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Being a Minority Diplomat

Knowing your position in life is important and today as Rahm Emanuel and others were confirmed, I acknowledge the fact that I am someone who deserves to serve on their staff as was known that I am a staff level position and not someone who should be forced to compete with high level positions. Many of them were the same old faces that remain of questionable intentions overseas and even here. This was known all the time. Trump Administration officials lied about my service life and I have not gone through line by line the things that I endured during their administration as someone should be doing to have charges against them.

They lost the election and many Americans were looking forward to that long ago. It is now almost eleven months into the Biden Administration. We wonder what convictions I had in the background as they went through the State Department. Anthony Blinken met with people and I wonder with me being our original installer, me acknowledging that I should be a staffer serving under a Diplomat, could this help more people to own our planet, as in California when  I was there, I moved the lava around and everyone owns our planet.

I do not like being deleted as I found out today, that is what history in the making was attempting to do.  We need for all people globally to be equal and those individuals who serve our country to be respected and individuals to realize I am a woman who deserves an income of around $160,000 per year as our installer, and I am not with those individuals I turned in that harm people. I hope here in Alaska as middle income people shop this holiday season, there is new equality and awareness for me.  I would have loved to serve in the Diplomatic Corps and believe in our natural planet.  We all need to know our place and not be put down, we are Sovereign and need to understand how we fit in on our own

Is it time to colonize space?

With the drawdown in Armed forces globally America has to be proud, the war on terrorism is nearly defeated and remember how Amazon had been selling plots of land on Mars? Now could be your opportunity to actually land there. There was a billionaire in space who could be tabulating how many planets we own. As of a few days ago earth and Mars are self regenerating.  Could he help to bring our gold program back, the one I brought here that flew through the sun to combat the boulder builder species? It can reach other galaxies in 5 to 6 days. In other nations. they would be excited to have such a program and it is unclear as to why America will not give it a chance to manufacture. We had cocaine men flying it before and it was put in the background. I want that spacecraft and hope we can manufacture it here for commuters in space. I remember my human friends who came here in two of them from their star system and the captain was killed in one, but we defeated their enemies, so we have on left.

Recently, they actually photographed a helicopter there on Mars, so obviously there are teams already there.

We are against war as always here. So every day in the past we worked to defeat terrorism, and that was hard for 20 plus years since September 11th. As you read this morning’s headlines with the draw down in Afghanistan and troops being deployed likely to Russia, we must realize have made that mistake before with diplomacy. I was painfully reminded of the Odessa Massacre in my email. Ukraine has been a key issue of contention, and I have always supported the Ukrainian people in their quest for democracy while still supporting the Russian passport holders in the East. Before we had a more limited presence of our European allies in assisting us in negotiations there. How can we balance both the European Union and the Customs union and remember I am for individual nations achieving their sovereignty and freedom for all with modernization towards sustainability and zero waste.

Why can “unfavored nations” never be offered a package towards peace and sustainability? That would be in the American people’s best financial interests as it accomplishes their goals of reducing costs and decreasing militarism long term. I have always wanted those nations to be sustainable as this will reduce combined conflict globally.

Realigning these costs may be a way the American people may be able to travel to space. How in control are they, the American people, of the defense budget as Congress just wanted to pass another $768 Trillion budget a few days ago?  What was really included there? Bernie Sanders exposed the war money spent again on the conflict in Yemen with the Saudi Government, and Congress is voting on raising the debt ceiling. Can we diplomatically solve this problem and put those funds into the people of Yemen and end the suffering there? Isn’t it ironic that we have these arms sales funded by us and we cannot pay our own debt?

