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Who is President

We long for a future without drug running. That should be America’s number one priority. This morning we had an exact tracking of how drug running relates to the office of the Presidency. While most people suspect the individuals claiming your Presidency claim to be against drugs, they are not. I became President long ago and the American people did not know. This morning the President became the man handing over the drug money to Donald Trump, Gordon Duff. If you come in contact with the drug money, you should be called the perpetrator of extortion.

Les Wexner asked, “Who is in command?” Duff had two of Wexner’s attorneys living with him. Duff claims he has the right to extort drug money while making me take the blame for it. “I thought I could launder drug money with her just sitting there,” said by him about me trying to frame me with his goals and objectives to steal from the American people. He wants me to look stupid.

Duff doesn’t need to change sides if he is the perpetrator turned in. The idea of changing sides is fraud proven in what I sent to the FBI. That field agent who received it could have changed sides on his own.

I also wrote at Veterans Today for Gordon Duff, a man who I knew was a con artist and many people tried to find out about him. In reality Gordon Duff was someone who would steal from the American people and it was not until he complained about me paying for a friend’s passport did I know. I also found out more about him when I called him and knew he had a meeting with the Russians in the Bahamas. This was in early 2017, long before deposal. I called him on his cell phone and he sounded like a cheesy salesman trying to scam. He had mentioned how he met Gene Khrushchev.

“Khrushchev would pay for us to campaign,” and it is known Russia was the source of extortion against the American people. Can we recover the money? Duff put on Trump’s Presidency and handed him the wired drug money, “They made me the President,” and “Hand me the drug money,” said deposed stole 2016 Trump working on his prison pipeline, extorting the drug money and shipping in the methamphetamine, transferring the drug money electronically, just like the steele dossier.

How much was extorted to bankrupt America

How do we recover the stolen funds hidden on an Island found out about today? “They (America) does not own the island where we are going to file the bankruptcy (of America) from,” and during this entire time individuals connected with that island have been extorting huge amounts of funds to be recovered for the American people “We are going to conceal that Island,” also known so we are after it today to recover all monies. There is an inter blending of funds methamphetamine assets likely wired blended with tax money and the Island may be in the bahamas associated with Jeffrey Epstein. We need to know how much was put in their coffers, the past few days they were also pumping and dumping the stock market.

I work hard to protect each and every American from their bankruptcy since I found out about it on both sides. Who else stands against what they have conspired for during the entire time they have been in office? We always try to compensate for them. Gold is global and has been the one thing that has upheld our economy. Now these funds could be moving away from the American people.

On August 17, 2020, “We were going to take the money offshore,” said & it should be tracked as it is a blending of American citizens recovered monies & drug money. I had a strange feeling that day like huge sums of money missing. Who watches out for the people? We have an election started and now is when the sticky fingers happen against the American people. Can we recover all monies  associated with this heist? If I was President officially I would be a superhero for the American people and confiscate all corrupt assets and put them in the American people’s coffers. This has been a premeditated crime since they stole the election and even invited others to partake in extortion of funds. How much drug money is moving? And it would be typical to compensate someone who worked against financial crime.

I am a journalist who became President and it is normal for an American to work until they know their country is secure from financial crimes reported on.

Now if we could attack the stolen funds and recover them to Civil Liberties




What will 2020 bring to the voters stolen from

It is ironic that a drug money launderer in chief has so many police shootings in his administration. From almost  the beginning on it was known he started the down south cocaine cartel, through the murder of Robert Maxwell, and with such an enterprise, the administration claiming supportive of police and sheriffs, betrays itself with the shootings that have happened. It is sad and tragic for police what has gone on. Being an informed person on the history of those involved it has been a long hard fight against what in my opinion has been an administration built on cocaine. When I traveled to DC and stood in front of the White House in 2019, the only words for it was janky.

I have stayed President for the voter, Donald Trump is legally and lawfully deposed and admittedly he and his teams stole 2016. Clinton.stole Primary 2016 using the Putin package I outed. Do they belong here? Constitutionalism mandatory with my.convictions made 6,462 days of he Guilty of September 11th have been paid and enjoy freedom to commit.crime such as cocaine trafficking.

Posted by Ann Diener on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

And now as we look to the election of 2020, it is hard to imagine Donald Trump who is deposed by my testimony and who stole election 2016 could win the November election. Will Americans be stuck with more drug laundering into 2021 and more prostitution that has not been busted. I hate repeating the whole story about the maxwell murder and how it funded the beginnings of their cocaine cartel, yet when you look at Joe Biden and how frail he looks, we must comment against individuals who have earned billions likely in drug money through election theft. What do we want for ourselves as Americans and can Americans finally be free of this cocaine cartel and have less police shootings?

