Overall Communo Fascism Stopped.

More Supporting Data on What Needs to Be Replaced that was Operated by National Security Agency Against American Citizens.

Presidents such as me, have multifaceted careers, and serve American citizens however they can with their work. Trump is deposed for a long time now and we found the main block, who is the FBI Director, who post deposal kept working against American citizens to launder cocaine money to continue the land grab Trump is deposed for. “I was only there (at the FBI) for those cocaine transactions to go through,” said Christopher Wray a few days ago, and he is on trial. He needs to be put in custody for the cocaine men to stop here reducing American liquidity and cocaine trafficking.

A new FBI Director must be hired by me and my team in DC. In the meantime, I am working on a story to assist American citizens and prevent surveillance and inspection that should be deemed by now as fraudulent. Individuals involved in both the creation of terrorism and the screening for it need to be sued.

“We cause terrorism, and then we get paid for screening them,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in the case I am presenting for a lawsuit. We women and men have been gropped and screened for almost 18 years now due to their terrorism. I remember when Governor Gray Davis was recalled. The recall in reality was not voter approved. They lied about it in the media. I worked on phone polling voters during the recall effort and the majority of the people I called were against the recall effort, so I was surprised and saddened when Schwarzenegger got in despite the voters likely voting against him. Then soon after, I was at the San Diego County Fair, where fair goers could typically walk in and out easily without going through metal detectors. When Schwarzenegger came in to office, metal detectors moved in unknowingly to the public, they were likely setup by his sides.

Why is this required when they create the terrorism and terrorists they do not want us to win against?

These are the same individuals who are involved in attempted communism on American soil, as were referred to here.

Their entry point was at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center in the Northwest as was outlined here.

James Slyfield who worked for me as a contractor was suspect then, and he interfered with my meeting an important Admiral to garner support for my magazine I published from 1997 to 2001 for the Navy in the Northwest. I found out yesterday it was Slyfield who was working with them in the background for communism on American soil against American citizens interests. Slyfield, who is known as “Dirty as shit,” now, considered communism personally viable for he and his teams against American citizens and said back then, “That communism (electronic) is really going to help us make money.” Slyfield was working with the redhead mentioned in the article, “Chinese Communism Entry Point in America through Giuliani and Keyport Base,” and they partnered with the individuals who conducted September 11th here. When I hired him, I thought he was a Navy Seal who needed transitional assistance to a career in advertising and subscription sales. He was very deceptive.

And he works with the individuals who have attempted to use advanced weaponry on American citizens here on American soil. They also have been proponents for the advanced screening and terrorism losses rather than victories for American citizens against terrorism.

Who likes getting a basic mammogram at the airport?

What is seen by the Full Body Scanner, an invasion of privacy by as stated the creators of terrorism. Perverts.

These individuals have acted with impunity creating the same terrorism they are screening us for, invading our privacy at the same time. Then internally we are so conditioned into thinking there is some great threat out there that their machines are protecting us from, while in reality, they manufacture the threats as was said these threats are computer based. This is also known as the package they have been working on against American citizens interests. The communist Chinese sent containerships of unlicensed technology here to be used against American citizens on American soil that I found out about on November 28, 2018. It should have been returned from what I understood here.

This has been one long battle with the HAARP technology that needs to be brought down from space and not used against American citizens or soil. It is designed to even confuse local law enforcement and prevent legal and lawful arrests. People need to see me as our President and an American public servant. A President is hired for that. There is always the statement,”You get to be President tomorrow,” I am President today. I am working and anyone can pick me up as President, other than the guilty communists.

I want to work with Congress and get to work on American foreign policy to bring us back up to favored nation status, American citizens deserve that leadership. Should I fly to DC today to get a new FBI Director hired?

There was never a gender issue when picking me up as President before, and then honest Admirals here were told about the headset and they were told that it was some stepford wife thing that Stevenson installed. I only served as his informant. There was never a personal life with him. I only met him once in person, personally. My focus has always been intelligent hard work for American citizens. The headset was put in by him covertly working with the communists side against American citizens and against me professionally.

I meet thousands of people and no one knows I even have it, so it is not right to hold that against me. I want all of their devices used against me and American citizens delivered to me. These are criminals that deserve prosecution after 25 years of harm inflicted on me covertly.

Stevenson said when he met with the communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian employee in 1997, “she’s going to get you too badly. So I’m going to tell you what I put in,” he said pointing to the left side tooth area referring to what he knew about the Chinese bribery going on and had probably been told by the individuals there. Stevenson has stalked me with the BlueTooth hardware and operated behind my and American citizens backs for 25 years now. I am able to remote view situations when I am close to the subjects in perspective.

Roof of Mouth Strange Bump and Area Stevenson Pointed To.

Are any of them caught today? At least yesterday, Admiral Center admitted that we should have met to talk about my magazine back in 2000, rather than having the meeting set up, which Slyfield harmed both of us to “bring communism here.”