In Ukraine, could Germany, a leader by example, help us to establish a stronger diplomatic position there in Ukraine? I will never forget when tanks rolled into the East and it was terrible for the people there and so I have always worked on this conflict to bring peace to both sides. I have hoped that our diplomatic leadership would take on the Customs Union and help them to utilize what is most pure of theirs which is their food production without GMO’s and toxins, and advance them forward to water and energy independence. Crimea became a tourism mecca before and we hope Ukraine will stay sovereign and democratic and serve as a bridge between old world and the new one we long to create for the people. Can America do that, work specifically for the people in each nation to be successful? I am so tired of people in the media being depicted as fictional characters versus when you meet them they are actually honorable. Do we need that specifically, depictions of one enemy or the other to be happy and proud of our countries? We have to be critical and in the know. President Joe Biden has been doing very well according to some and not so great according to others. It is sad that Vice President Kamala Harris has struggled according to the media.

What we need is a global mission, one that embraces every nation and everyone, a mission into space to colonize our planets. What will such a mission like that cost? We can use our troops as labor in space on our planets, so this will help alleviate any fears of peace building, because the biggest concern is that if we were ever to have global peace and armistice, what would we do with our troops?

It would be interesting to know how many planets we have and that is 12, so if they are habitable wouldn’t space tourism start to begin? Do people already have building and loans setup for space and we don’t know yet? It will be exciting to participate in what we started against the harmful species I wrote about. We removed many harmful alien species. The disturbing thing is that some wanted to start cloning again which to me is a sacrilege. We need real live humans to inhabit our star system. Can we accomplish it? Yes we can and you the American or international deserve a seat at the table. So how do we get there from here? I have worked for years now on our planets to make them habitable for people.

Could we realign our armed forces from other conflicts and put them there? Great Presidents have created great missions. A mission to habitable planets would be the greatest mission for Biden.  Would the American people be more excited about that than reading about Covid? Something they can dream about and visioneer for our future. When was the last time you heard even that term in the reality we are currently living in? Too long, so what will it take to realign our world to a hopeful and optimistic one for the young and old? When you think about What Vladimir Putin did when he took over Crimea, and they were all russian with the exception of a 7-8 percent tartar population, he turned it into a tourism mecca. In Ukraine, the conflicts were disgusting and the pillaging of the country itself was criminal with the interests that came in and sadly here we are again.

We dealt with the “russian ones” throughout our story, and they were harmful extraterrestrials that conned people and had sexual pleasures. They were defeated. So can we have our planets as Americans without them now in the Biden Administration.

Sustainable building is our future here and hopefully today we are focused on building a peaceful world for all Americans to be successful and prosperous and with so many digital currencies and block chain codes .that is possible, however. how do we know how to invest our money? I hope to become rich someday and as a middle class American who works hard, it is challenging to be the best and do the best for everyone every day. President John F Kennedy took us to the moon, so hopefully President Biden can expand his vision globally to take Americans to space. Who is to say he is not more like Scranton getting the Union workers to actually build our gold program for the commuters to travel to space.

And in Ukraine we hope to see an EEU, a European Eastern Union, blending both sides for sustainability and diplomacy working with what is good to improve it and removing what is harmful to the people as I hate to see people of any nation suffer through war.

May our best days be ahead.



Being a reporter is like being with everyone

Should we be critical of executive spending and what was already allocated for cabinet members. Wouldn’t you like to know how many of our armed forces were set to be deployed and tanks were ordered. When I sat on the toilet the other day, wow, there was spending coming out of the machines. Can Americans win when they do not know how much is being spent by the Pentagon and who gets a percentage directly to their pay points accounts and we do know there are international currency change accounts set up.

Today they wanted to shut down electronic currency and we have to wonder if there has been leveraging behind the scenes and what block chain is about linked to the electronic currencies. How does anything prove itself when so much spending can happen in the background. Who gets paid but defense contractors

Spending and Our Votes

Working elections for almost 18 years and monitoring vote counts in the background to understand the electoral process, we need to concerned about the mail ballots and what will be done for 2022. American elections should be real and for the voters.

When voters went into polling places it was much easier to monitor what was happening on the back end, and I am non-partisan. It was noted over the years, on both sides, that voters voting for honest candidates had been purged off the voter rolls or rosters, this is called Crosscheck, and hopefully this has been stopped. I witnessed this repeatedly year after year and in California, the sixth or seventh largest economy, globally. The switch now to mail ballots only there not only took away from Americana of going to the polls, which early on had even been decorated for election day, but it took away our opportunity to monitor both the rosters and what is being done with the voters votes. The mail system now could cloak a big heist. Is Dragon Hardware being used in the background?