It was admitted that the gold standard has been the only thing that has held our economy together and there are threats still to our stock market such as yesterday.

Who should negotiate for us with THAAD and electronic microsystems?  Have we only given strength to our adversaries during this administration? How much was stolen to do such a thing? It is interesting to think about Xi Jinping’s meeting at Mar a Lago in 2017 and how far we have come. Somehow it is not that bad. yet. Yet for 74% of  the voters who have suffered, this election should yield a victory not defeat by covert actions in the background.

Will the voters  have accountability and not cocaine laundering post election? Who will create a good government in our future and how much interest is there in Trump officials to actually do such a thing.  The most comforting thing that Trump said was that he was only in it for the real estate and would not be in government long. I hope that is the case for us. We need an American focussed American jobs

A good government should be ahead for the voters.

Caring people needed

It has been very painful to care for our country. I have been stuck in a situation where many people have wanted to corner me in some way because of the testimony I provided to help America. I want to get back to work for peace and freedom and have a normal job. Our travel industry has suffered and that has been my normal line of work. Interimly I chose to help our country as whatever leadership role I have and globally I care for our world. I hate suffering of any American or international. Every day my first thought is how can I work hard and participate to benefit American people. I provided real testimony and it was a relief to see the cocaine information in the media. I hate cocaine. We all seek freedom and I hope people get free of cocaine addictions. It was sad to see the increase of methamphetamine and cocaine use in 2019. Since I served as an informant I sought to eliminate both.

Where is the passion we had to build a better America for its people? I have that passion and maybe the pressure on me is real. I am looking for a good paying position where I can work hard for the American people and have worked to the best of my ability for 3 years to make sure the American homeowner is fairly treated. There were a lot of people who wanted us to lose by devaluing done with the substance mentioned above and it was terrible. How do we and I get over it and I did learn how individuals stole from me with intention for 20 plus years. I want to put a stop to them. Maybe I should find an attorney and how can a person sue for that kind of treatment? Women are valuable and I admire women who are strong leaders in history and we should be leaders in voting

If anyone needs me I am available to testify against financial crime

Breaking and entering my home and planting harmful substances was not considered criminal to people repeatedly here and it should have been. It cost me $60,000 or more and when I could not testify as individuals said they wanted to hide me as a qualified witness that cost me $360,000.  It has been terrible from the start when I provided my testimony just to prevent the crime that was scheduled to be committed. I would rather people help pay off each other’s homes rather than build new ones.  I endorse Biden and maybe it will be that way in 2021.

People are activists, researchers and work full time jobs. I became President and do not want it unless someone needs me to testify or protect Americans. One time they attacked China and I was woken up. For that kind of service or if they were to try to kill Americans or treat them against the Bill of Rights I can be called anytime. It is campaign season and people have wanted to hide my service I guess, so I am a regular person who will work full time until America is better. We need to continue to monitor for terrorism. I did not like I was blamed for September 11th and feel a duty to defend against that kind of terrorism again and it is scary how easy it was for individuals to bring down buildings with controllers.  I will vote for anyone who is against terrorism.

Please leave my home and home office alone. Why would people who I saved their lives and homes claim my life savings is theirs. They would have been dead years ago. Please do not exploit my work. Everyone wants to be paid for my work. Why can’t someone talk to me who is on the side of honoring the American people. Communication needs to be transitioned and I am not a speak easy. I am a real person. We worked hard for America to borrow. I want my data used to create the best America

Every sale she makes I steal her money known and it should be compensated

Too bad we can’t have our gold program yet

Our National Debt belongs to terrorism sponsors. It would be nice to audit it some day.

Any job to do, done honestly is important.

Stop all overhead weaponry and do not harm

Please eliminate the directed energy weapon as it could be seen as an assault on a motorist by a contractor who should be billed for the assaults conducted with it. Is there victim’s compensation?

Was it OK for him to hit me in my car because Trump now confirmed stole election 2016 and is deposed by my testimony wanted to purchase the terrorism Gordon Duff was charging him to create.

How many people have used my Presidency? Why am I not paid and do not have depositions filed against Donald Trump who was deposed?

We have our gold standard for every American and America can borrow.