We need no communism, Constitutionalism only, and real election convictions must be made without Robert Mueller, hired by Trump for bankruptcy of American citizens, and any of the stole 2016 ones who were in on the communist threat cocaine bribery scheme with the former deputies men. Our gold and money back must be delivered to American citizens with our Presidency for American voters to vote on. No cocaine is needed, nor should be distributed or trafficked in America or elsewhere with our help.

Pre September 11th, the group of communists outlined here said the following “why don’t you set up a system of controllers were evildoers can operate the machinery” said redhead regarding using the National Security Agency to house the technology to orchestrate horrific terrorism incidents such as boat explosion committee intended. I am against them and have turned them in repeatedly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There is even a flyer that does not include the land developers they have been working with.

Guilty Parties including the Fellowship they run currency trading through to keep the land grab ongoing my testimony is against. I am President gold and money back is owed here, legal honest American money.

How their computerized system works that must be brought down without the communist side involved. No nuclear or other wars need to be started by them ever again. Americans must maintain their standing through the NATO talks on Afghanistan.










Have Trump Team Hold Their Deeds

In real estate sales, it is where the rubber meets the road that one can say about the value of what you own. An investor could own hundreds of properties, and be our financially millions of dollars in maintaining the properties until they are sold. I was in vacation ownership for 16 years, and you can have lot of inventory, however with no one to purchase the inventory, the company acquires debt from resort construction. This is significantly less than what is involved with the large cocaine asset financed developments here. If few purchase the inventory, the properties will reduce their values to the point were even the property taxes are too high for the prospective buyer.

For some reason since their quest, people do not believe my vantage point that I always hold, which is that of an honest person who has interest only in the highest good for people involved. I am a neutral third party. I have been in sales for most of my life and a product has to be wanted, needed and affordable to be purchased. You can build 1,000 homes and if there is no one who wants to or can feasibly live there, then few will.

These individuals involved with the cocaine financing know that, and they had the intention of defrauding the small unknowing investor and forcing them to pay the developer carryback.

Les Wexner admitted to attempting to defraud service members through their real estate transactions they had been coordinating with service members.

“Then I get to keep that money,” said Les Wexner team about by the amount of money the small investors, such as service members Gordon Duff got involved here in the large land developments, when they have to pay to sell their “investment properties” short sale, similar to what those service members pay when selling a car with negative equity.

They purchased the properties using the cocaine money and Wexner intended to turn over the deeds to the service members when the properties tanked and could not be purchased due to current market conditions, and he looked forward to keeping American service members money that they would have to pay in the short sale transactions.

I suspect they may have offered that to other local individuals to participate here, they were called “boat explosion members.” The marriage and family counselor got the idea, and knows what they are doing now when he just admitted, “It looks like I may have to sell my house to pay for those they are offering here. They can keep their notes,” deeds. This is the scam here.

My Executive Order from this morning is binding as it is needed. 8:03 AM. 3/14/19.

“Executive Order. President Ann Diener. As malfeasance has been found at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, all all appointed position and the individuals those appointments hired can be investigated by outside agencies.”

The “Largest land grab” and scam against America had been continuing through the other facets Donald Trump had in place pre-deposal and his teams chose to keep those operating despite the deposal being correct for the cocaine bribery to continue through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Yesterday this was found to be the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray, who intended with their cocaine men to plant drugs in my home. “Slip her cocaine,” he said. Wray likely was involved in stock transactions on the back end to provide income for criminals connected to the Boeing crash, as he stated, “Do not use the pay back scheme,” that is similar to what George HW Bush used through the 2008 to pay back Robert Mercer detailed here.

The individual who was hired by the Navy to perform the deposal is involved on the back end with the scam against American citizens and the land grab, and after Trump was deposed he was asked I believe, so should we stop the land grab?

Brian Stafford replied, “I don’t see why. We’ll just continue on with the plan, we had in place before they deposed him.”

This plan is now stopped.

Service members at the Pentagon were sitting there calculating “monetized assets” they knew nothing about before Les Wexner, who wanted the properties ultimately sold to communist Chinese people, after they were foreclosed on for Vancouverization of California. We do not need Vancouverization here, not that I am racist, just American and do not like other nations’ immigrants forced on us through large developments and with the higher than likely penetration of American soil and citizens through hacking and vulnerabilities perpetuated by communist Chinese bribed individuals cited here, this is a significant intelligence problem to monitor especially if they live here.

Why would Xi Jinping want his people to live here on American soil?

Stevenson and the cashless crowd gave these service members the idea with the Wexner, Duff “quest team,” our for bankruptcy and no elected President in our future as they stated would be better than conventional American finance. Trump has been involved in crash and dash properties before that have gone bankrupt and it was said not to long ago when asked what will Trump do when these properties tank?

“He’ll just go around and borrow money like he always has,” said about Trump on December 11, 2018, if the City of Vista goes bankrupt because of his projects’ bankruptcy. “Should we get out of here?” Trump asked then earlier because they began to recognize him as a likely con artist.

Election 2020 will happen, and I am running as President gold now.Money Back can help to make good on our promises to American citizens for a better future.

Service members and others here may not realize that long term these small investors may have to sustain the “investment properties” with their private monies and income.

Trump said a few days ago when asked if he would help them with his riches, “We don’t have any money to pay for your investments.”

