Ann Diener, PEACE STRATEGIST & News. I serve American citizens.

Healing. Our Path to Redevelopment

It is amazing when you uncover complete stories, and you are dealing with men who are too stuck in their old ways to realize how wrong they are.

We have done an amazing job at restoring our planetary Negative and the planet is improving every day. We are stuck with the old thinking and old ways of doing business. That is currently being revoked. The benefits for the future is that we get to feel good about what we as Americans do in the World. Our contribution is vitally important to Freedom of ALL people.

That is the cornerstone of our Sovereign Republic, with our Constitution at our side. We have to be proud of that document. We are still working on participating honestly in the World. We are still struggling because of what I have been fighting for almost 20 years to keep you, the American public and planetary citizens, safe and free under the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution.

We can win. The key is the budget. We found $14.2 trillion dollars today, and it is pretty exciting because that is our Space Budget and Redevelopment funding.

Thinking about what we can build. We can heal ourselves from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  PTSD with our development funds, accomplishing Quality of Life goals and objectives.

So how do we get from here to there. Keep Convictions.

We need to discuss housing. The benefits of redevelopment is that it also provides Transition Assistance, as part of the Transition Assistance Program.

Imagine how many people we could help.

means for america to retain national standing. Turkey. innocent. means to make turkey. means to support.

means for america to retain super power status. Redevelopment. john bolton. purpose. below people. death. other individuals involved. need for end times. “none”  means to remain a super power.

American standing base on innovation and development.  Now we can look at building materials, power and water treatment.

American. means to work with china profitably and peacefully. means retain super power status. English.

means to keep peace with chine. means to work effectively with police and sheriffs.

“Equal pay for service.”  means to create american standing. Keep Conviction. settlement. Divine Light. means, job. innocent. guilty, PLANET

china. Russia. planet thieves. China. purpose. means. peace. meas for america ti retain status. Barack Obama success. PLANET ann’s class.

means and mechanism to american success.


insure americanism.

means for america to remain financially stable.


Sun Technology Stopped.

The master builder machine was a giant plug that will never again destroy the sun. It was stopped around the time this page was published here. January 27, 2018.
It augments its telepathic speaking voice to feminine. The sun’s natural telepathic speaking voice is masculine.
It was used for soul erasure, now stopped.

Soul Erasure vs Our Pledge to the USA

Republished from August 1, 2017.

Are aliens blocking us from honoring our pledge?

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

No please be seated needs to be added, like they say in elementary school.

We are not in elementary school..

I suspect there is some soul erasure going on.

Can Norfolk come with Annapolis today? I hope not.

Testing fate.

Why is there no election investigation? I guess everyone wants to blame the Russians.

There should be an election investigation that includes Cross Check and Greg Palast.

“Let’s go vote!” for real this time, where every vote counts and honor our pledge


My Quest with God

When I connected to God in my car back in 1994, after I was told about the key, I always followed my heart. My quest has been about the real United States of America and that’s all that it’s about, in addition to understanding myself and saving the planet. I learned about being the Negative Holder and I am glad I did the revoking agreements because it gave me the authority to place the Negative perfectly.

On Valentine’s Day, I really have no interest in men. It has been painful because of these blow job men and their stupidity. People have hurt me and tortured me through poisoning, cointel pro and targeting fluid, Nasty aliens, yucky stuff I would never want a daughter of mine to go through. No one would do this to anyone or allow it to be done. It pure complicity to torture and abuse someone. At least I found out what men are about.

Give all these men cointel pro for a day and see how they like it. Then add some targetting fluid make their lips hurt. Bug their computer steal all their files. I guess that’s what men do is steal because they can’t earn anything on their own.

Men suck. Women just work hard. And get no credit, especially when they are God or Jesus. They don’t even get their Gold that is theirs, or is it stolen by Netanyahu, who gets applause for stealing gold, land, everything from everyone. People know I “Jesus” the “Prophet” “Divine “Conscious Mind Channel” How many names does a person have to be called to get credit for helping America and initially asking for nothing in return for their quest because mine was not about money. And that’s why Paul Allen hates me.

