Freeing Americans’ Belongings, Constitutionalism

We need more Democratic debates. I am very tired of being here with individuals who were involved in September 11th operating in space. We need no new weapons put in here with Richard Branson hardware. Americans are not guilty of September 11th and should find no fault in my writing a story about it. We need the truth to be published about September 11th and to find that our reception of our gold standard and money back should be taken in kind for the sentence we were given after others conducted September 11th. Americans were not to blame as was told in the back rooms because of the Queen of England who should finally be found at fault. She admitted it here that her and Gordon Duff were the ones who brought the buildings down, known as “Let Us begin to her.”

She said, “Let us begin (Gordon Duff also known by the stupid name of “fourth of july”) we did all of those buildings,” around September of 2019. She has no right to continue to attempt to harm the American people. The individual she spoke to deserves to be sued. Why would they call him Fourth of July as that name means great freedom and not what he has been working towards? I am against him wholeheartedly and agree to testify against him.

It was found out this morning that she tried to blame the Americans people for the nuclear components they put in the columns.

The American people were appalled with the incident. They were not involved in the incident and had no decision making in the incident, just as I did not.

She claimed, “Because the American people were involved and at least partially to blame they should be at fault.” Who put the nuclear components in the buildings and brought building 7 down? Rudy Giuliani’s team with Bush Carlyle.

This poster should be admitted as evidence and most Americans did not know how the towers were brought down. They could also be charged with espionage for working with the Russian oligarchs against American citizens interests as the oligarchs admitted these guilty parties helped them a lot.

The Pentagon was hit by a missile as was admitted to by the Donald Rumsfeld team who stole $2.3 Trillion dollars that day. We have evidence and data to prove that including video footage.

Machines and tape recorders should not record the evidence and data that we need for prosecutions and then threaten to arrest people in between making a case against those same machine operators.

They should be held liable for taking Americans’ freedom away for the last 18 years.

Our founders guaranteed Constitutionalism and it is upheld throughout our country.

We should not feel bad to hold onto our gold standard and deliver our money back as reparations for the damage caused by blaming the American people for September 11th that these individuals conducted. Constitutionalist

American people have a right to their recovery monies.

How do we get back on target with our space program for the American people to enjoy.

It would be interesting if we were to take that space jet down, because we would get to see what those involved in looting other planets have aboard it. It would be like a swap meet from other planets.

I have nothing to do with drug smuggling and have made a case against it with the land grab Donald Trump who stole election 2016 is deposed for. I have tried to expose his cartel before the election so that it can be discontinued from operating cocaine money laundering. We earn our income in this country earnestly.

The election convictions from 2016 are crosscheck, microtargeting, and Diebold machines to include Russian oligarchs penetrating those machines and hardware through hacking. I have turned those convictions in and though there are felonies operating in the background I continue to work for real to protect everyone as much as I can afford to. Robert Mueller has to resign his listening features. Why would we belong locked up if they did it? We need to expose the truth  as quickly as possible to give the American people their rights back. No one should be blamed for a crime they did not commit. I have worked long and hard at this since the event happened.

I do not like being woken up at the crack of dawn. Why leave duff in this airspace? It is disingenuous for him to say they American public belongs arrested because “we did the World Trade Center,” referring to him and his team. Blame needs to be assigned to the guilty and all others should go free.

My home is mine and I continue to pay my own way until convictions are made appropriately. I deserve reparations of some sort for this type of treatment here.

Do not allow the Christopher Wray driveway at my home to adjudicate for more housing I testified against.  Why can’t they pay for their crimes?

They conducted September 11th later to start wars in the Middle East and pilots were hired of the planes to target those specific countries to start terrorism in for more war funding. Do not pay for their innocence until guilty to continue.

There should be no terrorism  charges for participation that was along the lines of what Donald Trump was thinking then. Our war in Syria was to move the Turkish terrorists, Al Sham out. and we were successful along those lines.  Trump wanted to get Recep Erdogan into a corner like we had at the beginning of his Presidency, pre-deposal. This is where we should be even now.