“Nothing then?” was asked by the service members.

Their teams wanted to collect service members incomes after Wexner gave them the titles to the properties.

I told the Department of Defense to not accept titles to the properties, and let them go bankrupt.

Wexner admitted then, “I’m going to have to pay for all the stuff based on negative (debt based) financing I created with my gold money,” which is good for us. If locals here are involved in these investments, force them to pay and not you, as we investigate them internally through the Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internal Affairs as this was set up likely long before Trump took office. These oligarchs were participating with Trump teams to loot American liquidity which we are stopping. Our US Gold standard and my money back will help with to remunerate the suffering these individuals have caused.

We need to take steps to remove the oligarchs off American soil immediately as they will not be friendly when their assets they counted on stealing from American citizens fall. No crash of the stock market is needed to make up for the loss. They must be arrested now on American soil. We have a right to wrongfully arrest the Stevenson cartel as one of the components clearly left in illegally to continue the land grab. They will go down now either way. There is a price for criminally minded individuals who steal from everybody.

Trump Team with Oligarchs intended to bankrupt all American citizens and every supporter to tag and bag them later on. I stopped them and I am still sitting here. Gold and Money back is ours Constitutionally.


My Headset Installed Illegally by Communist Chinese Bribed & Germanic Ones, Who are Against America with Alien Agenda.

I am innocent, and I should have the security contract that was promised to me as was stated, “She deserves the security contract we promised her in the beginning,” said the Navy a few days ago, and that is true I work very hard for American citizens and our Navy. My “head noise” is solved. It is time to arrest the guilty. Gordon Duff and his wife broke into my home in Marysville, WA in 2001, before they set up September 11th, to install components in my brain illegally for the communist side acting criminally on American soil to steal from all American citizens through them. They worked with the components Stevenson installed covertly in his quest against American citizens and service members to harm America. He hated that I work for them and that is why he put the technology in my cheek and mouth.

Other article about the crooked cop who installed the headset, that is illegal and used to steal from American citizens and harm innocent women and investors behind our backs with no money out of pocket paid by the criminals operating illegally on bribery payments.

Updated, and to be President of the United States as it is known, I provided honest testimony about the intentions of Donald Trump and his team that have proven itself with much more evidence against them. Their Stole2016 “administration” is more like organized crime than any Presidency that a real agency would protect for the American voter, which is who I work for. I found out now that the Secret Service Agency installed “Hitler’s tape recorders here,” that must be brought down now. Hitler did not want an elected President as is mandated constitutionally, which I am for and we will have in 2020. I am Presidential enough to be President and am a public servant that is required for American style political office. We had the right depose an organized crime based politician selected with the stole 2016 team ones due to their attempt to scam and also later bankrupt all Americans. Based on Gordon Duff’s statement, and if the Secret Service Agency is involved with him, both should be indicted for espionage with communist Chinese assets through the use of thre tape recorders to cause decline to American citizens and force the shift to China, their operator Duff desired as it stated here, “it was all for the Chinese side to come up good and strong,” about the illegal quest they ran at my house against me and against American citizens with the tape recorders. They must be brought down and the “largest land grab in history ” I testified against that Trump is deposed for must stop. All assets they illegally garnered using the cocaine bribery must stay in the suspects possession to bankrupt them and force them to pay in their gold money for them, and if they attempt to sell to China, confiscate the properties immediately, as this was premeditated theft by Richard Cheney as he said here on October 31,2018, “We had it planned from before to devalue their property (in California) and sell it to China,” when asked about using advanced electromagnetic technology on the state with his daughter Liz who admitted to using advanced technology here against American citizens,  “I thought that when we used the space cannon, we would get to keep the state.” Not allowed, confiscate assets when and if they attempt to sell them to Chinese individuals, as was stated by Cheney. The Secret Service Agency director could be charged with espionage or worse as he is favoring another nation over American land owners.

These advanced technology users are connected to the harmful tape recorders and embezzlement machines, if as it was stated by the current Secret Service Agency Director, he is involved in this embezzlement scheme, the agency may be held liable for the liquidity lost here by area residents.

I did not know Robert L. Stevenson of Orange County California had put a BlueTooth object in my cheek when my molar broke in my Art History class at San Diego State University, after I got dental work done. His intention was malicious, and I have been investigating it. It was done 25 years ago, and the Navy when I served Navy Region Northwest found “head noise” I did not know about it, and Navy Region Northwest traced it to Stevenson’s CB radio, I found out recently. They then chose to meet with him and not tell me about it. Stevenson when he went up to meet with them met with an individual who had been likely accepting communist Chinese bribery payments since before I published my magazine.

I sensed it back then that the communist Chinese and Russians had been operating aboard our Naval Installations and had begun to investigate the Shift East to stop them. I found out about how technologically America had been surrounded by the communist Chinese through software sales, I am against even today.

Stevenson met with a communist Chinese bribery suspect who was a Department of Defense civilian, who admitted on my road trip, “you found out my identity.” This individual also prevented my, our American combat victory against the terrorists I had been fighting through intelligence means from here, my home for many years for Americans to defeat terrorism ourselves.