I found out about his master builder taking over the bases because I made people aware of his quest for quest for communo-fascism and to steal the planet. So how many more days is it going to be before I get payment and applause? People know where I am.

“Leave no man behind.” How many people have I saved? When do I get credit? This no blow job woman.

Every day I have worked hard in this office. Many days for 15 hours in addition to working full time. I save this country. I improve foreign relations through the articles I write. I have saved thousands of lives through fighting some of the worst terrorists using intelligence means and online searches, breaking them and scenarios down as well using people finder services, twitter, publicly available searches, online news, even translations of publications from foreign countries. I do anything to locate a terrorist and take them out. I also hate coups and people who steal from the poor in any country. “NOT IN MY NAME.”

MUELLER INVESTIGATION. people we put in power. illegal arms trafficking. honduras. council on foreign relations. kissinger. nixon.
Mueller Investigation. American Ideals of Justice.

Happy Valentines Day! CIA. no martial law. freedom exists for the public. john arpaio. no war.  scherff junior. chenney. complete the september eleventh investigation. nixon vans. trump administration. why God is here.

“Why can’t they arraign us…” Good question.

Peaceful Election 2018.

CIA can investigate foreign crime against Americans.

NAVY can take care of Master Builder.

“We’ve got a deal from down there, so they can share.” We need to make sure the deal is fair.

Is the sun technology destroyed? I get Yes, but I want to see footage as proof. And the American public needs to be told.

Those stone builders had a plan in conjunction with the rosicruicians.

“I get indemnity policy for Israeli citizens.” What does that mean? We have American citizens, not a “few bad apples that spoil the bunch.”

“You stick with alien agenda.” Nope, I want my own notoriety.

Humans have a right to their planet. And I hold the Negatives for this star system. NEGATIVES HOLDERS. New Election for the United States of America. Ballots ready, no redlining. just get the Presidential Election for 2018 done. How big a case do we have to make for September 11, 2001 and those who were guilty then and now. The financial collapse called “the biggest land grab in history.” Are we going to allow this to happen to the American public.

I am ready to straighten this out peacefully. Will anyone call me who is human and give me the respect that I deserve? I’d think that people would be pretty excited to know the truth.

They keep dragging this out. Do they want humans to win? Yes.

When you are ready to talk, please call me and make an appointment at (760) 672-2028. Please be professional.


What does it take to have a Vacation Planet?

To me it seemed like over the Summer, we were very close to creating this beautiful ideal world.

Even John Brennan was involved positively. Back then the focus was more on healing the world, rather than communism. I remember him being around then energetically. I’m not sure why we can’t go back to working on the Sun making the world perfect. I am so tired of us wanting things that are dark.

I actually see a beautiful vacation planet of the future without those dirt movers. It is a Natural world. I am not sure how we get there. Then, now, I saw clapper and the red actor. Maybe that’s how we get to the Vacation Planet is by avoiding those two.

NAVY. clapper. redactor. Brennan. Stafford. clinton. VACATION PLANET. GOD
NAVY. kissinger. nasa. GREATNESS. Merkabah. Gold Energy. Annunaki. Trump. “he is not going to release us.”
Stafford. OCEANSIDE. GOLD STANDARD. Treasury Direct. Navy. pointed head man.

MUELLER INVESTIGATION. Investigation. clapper. redactor. nuland. Russia.

Personal: I hate “Original Sin”

It is not fair for Goddess to suffer for fraudulent agreements at the Galactic Core level, to be attracted to married men.

I have dated single men and none of them have worked out, or felt love or been lovable.

It is not fair to be pre-judged for experience.

“That is her right opinion.” (Pre-judgement). Well then obviously that is your perception. Some people enjoy sex and choose love later on.

