Genetic Sequencing Eliminated for Paypoints by Americans

Covert individuals had created a genetic numeric sequence for every human on our planet that has been eliminated as of now, and in our future there will be no sequencing, only natural identities, that are normal.

“We lost the identity codes,” was said by the harmful off worlders my enemy has been working with yesterday.

Their payponts will not work as John Brennan told Les Wexner, they will not work, “with their (our) identities returned to normal,” as Wexner’s friend over that of American citizens, who I work for as well as international constitutionalists. Gold and money back is for American citizens now.

When will Bush go on trial with the guilty in September 11 for what they have tried to do to American citizens and globally. These paypoints and the hand stamping they tried to do in the future, now eliminated, should be a big deal that we were able to free the world. We will restore Constitutionalism globally. More about this story is found here. I am not guilty of any criminal activities. I was hired to bring down Bush, and I did a little extra work installing my own negative.

It will be nice to finally see freedom restored here in America and internationally, as I have been working towards.

Victoria Nuland, who admittedly hired the snipers to kill the Maidan college students will no longer have power of us here of internationally, as she said, “All of us were waiting for cashless to start, so that we could control these little dumb beings here,” including internationals. There will be no thought control from here on out.

Nuland admitted to hiring the far right snipers, when she said “I hired the far right,” to kill the Maiden college students in Ukraine months or maybe even a year ago when I interrogated her.

Back then in Ukraine, Joseph Biden’s son was forced to participate against his wishes, as he admitted “My son was badgered into supporting that oil and gas.” I wish we could restore sanity to American foreign policy without hired killers and cocaine planters. Nuland wanted to plant drugs in my home before, and admitted, thanks to the FBI,  “I can’t put rocks (cocaine) in her (my) house.” intent to distribute controlled substances here by breaking and entering.

I want to testify against them, and I can.

Only our American flag deserves to stay here with lots of blue, not red for communistic ones.

We have a right to take down the criminal networks that tried to criminally harm the world.

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