Stevenson said when he met with the communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian employee in 1997, “she’s going to get you too badly. So I’m going to tell you what I put in,” he said pointing to the left side tooth area referring to what he knew about the Chinese bribery going on and had probably been told by the individuals there. Stevenson has stalked me with the BlueTooth hardware and operated behind my and American citizens backs for 25 years now. I am able to remote view situations when I am close to the subjects in perspective.

Stevenson said  when I found out about this conversation as he listens through the BlueTooth, his motivation was “I hated you” and “you were always a better cop than I was,” because I served as an informant for him and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Narcotics task force.

The Chinese side DoD civilian admitted on my road trip that he met with Stevenson and accepted his quest, “Only because I was receiving Chinese bribery for too long before,” I started publishing my magazine. And maybe he knew I would find out when I published my magazine about his Chinese bribery and his attempts to force American citizens into communism, because I tend to out criminal individuals operating against American citizens and our service members regularly.

‘I have a little game going on of my own. I think I can use Ann and some of her material for the German Mafia,” said Stevenson to Chinese bribed DoD civilian unbeknownst to me when he met with Stevenson in 1997.

Did he or they even know German culture of don’t do wrong? No Stevenson and now his “demon men” are pure criminals with the cocaine bribery.

Stevenson has worked with Gordon Duff who is for China to defeat American citizens and service members on American soil, as Duff stated.

“Ann cannot know what we did with the Chinese side,” said Duff after I provided the testimony because he was working with yacht people Maxwell me testimony was against. I k now now that he wanted the Chinese side to overtake American citizens interests. Duff connected to the bribed DoD civilian with the headset.

Gordon Duff proud of himself  yesterday said, “I’ve always thought that I am being part of the most important time in history, America might just fall to them,” communist China. That will not happen at all.

The headset was put on when they falsely accused me of murder in the Northwest, even according to the Seattle Times who told me such.

Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, ‘I supported him (Stevenson) killing those people,” and I suspect they tried to blame me illegally. I hate anyone killing anyone without just war causes, defensive.

When I came back to California after being forced out by them and after September 11th happened with real guilty hidden, the Chinese side DoD civilian lied to David Brown.

“They say that she committed some kind of felony,” said David Brown back then when I came back to California unbeknownst to me.
Chinese side DoD civilian admitted, “that’s a lie we told them back then,” to put the headset on.

Chinese side DoD civilian said in 2001 to David Brown then, “just put that headset on her and will be just fine.” That was done to force the shift to China here that I am against, now even serving as President because of the deposal of Donald Trump whose team stole 2016 with the intention of bankrupting all American citizens.

We keep our gold standard and my money back for restitution of American citizens from these criminals who have attempted to steal from all American citizens since they conducted September 11th, the 2008 crash and many other covert financial crimes behind American citizens backs. Our budget surplus is ours to use for American citizens benefit.

Navy phased my magazine out because as Retired Admiral, Annette Brown said, “We liked what those cashless guys had to say,” to defraud American citizens of liquidity through an unbacked cashless system we do now want or need. I and we have also rescued our country and other nations from this now.

How hard was my magazine  to build? Very hard, especially when individuals were operating against American citizens interests in the background and they knew I was an honest cop serving our service members with my marketing and advertising strengths.

How much did I save them? I saved them millions of dollars back then through publishing my magazine and increased transitional benefits for our service members as well as provided important information on area activities, events, travel and secure entertainment through restaurants and nightlife.

She did not want to reveal the communist Chinese bribery I felt when I was there, because I suspect she may have been participating with them, knowing I am our only natural negative holder on my planet.

Brown admitted that on my road trip via BlueTooth, “Because she’s the negative holder I didn’t want to tell her all along,” to save my and our planet from the harmful extraterrestrials Congress knows about and refuses to alarm the American citizens with. I am fighting them on my own with Department of Defense honest employees, against communist Chinese and Germanic ones, who work with Stevenson and Rothchilds. The communist Chinese and Germanic ones are technically defeated through the gene sequencing being no longer able to be conducted and that can be verified here.

“The aliens (alien agenda) told us to bring cashless here,” said, likely David, Rothschild picked up via BlueTooth on my road trip. They are just tools for extraterrestrials nothing more, nothing less, and they’re given the money by alien agenda. No celebrity status should be allowed for individuals who attempted to defraud American citizens their liquidity.

The communist Chinese bribed Department of Defense civilian also participated in the financial transactions on the back end of September 11th which should be considered stock market fraud, as I found out.

He admitted “I ‘only’ perpetrated those transactions,”  about profiting during the terrorism incident. Only is a word used by communist side to limit their guilt.

And that is a connector to Trump with the financial transactions he was charged for during the deposal, which is correct even now.

These German mafia members are the lower educated Americans and non feeling members of American service member society. They are easy targets and easy to manage for the aliens and foreign nationals benefits alone, and need to be stopped for American security to continue.

Admirals who were accepting the bribery payments from communist China have said, “they were supposed to fall to China,” this should be considered espionage at the least today and more severe charges against them should be leveled.