LOVE is important. Love is not dependent on a sexual relationship. It is protective and that is the dangerous thing to her. Is she really protective of you, or would she like to harm you? So what does experience have to do with anything sexual? On a friendship basis, who would protect you? See, it’s not about sex or having lots of sex with many people. When you have had sex with lots of people and choose love overall, that is important. That is why I have been celibate for almost ten years. I choose love. It is weird even to type this, but the Navy knows about that from my birthday with an ex-boyfriend, when they were the only ones holding my hand on the beach as I was crying because he chose not to spend my birthday with me.

I don’t like to be called names like stupid or men I date or am interested in making me feel lower for their benefit. Why do they do this? Is it because it raises them in value? No matter what with male friends, I protect them. That is scary to men. If someone threatens you, I will fight them with all my heart. I guess that why I love the Pentagon and our military personnel. That is all I live for and the American public, of course. I support them and defend them with everything I have got. I can’t even hold American hostages anymore in my heart, because GOD took that ability away from me currently. I have proof it works, what I do and it is sad proof because an American died while I was harrassed and told to let the American go while diving my car on I-5 South approaching Del Mar. I was forced to let a hostage I was holding go because of two CIA guys and when I got to work, about an hour later, a friend stopped by my booth and told me the guy died.

I feel sad still that it happened. I would never have let him go, but I was being harassed and forced to let the American hostage go. It was terrible for me, but it gave me proof that what I do really works. Everyone looks for justification of themselves (confirmation).  Who holds hostages in their heart? I do/did, now I can’t. I still care.

Past lives are important.

If we settle, we still need elections to count completely.

Sovereignty and original goals count without Sater and corruption.

Alien Agenda Magazine coming soon. . .

We need an up to date status report for Off-worlders to look at on a monthly basis. We also need our new Golden Space Program.

And we need to fix up PLANET earth.

Unguided missions are sometimes better than guided.

It’s like we are competing for Sovereignty, LIFE, LIBERTY and Happiness.

Remember, Life Is Better Everywhere Recreation Takes You.  (LIBERTY).



Masonic Quest.

Basheert story continued… Sabotaged for Defending YOU!

I have always worked full time in my life. I have never had a personal life. The concept of even dating someone serious has been, so foreign to me because I am always worried about is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Since September 11, 2001, I have felt like I have had to defend this country with ALL I have. I have worked 15 hours a day at times to do this. Every day. When people are out having fun, I defend this country. I work full-time in timeshare to earn a good income, and every other moment I have has been spent defending this country, however I could do it. You can’t ever take the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA away from me. No matter what. I knew back then when September 11th happened it was part of a fascist plan against the American public. Back then I walked in to get “food stamps” and I saw the plane crash into the building. I couldn’t even believe it. How did it happen? What were their goals and objectives? I have been under remote interrogation for 17 years, since then. Who is going to take them to court and with what evidence?

I needed an outlet so I wrote for Veterans Today, I always do foreign policy to save US. I always watch Democracy Now! a person’s habits are so important to their personal lives.

I always start my day with Democracy Now!

I have to get back to work. I need to keep defending this country. War was supposed to be over this summer. I still have to fight the Trump Administration with more war ongoing. We do not need war. I guess I will just focus on the Taliban today.

I have a right to have a blog. I am going to include something personal

What is my BASHEERT doing today? It’s really not Gordon, how do we fit into each other’s personal life. Do we? That’s what I woke up this morning with.

It is really you. What does it mean exactly? Am I wrong to be in love with you? You’re on the side of “montana.” And its’weird, I picked up this white supremacy stuff. That part was old, before remote interrogation. I think I fell in love with you. And I don’t know where you stand on elections? “keep those elections.” What do you think about the election, that it was fair? I get this metallic taste in my mouth now.  (I know you got this too, also remember there is Syntel running over here. Some people can corner you.) That is called targeting serum. Very painful stuff. See this targeting serum comes from a white alien race. Stafford did not believe in aliens before, I bet he believes in aliens now. Whether we are talking about then, in 2001 when he entered my home “illegally.” He was tasked to do it by scherff junior while scherff iii was in power for the criminal cabal, US corporate government. I want this case public. I belong in DC. Remember a timeline is a timeline. Before you entered my home and saw that strange painting on the wall, you did not know I had been dating an alien hybrid and all about the stuff on the bases in Navy Region Northwest. There was a white supremacist that took over Naval Station Everett.  Back then, I was concerned about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA being surrounded by Russia and China. I was also publishing my magazine. I started researching Russia and China back in 1997 and I wanted to make sure that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA won, no matter what.