Polls should exist with exit polling as mandatory. We know that there is only a 2 to 3 percent margin of error with exit polling, so how with a “mail ballot society” do we establish that same accuracy? Will people be hired to phone poll voters who mailed ballots? How do we know they were really from the specific voters? On election night, can we trust the ballot counts are reported accurately and with more time to count, mail ballots could be seen as good, however there still seem to be gray areas to address.

Were there benefits to voting in person? It seems to me like when you vote at a poll there is less likelihood that your vote would get lost or stolen, and you can see what is going on with the election. Polls can be watched by everyone.

Also are the current issues with the US Post Office going to affect the 2022 election? We hope that voters will have real honest voting by then, so how can we, the voting public, make sure we do come election day of 2022?

Do I know how to open a poll? Most definitely. I miss it.

And I monitored them for many years as a field support representative/troubleshooter.

We know about list voting and have fought selected candidates for years as we want candidates who work for their constituents, not chosen based on spending by Congressional members. We have found that lists were made by individuals to keep candidates in their seats long after they have been rejected by the voter.

Candidates should know they are hired by us and by vote.

Candidates and elected individuals have a fiduciary responsibility to work for the voter and that relieves pressure from everyone.

When a candidate is elected, the voter should have confidence that these individuals in Congress and in the Executive Branch work for their interests. I have always worked for the voter and drove cross country to attempt to make the election convictions and contact Congress. I invested my own money for 28 years to work against individuals I found to be influenced by our adversaries.

We have investigated dark money groups that have interfered with voters choices and it was found that not only are votes stolen, they are even sold even off shore. Hopefully that ends.

Finding out about price waterhouse recently and their determination that some candidates are seen as not viable because of likely Council of Foreign Relations ratings could connect directly to foreign policy spending, decision making and spending by the Pentagon. This likely involves credentialing from the National Security Agency, other agencies as well as secret deals for profiteering that involves donors and stock market trades which are being examined right now. Could those candidates who are deemed as not viable for Price Waterhouse be the ones in opposition to payola?

These candidates would then be the ones we the American people would vote for and desire.

We must work this election to purge the ones who do not work for us and find out the truth.

How can we make sure every vote is counted and every candidate has an equal opportunity to win knowing what we know today about sophisticated spending and compensation packages in the background that can be seen as payola? We need to know what is going on in the background and I will work as hard as I can to update the voter on what I find out. It is to be reported Robert Mercer’s family donated $20 million to a dark money group for 2020 and micro-targeting is still going on in the background for 2022. We need to stop him and arrest the guilty. I felt that in 1993 he was an office stooge and “given some money.”

The American public does not have access to pay for play terrorism nor that kind of spending. Candidates may and it is unknown about the additional tranches of spending found out about and the election convictions to include micro-targeting with lists made may be in the background may be connected to said spending. We have successfully down-balloted harmful candidates who have accepted bribery from our adversaries and we continue to work for real votes to be counted and real candidates to win.

We hope cases are made associated with those who worked for and accepted bribery from our adversaries. Much data has been made public and many people have been paid who are bribed and I will never accept such bribery.

My publication The Military Beat was started in earnest and at that point we learned about China and Russia with year after year studying to understand at behest of the American people the truth and what has gone on in the background against them.

The American people will honestly vote. We want to make everyone happy with a clean election for 2022.


Tourism and great health is everyone’s side

“Why could I have not competed against Trump,” said Mike Pence and that is the same thing I wondered as I tried to give away the Presidency. “We stole the Presidency more than she did,” said individuals I turned in repeatedly. I did not steal Donald Trump’s Presidency either, they had given it to me in a covert deposal process, and I did not want it, so I tried to give it away.  I used it to prove what Donald Trump had been deposed for and validate my testimony. Covid was created.  I lost a lot of my own money helping Biden win.  I did manage to prove who was involved in September 11th and I did not as of today manage to get victim’s compensation for the victims including myself who spent 20 plus years attempting to prove who was involved in it.  Trump was at least partially at fault with the Florida incident then and I worked to identify the other individuals who likely used explosives then.  Richard Cheney hid in the background then on June 24, 2021 with other individuals then and likely other individuals likely partnered who with him involved with all hands who were part of the first September 11th attacks.