I also wondered yesterday what has been conducted against American service members and senior commanders who are honest with individuals such as Duff who is connected to Les Wexner and prostitution through Jeffrey Epstein. All photographs held by Duff need to be destroyed with tapes of sexual activities.

Wexner yesterday admitted to attempting to defraud service members through their real estate transactions they had been coordinating with service members.

“Then I get to keep that money,” said Les Wexner team about by the amount of money the small investors, such as service members Duff got involved here in the large land developments, have to pay to sell their “investment properties” short sale, negative equity on a car.

They purchased the properties using the cocaine money and Wexner intended to turn over the deeds to the service members when the properties tanked and could not be purchased due to current market conditions, and he looked forward to keeping American service members money that they would have to pay in the short sale transactions.

Service members at the Pentagon were sitting there calculating “monetized assets” they knew nothing about before Les Wexner, who wanted the properties ultimately sold to communist Chinese people, after they were foreclosed on for Vancouverization of California.

Stevenson gave these service members the idea with the Wexner, Duff “quest team,” our for bankruptcy and no elected President in our future as they stated. Election 2020 will happen.

Service members did not realize that long term these small investors may have to sustain the “investment properties” with their private monies and income.

Trump said yesterday, “We don’t have any money to pay for your investments.”

“Nothing then?” was asked by the service members.

Their teams wanted to collect service members incomes after Wexner gave them the titles to the properties.

I told the Department of Defense to not accept titles to the properties, and let them go bankrupt.

Wexner admitted then, “I’m going to have to pay for all the stuff based on negative (debt based) financing I created with my gold money,” which is good for us.

We need to help the younger individuals stop being involved in the bribery scheme who when entrapped yesterday by the cocaine men said, “Maybe we’re not that innocent ourselves so let’s just keep playing with these guys,” in a young sounding voice, a likely individual who is involved unintentionally in the embezzlement game and scheme against American citizens with Trump.

Prostitutes have likely been provided by these same criminal individuals to entice them more, wondering what this “debt financing” they introduced was all about. It was designed to steal service members money just like the payday lenders we were all against.

I am ready to go as President or Special Security Liaison for American citizens and service members at any time. Call me to schedule an appointment (760) 672-2028.

Stevenson who is working against me and American voters admitted, “She (I) became President and we (him and his group) did not want another Presidency to happen,” elections will continue for elected Presidents, and I am still President of the United States serving from home.

We need to fight the terrorism war that the communist Chinese bribed DoD employee prevented the American side from winning when we were defeating terrorism in Syria.  Back then, the Chinese bribed DoD individual who had my headset installed at David Brown’s unbeknownst to me, said,  “See what you can find out on this kid, (me) if I had if I knew who she was we had back then I would have raised ‘German side,’ ” this “German side is Stevenson who he met with in 1997,  and that term is the connector to him and his team now of cocaine men on his cocaine quest called “demons” against American voters and citizens interests, as is stated above, and he would have used Stevenson to harm me to prevent a victory against terrorism for America. This has gone on for far too long now, and even our allies agree they have lost faith in America and said,”I don’t know if anyone believes in America any more.” I do so I keep on working until I get paid and offered a formal office and title.
I am against them and against communism, that they have supported. Constitutionalism only.

The Russian oligarchs have been working for the cocaine men’s interests and it was just heard, “Get rid of Oleg’s equipment,” in my home? I am obviously against him as this is what they have been attempting harmfully listening on American soil as I reported to the Navy and others.

Chinese Communism Entry Point in America through Giuliani and Keyport Base

“I don’t like your type, but I can make your government go to jail,” said Rudolph Giuliani about the forced deal with a Chinese group to remove the steel from the September 11th terrorism incident. It was the communists Rudolph Giuliani made the deal with, and they were leaking in there and in the Northwest where I was living at the time. Giuliani threatened them because the democratic government of China was in power then, and he could have likely jailed them directly.

“What do you say we make a little interim arrangement for you to take hold of a little of our personal property right here,” Giuliani team said to the group aligned  Xi Jinping, who is the current President of China, when they made a deal for the steel removal from WTC towers with the communists.

Those communists likely then made a deal  through a middle man with a redheaded man that I met at Keyport Naval Undersea Warfare Center instead of Admiral Center when James Slyfield, one of my employees then attempted to setup a meeting with Center to assist with my magazine advertising.

The redhead when making the deal on phone said, “Then we can for sure bring communism in here?” excitedly after Stevenson met with him in 1998. Stevenson is the former cop who admittedly conducted September 11th with his secret society friends. “We did the World Trade Center with the secret society,”  admitted Stevenson, who now is involved with scamming real estate from American citizens using cocaine money. See PowerPoint here, and they have been turned in so many times personally to the FBI.

Man on phone replied happlity, “directly into the United States.” That I suspect was part of the electromagnetic jails package that was installed by the stole 2016 ones used here against American citizens and hotel guests, such as the Intercontinental.

Package banned as of February 12, and now being removed by our negative being placed perfectly put in the center where it belongs.

Intercontinental Hotel San Diego












Was this the deal they made with the far right to bring communism here against American citizens? Likely. The two worked together with Bill Gates to “roll” American citizens in the future using hand stamping or stamping, that will now not work now.

