Headset and to be here, you have to be more than a petri dish

What was found out yesterday was very disconcerting. There were individuals using my internally implanted headset to communicate with already dead extraterrestrials that are just brain cells in Patrick Leahy’s laboratory in Missouri I suspect. Please let them go home to God’s planet. I own our planet outright.

The aliens could be rejoined with their higher selves there and many of them are disjointed here.

There are three harmful ones I do not wish to communicate with and they are connected to the communication device of search engines. I do not want to stay connected to them. I found out yesterday when I was in the water it is also privately connected and had a huge gyrating feeling and it seemed to be dislodging. It needs to get removed by physically eliminating what I picked up are transponders in the Los Angeles area. Please help me to relieve myself of duty from them.

It is the search engines connected to the alien agenda in the laboratory.

I am anxious to get back to work and the settlements won’t work here. I used to earn a decent income and very self supporting. I always like the opportunity to earn more and have high goals. My part time job was a high middle class income job I used to learn all about American foreign policy for America to win. I want nothing to do with Leahy’s side.

I want to be free to be out meeting good people and talking about positive outcomes.

Why is the Nixon aka Paul Allen Congress allowed to even “hold the planet” when it has been identified they were afraid of the space race that co opted them later on. What would get them to let go a little bit?