Goodwill starting with incoming administrations

For 20 years American foreign policy has been compromised not to allow Democrats to win. We have been at war since the 2000 election was stolen from Al Gore, and that was likely pre-planned weakening Bill Clinton towards the end of his term with the Whitewater scandal.

As a young publisher of a military publication then, I felt a shift start early in 2000, that was the some were forcing America down the wrong track. During the years of Bill Clinton, our government was flush with spending, and happy, and then when they declared George W Bush the winner, a huge shift happened, though he allegedly wanted to deliver pay increases for our service members. In the background his father’s defeat in Iraq loomed over his head likely, as they were honestly removed for arms trafficking in 1991, and that is how we won Iraq and service members were sent home then. Likely this same group was recently involved operating against our country in the background through Russian fronts and arms trafficking as well as defense spending that is sky high when this story is written.

We continue to examine those who accepted bribery during the outgoing administration to include Mike Flynn and others I uncovered even at Veterans Today. We actually know they created setup after setup and orchestrated incidents globally to create conflict for profit, and this is what we do not want in the incoming administration. Bribed and bought they all are, while we keep working to insure American standing.

It was found out early on Rudy Giuliani wanted to harm China, and asked Xi Jinping to do his bidding regarding the nuclear components to be disposed of after September 11th and that started Jinping’s company, and back then Xi was more of a trader, “You mean I can really make a mint here,” he said then.

I had worked on good diplomacy and standing as a publisher and business owner wanting to help American business succeed globally to include in China and Japan while Russia loomed in the background seeking to harm us. Bush did not know how to run honest business and diplomacy. We can have that now through sovereignty we achieved in the outgoing administration if kept.

It Gore had won back then the work that we had done in China and Korea would have continued to evolve America into a prosperous country rather than adversarial as was already operating in the background with the intention of aristocrats. Today in China and Russia, Joe Biden has the opportunity to create a prosperous positive relationship with both countries. We protected the Hong Kong exchange and worked very hard to create good will among all nations in the background to include preventing threats detailed in my evidence files that are dangerous to look at, and it was found to be the same Bush ones setup nation after nation against us.

Why did WTO riots happen in 2000, “We set those up back then because of positions I never accepted in China,” Bush admitted and those were beneficial relationships designed to create good will and honest business dealings between all nations globally. When you think back to 20 years of engineered conflict and look at the national debt, the two are intertwined. Do we want Bush involved in the incoming administration? In reality a small group who was kicked out of Iraq for arms trafficking in 1991 that became outed in the administration they intended to use for profiteering against even the highest income earners.

When he returned from Iraq, Duff said, “I guess we can’t be in Iraq any more and I don’t know what I want to watch,” to his wife then, and later sold arms he picked up in Iraq to Brian Stafford previously mentioned in other posts, “I can only give you $10 bucks a barrel, these come from a casualty zone,” he said then. They became heavy arms traders and later traffickers involved in the narcotics trade. In 1993, Duff admitted, “I just got started in drug trafficking,” with the down south. The drug trafficking became so severe under Trump Administration officials it had to be compensated against. We did that in honor

It was said yesterday by Richard Cheney, “We hoped to bankrupt even the $500,000 income bracket,” and we are stopping them with the gazillions we deposited to prevent hand stamping. Where is the intrinsic value, it is in business relationships of our future? It is in the transition team. Tribunal Bush-Cheney February 2021

I have been shorted financially from the very beginning when individuals I have written about were paid $643,000 of my expected government contract as an honest publisher in 2001. They went on to murder individuals and have been turned in repeatedly. I was shorted by those individuals during every sale I had for 20 years in vacation ownership because of listening equipment and every business deal was compromised to include multi-million dollar transactions I worked on for years. I only work honestly. Why when individuals are known by face can they not be arraigned for crimes they committed?

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