The Guilty of September 11th including those who use them, Russian oligarchs

“There are poor people that we intended to the hand marks,” admitted Gates about their tagging and ultimately bagging system, where the below ground jails would have been used to harvest American citizens.

Recovery of assets, like I have done with our British Commonwealth money here, is better, and we are a Sovereign Constitutional Republic like we were in 1790. That money is trillions and helps the poor people much more with the solidity of our US Gold Standard, we need no communism.

I have suffered personally because of the communists who have stolen from me since 1998 when Stevenson met with Community Programs Morale Welfare that I published my magazine for.

They forced me out for their 2000 agenda to start the terrorism wars. The Department of Homeland Security was created after the seventh lowest year of terrorism in nine years, and at that point, they, the now known communists pressured me to stop publishing my magazine and forced me out.

They admittedly use the painful technology “technology Stevenson installed” in my brain and my mouth to hurt me for the last 18 -25 years to varying degrees.

Yesterday it was admitted, “Her income was too great to make this communism happen,” said redhead angrily about me, who substituted for Admiral center in 2000 meeting about my magazine. This shows malicious intention towards my income to impose an unconstitutional system on the United States of America and its citizens. The targeting of my business and personal employment income for the last 21 years is illegal, and they owe me the income differential.

Military Beat, A Constitutionalist Magazine owned previously by me.

Not only did I lose $350,000 or more with my magazine, I lost millions through my business negotiations that were tracked and known sabotaged by them including millions of dollars from Sionix container sized water treatment systems transactions. I also had to work full time to support fighting them on the terrorism side as they set up teams of Middle Eastern terrorists against American citizens and service members. They harmed me at work continuously sabotaging my sales using the targeting methods I endured, as Stevenson called them “child molestor implants.” I still became number one at any job I was interested in and enjoyed doing. I earn typically over $70,000 per year working 30 hours a week or less to support my fighting terrorism.

It is all the National Security Agency who attacked me, us on September 11th and wanted communism, now it’s over soon with them arrested.

“They can’t take it, they are the guilty parties at the National Security Agency” was said about NSA who conducted 9/11  a few days ago, and Dick Cheney stand the down order for Air Force jets not to scramble after the pilots Duff hired.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said Dick Cheney, inside the White House bunker, “apparently confirmed a stand-down order at about 9:25AM.”


Energetics and Alien Communism.

In 1997, I began to research heavily against communism when I published a magazine for Navy Region Northwest, so I analyzed China and Russia because I detected these foreign influences operating aboard the installations. They were very disconcerting. When I was working on my computer then, and American individual energetically was physically shoulder surfing or what is truly called melding.

“We harvest them from alien agenda,” said John Brennan today as to why Constitutionalists cannot use energetics and they, the communists, have been able to use energetics even as far back as 1997. I use my own energetics and work with plants during confined surveillance operations through meditational techniques. Constitutionalists like me feel that they are so advanced from us, and they don’t experiment like I do and have been successful with. I have implants from them to overcome, communist alien agenda, and I do with my own methods.

I have an eye camera they implanted in me that takes nude surveillance videos and photos in the shower, so today I used my mind to put a Yucca plant’s energy field to meld with me there when I was showering so no photos could be taken nor sent overseas. I identify, adapt and overcome. The plant works with me and was happy to help me shower without onlookers. There is lots of evidence and data on the power of plants to assist human American citizens. The Secret Life of Plants is a great book that validates this research, and my work with plants as surveillance and protector individuals that do communicate with you. Constitutionalist intelligence and service members can win for the highest good through working with plants as they connect directly to God and Nature.

“The plants remove us,” admitted Brennan now, about the alien agenda that is harmful to humans and American citizens.

Plants are pretty powerful and have likes and dislikes, here they dislike the hired gardener by others. They produced a very large cat that was a tiger when he was around telling me not to go near him because we are always afraid of them harming us since Stevenson started paying the Mexican ones to use dark magic here. Some of the objects are seen here in the photographs that he paid them to deposit here. It has been very scary for them and me here by ourselves. My plants always protect me intelligently and some monitor frequencies. The Department of Defense hates how telepathic I am, yet that is how I protect myself. I can teach other Constitutionalists and they do not need to depend on communists. It was said the communists built a “wall around” me today, yet I fight the communists every day to stay safe. It is good to work with plants, and they as well as your own consciousness can provide the same benefits the communists have been using through Alien Agenda for many years claiming it is exclusive. I suspect because I was so harmed publishing my magazine that the individual I mentioned at the beginning was a communist working against American citizens since then. They used advanced technology to attempt to take over our planet. They are wondering now, as I write this, “what is communism about?” It is an outside extraterrestrial group attempting to control my planet. I am our only negative, the core of my planet who I have met personally, holder. It was a wild and scary experience to meet him, very hot and intense yet wonderful.

Plants, Nature and God always win.

Improving American Standing through Relocation, Redevelopment & Intelligence for Secularism.