Am I trying to cheat the American government by trying to get paid?

I have two parents who I cared for while defending this country. At times, I was even willing to sacrifice their lives, as have already almost been killed several times by the “one world order” individuals. When my Dad had his aneurism rupture, individuals who looked like the Bush body double from 2001, showed up at the hospital. Back in 2014, my water business was going really well and I was starting to make a profit. I was actually going to be successful, I was sabotaged again and that was when I first wrote Gordon Duff an email. It happened right around Halloween time. My Dad’s eye went black and then in the morning, on November 1, 2014, he could no longer stand, walk and he lost his awareness. I have always hated Halloween since then. (This is documented through his medical records.)

Who was involved with that? It seems strange to even be around anyone who was involved with that. Why would people try to kill my parents? I always got Gordon was involved with this. I blamed him. I contacted him back in 2014 after he wrote an article about saving this country. And then these Bush administration officials showed up at the hospital when my dad had a “stroke”. He was misdiagnosed and I later found out it was an aneurysm, in the shape of a sausage.

Was he involved with my dad’s stroke or aneurysm? Who has Bush body doubles show up at Tri-City Hospital? This is not a personal vendetta, with the Trump Administration, well maybe it is. Was he involved in September 11, 2001?

Don’t people understand how hard I have worked since then for FREE. On weekends when you, even those folks in the NAVY are out there on deployment, who has been at home defending you? I have, that’s why they stripped my computer, yet again.

Anyone who knows what is called the “Bush Administration” or nixon. has a right to say that they are cocaine users. They are set up individuals who are part of a criminal cabal and see everyone knows this. As anyone in intelligence, if these individuals named above are part of a criminal cabal? Most people would say yes. “I would say yes, too.” So then why let them win today? Are they winning, when Trump is in power?”

Who knows. See this is our problem. We need to know who is in power. I then got a DVD guy behind the scenes.

I thought it was Gordon for a while. He almost caused nuclear war, several times to happen. Stafford knows this for sure.

How many times have we almost died. Me and Stafford. “I pick me.” he has the white supremacist back. With the “I pick me” statement.

Which personality is he?

Republicans? Stafford. democrats. communists. NAS MIRARMAR. master builder. Stafford. communist agenda. white supremacists. alien agenda. march 2001. dimensional cartographer. marcus. 2017 california fires.  van drivers. “stealing the planet.” Draconian war”.

“now they really know we set that fire,” marcus, an alien from off-world. Stafford did not know about these guys. I have a feeling and this may be a wild and crazy feeling that these white supremacist guys, did not really know about aliens. The members of the Bush cartel. We have proof now.

I did not really believe in aliens before. Some aliens do bad stuff, so I always send Stafford on missions, since the deodorant.

I actually got Stafford to confess this morning that the Bush Administration is a criminal cabal. He needs to confess that in public. “He’s going to arrest me.” for having him make the confession over Syntel. He said I would put that, no now he’s trying to take it back. He knows what they are. All I have to do is call Mueller this morning and have him ask other intelligence professionals if they think the Bush administration is a criminal cabal? Yes.


Do they want to keep Trump as a front man? He’s not really running the country. Who is running the country? What does Navy want me to do with my day? Are we going to have the Gold Standard? Are the aliens going to be exposed? Do I get paid? I hope so for everyone’s sake, I hope we get Treasury Direct. Is this ever going to be brought up in Congress? Or are they going cashless, communistic. Stafford and I are against communism “Senchen for no one” despite the Nixons and cartel.

Remember “war on terror.”  Your new words for today are, “We deserve free and fair elections.” Remember the Church you were in with your rosary beads? Tell that to the Republicans today.