Maybe the government needs to stop attacking. Who wants to talk politely about how maintain American standing until the next election.

What should be allowed.

I was promised to sue in exchange for testimony.

Where is my chance to testify.

Right to see my house. Private


Recurring drama and its causes, impacts to be analyzed

It has been identified that the supercomputers controlled our life patterning causing us to repeat the same mistakes that we did not even chose to be involved with.  I learned about this through personal relationships and individuals who were behind the scenes controlling black modules. It was sad and it has a tremendous impact. It was found out here in relationship to Congressional members they put the penis in the sun guy in repeatedly against his will and the individual said “I set it up in the system so I could control her romantically.” We need to deprogram our lives from people like him. We are working on our audit and need to fight until America has financial justice. Many great politicians started that way. My depositions could be filed at any time and he will try to get away despite being on numerous posters. Then we have to reiterate what we have already. We need a full audit of every dollar he has made.

Our war crimes tribunal and audit. Deposed Trump stole 2016. Unneeded expenses

Posted by Ann Diener on Monday, July 27, 2020

American taxpayers have the responsibility to protect themselves

How can we protect America today from the overspending of the last 20 years. We are $840 trillion in debt.  We need a full audit of each department to include those we have identified during my Presidency that has been shared at times with deposed stole 2016  Donald Trump’s. The Department of Homeland Security had been identified as a possible juncture point where drug sourced funds were stored and illegal arms transactions have occurred. We have to go for the corruption and for the funds that have been squandered in those middle grounds that are rarely spoken about. I found that out with my experience of the housing transactions. How could drug shipments be imported and halved at times taking advantage of the drug money for their projects undisclosed. The drug money had to be concealed somewhere and they had huge amounts of drug money that was likely search and seizure money. I would like to identify how they are obtained and eliminate those funds.

President Ann Diener Gold and money back Trump stole 2016 and 2018 and is long deposed for Land grab conducted with Bush Carlyle that has stolen our Presidency from the voter since they stole 2000.

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, October 24, 2019


We have identified ways in which the National Security Agency has been used to profiteer and overcharge the American voter. A new agency is just forming. We need to take advantage of what we have available to us currently to secure America financially for the next one hundred years.

Four Ways the NSA Steals from American Citizens

President Ann Diener Gold and Money Back, Constitutionalism, not bilking American citizen as NSA has attempted. Trump deposed for land grab, cocaine needed to be added. Thieves of 2016 need to indicted in every state with NSA. Found harmful beetles for quarry, double yellow lines for fines and personal profits with illegal overhead surveillance, forcing American citizens to illegally fall to China and cocaine based real estate transactions for trafficking controlled substances. My goal is for you to protect your state from them. Don't allow what happened here to happen to you.

Posted by Ann Diener on Saturday, April 27, 2019

The overspending on security and charging the American people for it when it is unneeded it is a debt creation mechanism that should be criminal. We need a war crimes tribunal to address how foreign intervention has cost the American people and for them to understand how shell companies operate here in America and off shore with non-profits. This is the source of the controlled opposition in the media and source of unneeded expenses by us for individuals to profit as a group. War criminals extract funds in that way into their own shell companies combined with non-profits appearing friendly on the surface. I am ready to preside over the tribunal.

My 23 years experience counts. It is known individuals who have derived enormous profits are still speaking in the media. Will they address the nation’s challenges? We have to set the tone for the next administration. We could have lean straight justice administration with a low level of corruption.

I am not Trump’s running mate. I am Bernie Sanders associate.

Recovered tax funds belong to the American people with our gold standard as was known yesterday. Those funds are in Congress to provide Covid relief. We are talking about the acquired debt of the United States to secure our standing. Our audit should be on schedule with the tribunal. We need different viewpoints that represent the American people on TV. I am ready to talk to the media. Syndicate media should change to honest press.

Further reading from 2016. 

For analysis as this gap exploited to devalue America

It was identified this morning  listening to this from Democracy Now.

“There are certain kinds of overlapping jurisdiction a couple of classic ones are over drugs offenses and over gun offenses and there are collaborations between state and federal law enforcement that go on all the time,” said  Larry Krasner, District Attorney of Philadelphia, PA. Is this the gap that has been utilized by the down south cartel to launder drug money. This gap cannot be exploited again. Every transaction should be under scrutiny

America should not be fooled into terrorism

“We will use the guy who took the two terrorists in to to tear God down,” found out today said by Robert Mueller, about me despite my testimony provided regarding the housing he did not know about. I suspected back the the land grab would to devalue American homeowners. This allowing the man who took the terrorists down to tear me down then allowed the man profiting from the terrorism to tell still deposed stole 2016 Trump about how much money he could make him through creating terrorism. From that point on our country was vulnerable to profiteering.