Updated, rather than sitting here tomorrow with Donald Trump’s team  speaking to the media, who all of Congress has been informed stole 2016, and Trump admittedly was previously jailed as part of the deposal process, “That’s the testimony that took me to jail back then,” about my testimony, and now they are admittedly communists working against American citizens, as DeVos and others in Trump team have admitted, with Devos yesterday clearly stating, “now they know we’re the ones who have been working on communism,” they could be arrested now, and tomorrow we could work on assisting Europe with their terrorism threats with Mattis. We can announce our gold standard, money back as restitution for the damage the communists did here using full spectrum dominance against American citizens in California to steal their real estate, as was the communists stated goal, and we could announce the election convictions to prepare for 2020.

“Her income was too great to make this communism happen,” said redhead angrily about me, working with them against 327 million American citizens who are Constitutional.

This is continuing the work on redevelopment mentioned in this article relating to building structures. Internationally, America has not won a war since WWII, and we were close to defeating terrorism in the Middle East until Russian individuals became obsessed with their own popularity and hired mercenaries themselves. Those individuals then relocated oligarchs here to the USA. The key to America winning wars is fighting for just causes, and assisting our international partners through combat, intelligence and also making up for our mistakes when we harm them unwittingly.

American forces can serve in Europe to manage migrants and conduct redevelopment operations in the countries we harmed due to the American war criminals involved in combined conflict and currently attempting to create more conflict internationally. This enables us to coordinate intelligence gathering operations in Europe to identify terrorism suspects that have gotten past us due to the individuals who stole 2016 to bankrupt American citizens. We could serve with our partners to interview migrants being processed to return to their home countries for redevelopment operations.

Why can’t America win wars? Because we are not honest anymore.

Historically, when we exhibit overreach, as in the Korean war, is when we lose, and we are losing in the eyes of the world today unless we change now.

“I don’t know if anyone believes in America any more,” said an international partner. I do, and we will our wars in the future, if we actually work for freedom and justice internationally, not to start genocide with those who should be on trial and are supporting communism in America. I am available to talk to anyone all day long, every day, peacefully here or by telephone (760) 672-2028 cell or home office number (760) 945-4943.

These individuals are hired to make America lose wars.

Gordon Duff admitted because he was forced to tell the truth to NATO about his activities conducted criminally with his assets operating for communism a few days ago, about he and his wife Carol, “Just arrest us and throw us in jail. We lost every contact in NATO,” proving they were working with Dick Cheney to continue their mercenary forces through them unauthorized, as he had done in Iraq before he was thrown out in 1991.

Why are we sitting here wasting time, while our enemies taunt us? Why talk to the enemy and not me? My case is made against them and I can take it to Congress and prosecute the entire administration, National Security Agency and Congressional members. I am hired to put them on trial.

“They can’t take it, they are the guilty parties at the National Security Agency” was said about NSA who conducted 9/11 & Dick Cheney stand the down order for Air Force jets not to scramble after the pilots Duff hired.

Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said Dick Cheney, inside the White House bunker, “apparently confirmed a stand-down order at about 9:25AM.”

Tools for Oligarchs are using against American citizens for communism.


Early Timeline of Investigation to recover America’s stolen Presidency by Trump who steals with intention from his constituents.

June 10, 2017, I was electrocuted in my car while driving to work because I reported correctly about controlled opposition terrorists in Syria who are left leaning, I thought for a long time, however I suspect it may have been as a result of the email I sent to Robert Stevenson. They are connected to goons, also called white alien agenda that electrocuted me. I always thought Stevenson and Paul Allen were good Americans then, and have proven myself incorrect through my investigation. I also found out who Gordon Duff really is, a purely evil communist I did not fall in love with. He set me up. Stevenson has been in contact with one of the goons or white alien agenda who likely participated in electrocuting me in my car. According to Stevenson, “He (an extraterrestrial who is white) always made all of those false promises.” I wanted to figure this out because back then when I wrote this email I was so naive thinking Stevenson, Paul Allen and Duff were innocent. They are guilty of being involved in the pre-planning of September 11th for harmful genetic sequencing against American citizens that is stopped permanently. Gold only now.

June 10 2017 I thought Robert Stevenson, Paul Allen and Gordon Duff were honest Constitutionalists they are not. They were all in on the “communist threat,” here in California and against me since September 11, 2001, as well as in 2008 and many times in behind my back.

This electrocution went on for three weeks and I bought shielding pants to drive to work. I have a photo of them.

I made the mistake of calling Robert Stevenson by telephone on June 17, 2017, and asking him to help me find out who electrocuted my legs which was ongoing. I sent him another email and I told him about the alien agenda that had harmed me and I suspected was against humans.

Stevenson hates and hates himself and has hated me since he knew me professionally and back then I tried to be his friend, that is not possible. I learned that after the second email I sent him when he did not contact me.

Duff was not my friend either, though I wrote for Veterans Today and avidly read his articles. I found out soon after his quest against me began that he is working for communistic alien agenda against us. Stevenson partnered with Duff here in my home to harm us.

“We’re only making her (me) have fun, to get job done over here,” said Duff, which meant to use the genetic sequencing hardware to professionally brand all Americans like cattle for their cashless pay-points. I have to work really hard against them here for American citizens. That feeling of having fun here in my home while they were torturing me was inflicted upon me, as Duff stated in the quote above.