What’s wrong with free and fair elections, aren’t those republican values? see the difference is the cabal behind it. When I wrote republican in lower case, I got an image of George Herbert Walker Bush. Why is he the only Republican that counts? Don’t the people count, even Republicans. What are we today? We are definitely anti-cabal. America should be anti-dvd. NAVY. dvd.

World Leadership GODDESS works at Point Blank range. We are taking out the dvd today.

See good things are happening over here.

NAVY. USMC. taliban. GOD

Off to earn an income, while the Mueller Investigation goes on.

Please continue with the communists and the aliens.

NAVY. communists.  communist aliens. GOD

GOD needs to go earn an income now.

It’s like having gremlins around my house, don’t hack my computer while I am gone. I want my hard drive back in its entirety. I am a trustworthy American Citizen who works for FREE for this government. And I do need to be paid and not from the billionaires. NAVY knows I hate Paul Allen, Bill Gates and assorted others who I consider criminal. And possibly communistic.

Why would I accept their money from them?

Can we advance out planet please, beyond “detention centers” for American citizens to elections? Free and fair ones. I thought that was happening a long time ago. See the “never mind” part is really disconcerting.

I thought the Trump administration had been found out about. There was more to the story then, who always said, “more to the story.” What are they doing behind the scenes in the halls of power? Are they going to move the Country forward? I got Gordon when I typed country in lower case.

It is so creepy to me. Like the painting Stafford  saw in my room in 2001. Stafford. green alien. communist aliens. coronado. white alien. mormons. georgia guide stones plan. master builder sun technology. China. Stafford. so you get it, this is much larger than we expected. white alien clone. paul allen. Yes YOU can stay here. And I am not a low life. People who know things deserve credit, without the scherff family being involved. He just crossed over again into my office. I hate them.

China deserves to know about that Sun technology and this is all new stuff. No one in their right mind, ever thought the Sun could be destroyed using a giant machine. Stafford knows and he needs to tell the UN.  Did he? I get no. This is a serious piece of equipment that the Navy needed, needs to destroy. This is more serious than scherffs, (we already outed them), communists (we outed them to with the exception of master builder, the machine and the people in the center of the earth as well as that dvd member.) “I am with him.” Either you are with the Earth or him.

Are you with the Earth? We need American Leadership. Real American Leadership. Is this communist indoctronation? See then I get scherff junior again. That’s where elections come in and our opportunity to evolve. Do we have that this morning?

I thought we evolved beyond the war on terror and they were going to prosecute them. “Good thing, I have been sleeping with the communists.” I wouldn’t sleep with the communists, unless I was or am forced to and have their targeting serum injected in my beverages and be “barbecued.”  America is non-communist. Well off to work in timeshare. I hope the dollar does not become an item regulated by the SDR basket. “In God We Trust,” now you know who wanted to remove God from the dollar.

I hold your dollar right here in my passport and it is not for sale, neither am I.

I will pay to save this country independently if I have to. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And my research counts, even when it has been wiped off my computer, go Tulsi! My favorite politician and hopefully the future head of the Democratic Party. No matter what I would protect Tulsi. I would take a bullet for her. I will go to work at Wyndham and hopefully have a nice marketing day.

At some point, I think the aliens will land and say, I think that is a nice person who wants to evolve the planet. She is the Negative Holder, so I am going to ask, how can we help you today? I get a droid with that one, yuck. Finding your Basheert is a really hard thing to do. Please tell the Secret Society that, especially those who are involved in this quest. I wanted humans to win and I wanted a real man. I like the older self, the guy that popped in right now. Off to work.


In the beginning of this quest, every time Gordon was negotiating with “Urantia” we lost the planet. It became this barren brown world because Gordon was in opposition to the planet. PLANET. gordon planet. BASHEERT.

See why I don’t like him anymore? He negotiated against the planet. When Stafford met the afro-American in the vision he projected or I saw, did he ever think we could loose the Planet? “not in that way” I definitely don’t think he had the same idea in mind. So consider me protecting my PLANET. Then I get Brennan. I hate Brennan too, but he wants to protect the planet. Then I get the hapsburg queen and that’s who gordon was working with in conjunction with the dvd member, to steal the planet. Danish man. Stafford. danish man. PLANET. BASHEERT.