Sadly Trump uses cocaine and the war powers act allowed him to go either way. This has proven threatening to Republicans and Democrats to have a real candidate who would work for their financial interests. We need to stop cocaine use of any President. It was also found Richard Cheney would have allowed our adversaries to surround us, and that is why they were hesitant to allow him to sign the war powers act. We need to work from a clear vantage point without the war powers act. I became President and work Constitutionally for the voters. We do not need terrorism. Gordon Duff lies to his readers appearing to be against terrorism and then creating it on the back end for profit. This has been documented and we now need to move forward with the election to identify candidates willing to audit the defense budget. We have Constitutionalism. Leahy has been on their side with the war powers act also working with the same adversaries, harmful off worlders who wanted us to have the space shuttle not to defend ourselves with our gold program. It is convenient for our adversaries to keep Americans limited and fighting conflict that is unneeded while them keep drug laundering that impairs our judgements.

A war crimes tribunal could air in the media. We need to discus the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am truthful and against terrorism.
Bush campaign is not mine. We need our Revolution and other campaigns to stand stronger knowing what Bush campaign is “We launder the drug money to create terrorism overseas,” and this is well known in the intelligence community.

Controllers were behind September 11th and it was said they would begin disbanding the components in the buildings. Hopefully this is true. I should be qualified as a witness to testify on any story I have published. I do not want to be held in contempt for what Mueller claimed. Duff knew I located the terrorists to validate the story because of the headset. He is part of Bush campaign and lies about whose side he is on. I do not. Leahy and Duff go back and forth. There is no need. My testimony should be clear by now. Can Sanders campaign with me and we have our tax money for the American people? Who can start the audit? Would Obama want such a thing? At least if we accomplish removing the components I have done a good thing for the victims of September 11th. I do not like seeing the guilty parties get away with it. How can we get them?

It should be criminal for Duff to keep my brain on his cell phone with the headset and use Afghanistan. Sanders would be campaigning by now and so would Justin Amash or honest Republicans. This one war criminal cost their election season. I have served for 3 years now? I am non partisan, Agency coverage should be for honest agents only. With all data finally prosecuted I should get my credentials.

Our audit is coming along with funds hopefully for redevelopment in Iraq for the global populous with America as the leader. I really became President. What some Republican can learn from progressives. Deposed Trump and also Clinton stole 2016. Gold protects us

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 17, 2020

Who is at war today? Should we be? No. It was already found out that war should be over. How much money has been earned by those laundering drug money?
I would like only honest watch services not terrorism suspects or those laundering drug money Can we get our voting machines in order? Duff caused

I have paid for my Presidency for 3 years. I intend to transition. “Ann can’t change sides with my side of Bush there,” said Obama. Well maybe we need to remove all bush sides. Why are they here? I am due victims compensation.

Injured by Bush repeatedly

Posted by Ann Diener on Friday, July 17, 2020

They give Romney who is stealing from the Regular Republicans better positioning. Our campaign needs to be about what you can do for the voters? Republicans are average people. Many are fooled into voting for their own foreclosure. I always want to find out why by now I am not qualified to testify and who is to blame for the devaluing Americans experienced by drug money. Land grab testimony true. It tears me and our nation apart what is happening. I am tired of being the lone wine drinker suffering from PTSD. Why don’t mormons drink? Have they been cheated by non-drinking? Who saves America from those with the war powers act?

Green energetics data. Gold standard and fat paychecks. I became President. Deposed Trump stole 2016. I am a qualified witness with 23 years for American standing number one. America owns our system. Afghanistan. Sorry I omitted it. Constitutionalism . We are voting

Posted by Ann Diener on Saturday, July 18, 2020

Is it to be debated that I have a brain device? Would you like data?

Benefits of wine drinking? Resveratrol, an organic compound found in red wine, activates a chemical pathway that helps limit stress and damage to DNA cells in the brain. 

Should any commander in chief be on cocaine? Alcohol should not be consumed so they can get married with those laundering drugs. I would not chose that kind of wedding. I would marry someone on a gold ship who does not use drugs. Why have I not been paid for all of the work I have completed. We should be at our audit. Oh wait those who are involved in terrorism are obstructing our audit to “Launder drug money and create terrorism,” is that true? We need to audit every shell company involved in the terrorism war.