“Leahy has already been down balloted” found out October 8, 2021 and previously reported as “yesterday” for espionage and assorted crimes. He resigned publicly to the media.

I side with the Rand Paul side of Republicans and the Bernie Sanders side of Democrats.

I am glad Biden won. I am sorry about what they did afterwards.  The housing crashed in 42 states and well there were never depositions.  I work against terrorism conducted against the American people.

God works here

I wish at some point I could campaign face to face with the voters and I will work hard to report accurately the truth. We had made a statement about “money back” and those were American citizens returned tax money that was in the hands and at times personal checking accounts of individuals, those funds will likely never be delivered to the American people, and Donald Trump attempted to file against those funds in a stack of 20 filings. It would have been nice if Biden had had those funds in the treasury and control of those funds for the people and that was my dream that the American people would have had those Billions in revenue.  America could become Sovereign. Is Biden able to retain any sovereignty now that he is in the White House.  “We don’t know what we are going to do with the royals now we know they are not liked by the common people,” was happening on December 19. 2020.  It will be interesting as globally royalty is questionable and the is one thing we did with our negative install. Did they meet with Sisi and what will this house look like when they return from Egypt.

We need to monitor spending and how do we do it when it is covertly done?

How much is the spending they agreed to covertly in groups? It was found yesterday supplementals can pass in the background agreed upon in advance to spend your money, and how much are they worth to contractors who have sat in the background printing bankruptcies and war debt, collecting pay.

Will they get paid again and again as the American people are in debt. How do we know what individuals do covertly? I work against financial crime conducted against the voter.

The same contractors get paid as they speak to the media. Do they get paid 5-10% working against you, as we watch them on TV? How much was mitt romney’s cut and how about donald trump’s? We know he and they got paid as they created covid and the vaccines in California. Did they harm 180,000 businesses in the process putting everyone in debt. It was also found yesterday trump officials including gina Haspel went in there and used the spreaders against the people.

We have a better government now, and who compensates restaurant chains like Cohen Restaurant group and others for what they did? There are likely 180,000 small businesses they affected who shut down and/or lost significant amounts of money, some closing after honestly contributing to our economy for ten or more years.

The first time I was interviewed by television I broke a story about the paypoints declining American’s credit cards and double charging them and that affected 80,000 people forcing the banks to return their money. How can we force them to compensate every affected business in California and not earn any money covertly?

Can our government take the print outs of the businesses that are closed and pursue those at fault to write checks to reopen? Maybe. Should they? I would not run any of that history in the making hardware around my home. Trump published books about businesses and who would have guessed he and them would work to shut them down when they were forecasted to lose the election.

For 2022, it would be nice if every candidate worked for just compensation for the voters and for straight up truth as it has gone on behind the scenes too long.

We dream of Presidents such as John F Kennedy who would be honorable and it is good Robert Kennedy Junior speaks out about vaccines and for our natural immunity. How much can we save is every American and good politicians I want to vote for and work for.

What the American people do not see on TV can hurt them financially. Does the media talk about the covert budgets?  Can we? I work hard to tell the truth and work for the voter and maybe someday somebody will pick me up

2022 Election Should be Exciting

What an amazing morning with Beto O’Roark declaring his candidacy for Governor of Texas. Has the JFK of Texas arrived or what! We will be going through state by state to identify who is on the ballot and keep working for Progressives and honest Republicans. I am a Democrat and he said, “We as Democrats must decide we will not be afraid. We Americans must decide we will not be afraid. We must decide that we will free America from fear.”

Bravo! I always work honestly for the voters. I have contacted Former Gary Governor Locke to keep Rudy Giuliani on trial for what he did with the towers. We must avoid the shift east with our convictions and we know 2016 was stolen from Bernie Sanders by him.

