Bush admitted, “We lied and said the 16 men installed it,” regarding our real negative, and they claimed the DEW man was the installer. We need to stop them with the incoming administration. I am the only installer, and now we have a new owner of our planet, as my boyfriend Sean, and he is not involved in drug running. We keep our gold standard and our tax money for delivery. The Los Angeles drug raid is going on against those 16 men who made the fake claim against the negative install, and the directed energy weapons man said, “I thought we could not get caught here.” There is no overlord, and Gordon Duff of Maumee, Ohio was involved in the fake core, “No call was ever needed,” to him for our negative install, he arrainged for the fake core for them to run drug money with the van driver, and his home should be raided. I work for a good economy and no drug transactions. William Barr is resigning at DOJ, and they do have hopefully a covert replacement for Christopher Wray operating in the background to complete the Los Angeles drug raid.

I informed the Biden Transition team about Bush’s intention to continue to run the war on terrorism and charge us more in debt backed. We need to stop the debt they create with terrorism today, and as the alleged installer, the directed energy weapons man was the one who attempted to kill me in my car, to get paid for terrorism they created with duff, today could be a good day for them to stop charging America more for the work they do.

I am owed my 23 year service career, and duff’s response is “I am going to create my terrorism anyway, so trump can campaign here,” and we do not need his campaign here. I campaign for Biden and do not and did not create terrorism. They stole my check for my service career in the beginning, and continue to run drugs with my car and the fake core with the directed energy weapon man.

Mars is awaiting our hard work ahead. Uninstall was supposed to be happening by people who did not own my set.

According to their fraudulent contract, “The negative install did not happen,” yet I have documented my work and it was installed in August 2017. The fake core was designated on the contract and validated as used for drug running I am against. We need real money and the fake core can be seen as a tool used to facilitate already reported on criminal activity. I installed our real core and that should provide for me, my gold certificate and $50 million, the real owner of our planet and real negative installer. As the owner of our planet, I can work to get paid for our work.

My car is owned by me outright and cannot be designated in any real contract. What I need is a real lawsuit against Trump for laundering drug money in my home. Can I obtain a stipend for the Los Angeles bust today? “We have debit cards only,” known.

Schumer is on their contract to control the negatives of hers, and I would not be friends with Robert L Stevenson, as he has and he asked the suspect turned in, “don’t you protect us?” He was turned in at first for chopping a woman’s head off to the Carlsbad FBI. He laundered drug money for the devaluing I was against, tarnished my home, and reputation internationally filming me in the shower with those I compete against to include Putin and Xi in China. I saved us already from China many times. Gold only is global.

Boat explosion running created this differential and Schumer made it difficult, and Schumer is not my heir. Sean Spaulding is my heir.

Bush Presidency is designated as the planet owners, on their contract, and in reality, there was no owner of the planet other than me, and those 16 men were lied about, “I lied and said they installed the negatives,” in reality the Bush Presidency is the fake core owners. They are they 16 men who installed the fake core, as specified, “for drug running.”

With the Los Angeles bust, they can arraign the 16 men running drugs and remove the fake core, and that eliminates all fake presidencies.

The McConnell wing, are not right wing followers of mine, as they designated in another contract with Barr, who is resigning, they are individuals who will not deliver recovery money by check. We keep waiting for real recovery money and arraignments of the drug cartels. Can America borrow with those Republicans?

Why allow these 16 men to appear in public.

Adamus installed the fake core for confusion and that is how criminals work, they create confusion to extort funds. “Bring down the fake core,” said and they extorted today, “$600 billion was supposed to be extorted by Adamus,” according to Mike Pence with an $80 million cut for them.