Overqualified as a witness I am. Ready to testify on Monday.

People wanted to turn my negative install into a cruel experience.

It has been a waste of time. The same people I testified against in my deposal notebook used my negative install to kill people repeatedly. They took it as a license to steal from and kill Americans. Should I to go to the police stations and inform them. Those individuals were also behind the graffiti and the drug running as well as insurance fraud. I intend to testify in public against all of it with all of my data. I became President and do not like giving our adversaries. This goes to the police department, should they instruct someone to inflict cruelty for rich men who own a van to collect payment? I do not believe in inflicting cruelty. Gordon Duff has gotten away with inflicting cruelty on my dog for 15 years and me now for  37 years. He is monitoring my driveway?  He works for our adversaries? Robert L Stenson partnered with a guy I hate to kill people.  The guy electrocuted me in my car because he had created the terrorism and Gordon Duff talked trump into profiting from rather than defeating long ago. Duff is an arms trafficker kicked out of Iraq  before we won. I worry that he will electrocute me again? Was that after deposal? It was not. Stole 2016 Trump was deposed after he was bought by Duff. He has manipulated throughout to profiteer. How much was made by him? Why was Duff put around my home post deposal?  He collected a lot of “tax money,” and drug money. Who else was with him? Is that not extortion?

I became President post deposal and am not bought. We have all bankruptcy as espionage. Gold only. Audit billions

They harm our relationships overseas. I intend to campaign non-partisanly. To track the funds. The threat of the day then leads to the Camp Pendleton which then leads to the Orange County sheriff’s department paying the 17 millionaires with the Mercedes vans, 2 were seen today on the same driveway. They are the ones who bankrupted Orange County before and the individuals managing their payments are those working for our adversaries.

Obama delivers money bag to the shooter? Is it  about the cruel hunger for money he must have experienced when he was a child of a Haitian immigrant or something else? In an honest world why wouldn’t Obama represent who voters believe him to be? I represent who I am every day. I work for the best in people. We need a full audit of these individuals who sat back and said, “I get to keep their tax money.” How much did they steal, bloated with tax money. Who will return the money? If someone handed you a bag of drug money? I would ask for a percentage and keep the rest as evidence. Housing that is designed to crash the housing market needs more drug money?

“I wanted this side of the driveway to launder drug money,” said Richard Cheney about my driveway, to be stopped today by me going to the Carlsbad police department and letting them know about when Cheney came in there. Should I go there? “My negative is installed correctly, ” Cheney said about my negative installed correctly and he wants a warrant from the Orange County sheriff’s department for my negative installed correctly by me. He has no right. I am against terrorism and pro audit. We could recover the money America needs and stop harming sheriff’s department’s retirements. Who stole their retirement in 2008? Was it the same people? How many times are we fooled? I want to marry someone who fights for the American people and who would never launder drug money nor murder anyone. No one would want to marry someone like that. I will meet a man who arrives in a gold spacecraft. When I delete it there is a warrant out for me “I wanted this side of the driveway to launder drug money,” and in my opinion I side with the new CIA Director Cheney is a bench warrant for me every day. I made sure I put the drug laundering down. We do not need men and harmful women to harm Americans Constitutionalism. Some people cannot be happy with a good life for the American people and we have to ask ourselves why? Is it criminal activity on a large scale? Gold only is global and cashless is criminal. It was designed to steal from every American.

Should we have a deck like this with the poster individuals? The sad thing is that Bush gives those on the deck cards and was behind their terrorism. Can Iraq be free? When is our tribunal. Why would he want to harm my side wanting war to be over? To house the millions of Iraqi refugees as we had planned with redevelopment. I remember when that maintained American standing with our budget surplus. We are in campaign season. Bernie Sanders should ride on the redevelopment for Iraq. I and Sanders are against terrorism.

Who is Responsible. We used 9/11 because I wanted to go back to Iraq said.

No American should ever be arrested for being honest. We have a right to work hard for justice and I am a witness.  Did a new CIA Director start? I am looking forward to meeting her. Transition is happening and I felt a more honest side coming in. Insiders know that. I hope she takes all of my data and I just sign off that she can take it to court.  I will be happy with an honest side finally. 3 years working for it. We maintain American standing at number one. Gold cash is printing globally. When I tracked our gold standard I knew criminals were operating in the background to damage America through devaluing. I was aware of my testimony. I was aware of adversaries. America can borrow now. What is going to happen to the housing? Why did they let them build it if they built it knowingly to crash? It is neither left nor right.