Some will say we should not have our sovereign tender and we really could as looking at it the royals admitted through charles “I serve no purpose,” and we know their government pays for them to live. They are also found to be the collectors of our taxes because of a space pod we decimated. Does that make America still a colony to them through the british government and in reality Texas uses the magistrate system, so with him winning and taking on our sovereign tender issue that we want our taxes to be held, could America have permanent freedom from them through him?

We know some of the labs that created covid and stopped them.

With candidates like O’Rourke, we could have exports to China from Texas and with Governor Gavin Newsom winning the recall in California, he will have to reverse his track record and open his eyes to what he can create in the Central Valley and elsewhere in the state. Here in Alaska, we know that Senator Lisa Murkowski could be a strong candidate for exports to China and success in the future renewables sector driven by new projects by Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. I hope to continue to be a part of those projects and am working on incorporating a waste to raw materials into one that is ongoing. It is important for our planet, the American people and Alaskans for those projects to work to reduce energy costs and heating. Then with the waste component, we could create a significant amount of revenue from existing metals in the state that need to be recycled which when refined could be exported.

Will Club 100 become more active and Jack Ma begin working on new business relationships soon? We hope so. Build Back Better could make “America Exports” into the driver behind many campaigns based on the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors successes. This is an opportunity ahead.

President Joe Biden has created a lot of job growth, we are grateful for it and expect American salaries to continue to rise based on the numbers.




Lots of Jobs

There are los of jobs throughout our country. Alaska is hiring workers and I am updating my website.

It is amazing what can be done in the spring here. There are lots of cars and other metals to recycle and those would be additional summer jobs and revenues for exports based on waste recycling.

When you look a the number of old cars throughout the country these two processes could be applicable. I spent 18 years testing waste to energy and water production and recycling technology in California.

We need to find our more about Pyrogenesis. I met Jennifer Granholm in Alaska.

Good that we stopped Covid and good that more focus can be put in the vacation industry and can the people who were liable for it stop and move forward as we have thousands of jobs here

Stop profiteering on disease

I will be going through my articles on my blog to update them, as when I was typing them we had harmful people in the background with mainframe computers harming me and the American people so some things did not make sense.

Still as of this morning they use the same owned people who were even raided and even who have been under arraignment for drug trafficking in the background are bothering me again. We have three to ten bank accounts they received drug money into. They are the recipients of the proceeds from the sale of narcotics and we are still monitoring existing containers they have attempted to move as they increase your court costs on the back end through distribution. One thing I wonder who really uses crack any more. It is their drug of choice with cocaine. “We are under arraignment for drugs we have on hand,” said bush recently. September 11th is rapidly approaching so their operation is criminal and with the same individuals on the poster with the exception of Paul Ryan, now an owned, previously raided, dependent on some kind of crime as he keeps on going with them.

Marijuana and CBD is much more liked so they are old, owned, and do not reflect my value systems. Some of them have died and they beg for money to repeat the same things we already defeated.

“We were in on those with the uber elite” sadly said biden about smart identification passports through vaccinations and we already fought and defeated central identification. We are pro driver’s licenses and know based on this article they created their own cottage industry and even collected drug money on the back end when their funds were in excess at covid related facilities. Meth id continues previously outed to our armed forces who they kill and sacrificed 850 pre-September 11th.

We try to keep optimistic about our future and end covid. There should have been a class action lawsuit against those who used it to profiteer and they are the same as in the screening article

Yesterday we got all hands hopefully and individuals involved with them were turned in for both narcotics and covid sequencing.

Biden has our normal government economy and we participate and work for the middle class to do even better. Wars were stopped and that created savings.

We have all data against them and I consider the stole 2016 would have stolen 2020, a class action lawsuit waiting to happen if they harm the people. How much do they owe you for what they did


37 Seats

AmyMcGrath won 2020 against Mitch McConnell and was it true that “We knew she won,” and 36 seats are still unaccounted for and Nancy Pelosi stole her seat from Shahid Buttar?  Does anyone really care

Bush stole 2000.