The right left paradigm makes this scary. We just have to focus on corruption and our personal lives are separate. I gave this Basheert thing a try. I always worry about involving innocent people in my life because they could get killed, so until that portion of my life ends, it is not safe to date a normal person who is not accustomed to hit men. Stafford do you want to go to Chart House for dinner sometime?

The stuff I have worked on is Generations Ahead. Delegacy.

And it has nothing to do with the Fellowship. I have been working to understand the Galactic Federation for long time.Independently and we have to stay on the planet and fix it up.

It was all shite aliens that wanted detention centers with droid hive minds.

OPINION: What Treasury Direct means to the American Public

As we sit here waiting for the next crash, communists are chomping at our ankles to ring in a cashless economy, where Americans will be forced to own $17 trillion in foreign debt, one has to wonder why congress is so slow to act on the Mueller Investigation that could wipe out the corrupt government politicians who should not even be in their positions right now.

The threat comes directly from the British Royal Crown that has wanted to take America down all along. Similar to what they did in China during the Opium Wars, we are all plagued with an enemy of  bankers that have sought to destroy freedom. As I have said over and over again, this is connected to a global and planetary conspiracy. Will anyone be responsible enough to face it? Or are we going to just sit here. I was personally almost bankrupted again by them.

There are much greater fears ahead from off-worlders and had I not done the work I have done, we would be in a much worse planetary situation. Off-worlders exist, whether we want to believe it or not, and or whether we wish to work with them.  My focus is to work together with them on an even playing field. We need to stand up to them and stand side by side with our own sovereignty.

Can America be Sovereign? Are we depending on members of congress to stand up for us with a global economy that is seeking to eliminate the American public from participating evenly on the world stage. Where is our Treasury Direct today? Where is our Gold Standard, the gold that was stolen and brought back?

“I had it brought back,” said John Brennan. Well then where is it? I can here a foghorn in the background as we sit here and wait. Are we going to let ourselves be destroyed? Let America be destroyed, for whom, Bernie Sanders comes to mind then. Then the former Queen, the hapsburg queen. Whether you call me God or not, doesn’t matter to me. I am the NEGATIVE HOLDER and no one is stealing our planet today. Even the “skinny arm guy” who is sitting here inside of me typing with me internally is not stealing our planet.  (people and beings meld with one another) some are scary.

I connected aliens to God, to clear out unfriendly enemies for weeks and months. I worked very hard to bring our planet and Galaxy to the highest level. The former overlord of our planet was deposed.  He was all about stealing the raw materials of our planet and basically about creating a waste land. Oil is unnecessary in the future. We have hydrogen.

We have hundreds of alternative power opportunities. Many more advanced than the above video, which is actually antiquated when considering even what Central Valley HHO could develop with a minimal amount of funding.

There is also E-Cat that is fully developed. He had hundreds of machines ready to be deployed.

What is wrong with being “too honest”?

We should be happy at this point.

Treasury Direct and our Gold Standard should have been released to the American Public. It was the Navy that stood in the way back then.

I am standing firm.

Trump wanted to buy our Golf Course here in town, that is quid pro quo.

Cute Alien Agenda . . Yesterday Morning energetically.

Ann's alien Human Class

Thumbs UP for alien Class! Yahldaboth. GOD

From yesterday’s trip to the store. “This morning was so cute. When I bought laundry soap, I was walking to the counter to pay and the little kid laughed and was happy to play with kid aliens. (energetically) and the Planetary Negative told me (telepathically/syntel) for that behavior to continue, I had to purchase Bounce, so I bought Bounce and split up the purchase to establish a balance of power because he (white alien) wanted it all on card purchase on my Chase, and hopefully it (the relationship with the aliens) will continue to flourish.”

Now that is fun and so cute.

Reality of LOVE.