We had espionage charges against those with Chinese side. We have not assessed their liabilities yet for the directed energy weapon used in devaluing existing homeowners or used to cause the American people harm at times registered in China. Meaning these individuals devalued you the American people for their espionage. Additional data on file to include financial harm to our stock market and the Chinese stock markets. When do we press charges. I would not have accepted bribery from China as they did. Are they trustworthy now in 2020? Should they be sueable for devaluing? “Maybe I should find a jail for stevenson,” to be said by suit and tie guys. “Why should they listen to the joint chiefs?” asked by them. Unneeded, Joseph Dunford outed for China long ago and new intelligence comes online. Straight data and Congressional members should be ready to press charges on those bought by our adversaries? We are campaigning for the White House who wants owned in the White House? Those accepting money from overseas should not participate with Romney here. They are associated and proves Romney likely owned explains the Kim Jong-un data. Why did he charge our government he asked Un to fire? Did he devalue existing homes with something he tried to get over on our government with. His tone was clearly wanting to get over on our American government. Did he tell them in advance he was going to do construction financing with the revenue? No. He called them up and asked the American government to protect us all from Kin Jong-un in a fear sense. We need no created threats for profiteering also known as fraud, waste and abuse. This has to go to court against him. Anyone complaining will benefit from the penalty assessed to Romney for it and it is our gold standard. Republicans are easiest to convince to work against their own financial interests as this man is, according to many.

Finally the playbook understood for our audit. “We create the terrorism and you guys decide which way you want to pay for it. We have a whole profit model created for that,” admitted previously. They then use the profit for their pet projects. Did the government know about the missile? Likely not in the beginning. Why do the American people have to create terrorism to create profit streams? Corporate welfare. We can take each incident and boil them down to and locate where the private money went in the shell companies. I have found millions of dollars like this before.

Headset cracking. I became President 3 years ago. Deposal of stole 2016 for validated convictions to include election theft. Crosscheck voter purges to be included. Gold standard and hopefully our money back, voters tax money, compensates those major corporations they bankrupted. We need an audit of the Pentagon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. How much drug money have they pocketed. Were shipments halved? Should they run drug money into 2020?We are a Sovereign Constitutional Republic. Deposal of stole 2016 Trump long ago by those, found out to be by those who sided with our advesaries for 22 years or more years, against me and Americans. We do not need them in 2020.Gold currency printing. Democratic running mate for those believing in audit against those siding with our advesaries. How much did those siding with our advesaries earn. Confiscate those assets.

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, July 16, 2020

It is always about cleaning up after war criminals every day wasting time and stealing our money. “She could not do a speaking tour because she holds the negative.” A LIE about me not being able to speak to the media. We have to work hard to take down the lies every day.

The department of defense or anyone is free to use my Presidency to stop all drug money. “Now I pull money out of the atm for the shooting spree of the day,” can we have a day without a shooting spree. Our negative install is not about asset confiscation, nor about cruelty. It is about working together on a project. Shooting spree is murder of valuable people. Shooting spree stopped. Drug planting stopped. All evil stuff done stopped. And criminals on a poster keep going

“She didn’t work for the negatives,” to be said by Duff. I certainly did. I worked days and weeks to complete our install and now years and we have a perfect planet. How much should I be paid per hour? We also have Mars ready? How much is that worth to every American for space travel? And he is the one who said we gave you the rocket so Americans would not have space travel. Should he have any say?

“Bench warrants ruin governors?” Why? I am available to testify in any case on my twitter feed @a_diener. How do we get those working with our adversaries before they leave our country? We need to research who we deal with better at least data is out now?

This is Peace Strategist’s home not speaking tours. We can have our audit and stop those who are receiving funds from our adversaries. I have wanted to bust Allen since I found out he caused the OC bankruptcy and that is why Duff paying them through Orange County is criminal. We want real computer programmers not traitors working for Russia as they have been. This is why they have a Russian bribed man laundering drug money for them, Duff.

They have no rights to God’s negatives. Stop consciousness theft.

Gold only is global and cashless angers everyone.

Why are failures trying to harm American standing? “America can borrow.”

“All the below ground jails need replacement,” said because we finished our work and I should be paid for their demolition as I was promised.


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