We have 272 Congressional members who work for the American people are honest and I support honest members not those scheming

May the California Governor’s race ballots be counted and we know the same turned in cons already agreed to steal again either way for Newsom or Elder. “We agreed to steal their ballots already” so can they be stopped from a confusing recall race to the democratic voter not seeing what Newsom did?

Breaking the Monopolies to break the Jails and end corruption

Americans have been too controlled what they do not know about. With the unfettered capitalism that was operating in the background during the Trump administration, billions were absconded with and some ot their rogue operators still lurk in the background. We need to protect ourselves from them and continue to work to identify how average Americans can become more successful. It has been identified that Special Purpose Acquisition corporations have too much power with the conglomerates and that is why President Joe Biden’s executive Order was refreshing. On Friday Biden said, “‘Capitalism without competition is exploitation,” and so how do we compete with subversive groups known to topple markets and create special corporations to do such a thing unknown to the average consumer? Many of these corporations are hidden and come in to squelch innovation and profiteer in the background with unknown designs against the average worker and even mid-range corporations, stopping to be successful projects before they start using insider knowledge or technology against the proprietors or principals of the company or companies.

Five have done that and this was terrible because of Covid. Many of these companies were just recovering and insiders chose to harm them.

Knowing what happened with the housing and the land grab now that it was diversified amongst both Republicans and Democrats we must analyze who has the corruptly built housing done with cocaine and methamphetamine. Is it in a real estate acquisition holding company? It was found out high profile people purchased foreclosures and also build large developments throughout the country with drug money they laundered and other sources. What was interesting is that as containerships of methamphetamine came in those funds were wired. It would be nice to diagram out the flow of funds with the arrival of methamphetamine in to Los Angeles, obviously one group of several purchases the container (s) and then wire transfers the purchase price as someone wagers the street value and drug dealers purchase it at a wholesale cost for distribution to their network to achieve profits for themselves and then other profits are factored in to include juridical and law enforcement. We could do the same with cocaine knowing the origins and background of the story, a cartel founded on insurance fraud or was it an existing cartel Donald Trump put the money into?

It could have been.

And with that there is expensive housing constructed with the wire transferred funds and special purpose funding. This is one crooked system and it is good that Biden is taking action against it.

We would like to find out which corporation is in control of our housing, and there was also cocaine money, lots of it, put into the housing.

It was estimated and visually seen that thousands of homes were built with drug money. Can you imagine that these individuals developing the homes by corrupt means have been sitting in the background being paid and waiting to collect huge sums of money as they sell? $50,000 to $250,000 per home would be significant.

So how do we break it up and stop them by forcing disclosure of profits, and how they were achieved? We know there was little emphasis on developing a strong financially sound government during the Trump Administration and their focus was what Robert Mueller was hired to do.  It did not happen because we were focussed on solvency and deposited 80 gazillion post check clearance when the Biden Administration was struggling because there was too much emphasis on real estate.

And as Biden does have the funds, and we have uncovered the real estate and the system, so how can we secure recovery? Wells Fargo just crashed

We need insure American companies stay competitive, innovative, profitable and work towards real infrastructure developments with renewable advancements in sustainability that could create jobs and benefit all Americans and increase the abilities of those Americans and American companies harmed to compete? I am an Expert Witness with over 23 years background, from 1998 when I first began to examine the harmful advancements of our adversaries in conjunction with Big Tech.

When I think about what I have seen and experienced since then I am glad to know what I have worked against to include Dark Money. We should be rich with assets once we are able to identify the assets and break them down as monopolies and other President’s have done so such and individuals sometimes create a front to be broken down such as Lehman Brothers while they control the profits in the background. Lehman benefitted Bear Stearns and that is why we must be cautious and include all data to identify the monopolies in place to include Big Tech that was set to move up to 800,000 jobs to Texas from California.

California jobs are important to us.

On Sunday let no one come between us from working for the good of all American people.

What was Rupert attempting to extract with the crash that they put on bringing the stocks down and up?