This story is hard to write because no one likes being made a fool of, especially not a hardworking person for American citizens like me. These individuals are criminals, and I want to be clear about my historical participation with them. A person must know the truth about their participation level to understand the past influences and what may have happened that was unpreventable.

I went on to do revoking agreements to place my/our planet’s core perfectly put in August 2017, and provided deposal testimony regarding Donald Trump’s team’s criminal conduct behind the scenes.

It is disturbing that a ship’s party was conducted by service members working with the above individuals who were and are against Constitutionalism that they are supposed to uphold.

There was an incident that happened shortly after I sent this tweet to Greg Palast, Trump had been deposed already, according to what I found out later. I misspelled Mike Kilburn’s name here, and he came to San Diego likely working for Duff as Duff mentioned on telephone he was looking for property in Montana, which I knew was suspicious at the time. When Kilburn came here there was some group harmfully operating in the background, and I knew Stevenson had gotten involved with them since my email to him. Kilburn was suspicious in his intention, and I knew he was flying out to a Naval vessel from what I overheard. I suspected he was doing something wrong, and may attempt to kill service members who knew about the testimony I provided which later I found out was true. This is called the destroyer incident they caused and information on it with quotes showing their guilt is found here.

Then they had a party with service members who killed the service members the night afterwards. What I found out now confirmed that Trump was jailed correctly on August 18, 2017 and then Mike Kilburn came here to run the scam for him with the oligarchs and the guilty of nine eleven. “I don’t have to be removed yet?” asked Trump asked Kilburn then who replied “I’ve got a little game going over here,” them.

The game involved the van that was placed here by Brian Stafford’s company, that was pointed out by the honest Navy who did the honest deposal and removal back east, as it was said by them recently to Stafford, “You knew I put Trump in jail,” then when we were trying to prevent the “scam against America” and the “largest land grab in history,” by deposing and removing Trump teams. The land grab has continued privately through the criminals Kilburn hired.

Here on the West Coast, Kilburn partied with these cocaine men and service members, telling them the deposal was not in earnest likely. When it was done to protect American citizen from Trump team and their plans that they had, and we found out about in advance through my testimony.

This was confirmed a few days a when it was brought up over the sytel, and someone in the area was asked about the communist threat party with the Navy Chief and his friends with Stevenson cartel on board, and the individual said, “I told none of those men to tell anybody about it,”  referring to the correct deposal of Trump. Destroyer incident was conducted by them. It was attempted to be concealed here to allow for the land grab and scam to continue. Many people were harmed here in Vista and San Diego county because of them.

In the lobby of the hotel where I worked that night of their party, they hired individuals to make it seem like I was invited to a party and I was scared. I felt like they were going to try to kill me when Kilburn came to town.

“We were told to believe that you were with them (quest men) part time,” said a source on December 29, 2018 who was told that by the “boat captain” at their party. No. They were all against me and our Constitutionalism, and American citizens who I tried to protect with my testimony about the scam and land grab.

“We’ll make her get married or something that way we’ll delay their nice homecoming,” said boat captain them wanting to delay the formal removal of Donald Trump. We can release our US gold to the American public now. Election convictions need to come out.

The sad part, and what I complained about repeatedly was there murder of service members for individuals who should be in jail, even because of the stolen election of 2016 and they are known criminals who have harmed millions of people before. No further death is needed on their behalf. Why would accomplices to election theft be part of any deposal of the guilty in capital punishment white collar crimes they stole the election to accomplish, said for individuals claiming, “W’s guys weren’t part of the deposal.” These are individuals as has been stated, “Could not win an election if their life depended on it,” so why kill people for them, and drag on individuals who used premeditated white collar crime in the background to steal from 327 million American citizens through election theft.

American citizens are not to be treated like their cash cow to be ridden.

And no more terrorism will be needed from George W. Bush, like the threats yesterday.

Not one more death for Bush.



American Citizens Win and Defeat Communist Imposters Concealed as Trump Administrations, Both He and Pence Culpable.

These individuals do target me because I am the negative holder who managed to stop their covert plan against American citizens by placing our negative perfectly put that harms their unknown and non consented intentions against all American citizens.

I became President as part of a flawed deposal process, and that is less important than our gold standard that I brought to the table to protect Americans financially. We cannot be afraid of George W Bush and his men. Brian Stafford just admitted, “W’s men have got me afraid,” when I posted this story on the Hill.

Cashless standard is going away on the planet because as alien agenda admitted, “there is no genetic sequencing on the planet to match the tape recorder man’s,” said in reference to Gordon Duff’s gene sequence attempting to kill our planet said this morning by individuals involved in the sequencing attempts against American citizens freedom. They attempt harm all American citizens financially through the land grab and cashless system Donald Trump and teams attempted with the tape recorder man, the Russian oligarchs, possibly two Russians mentioned in the Steele Dossier and their henchmen.

Duff, who was hired by Vladimir Putin through Gene Khruschev, likely worked with oligarchs, Bill Gates and others to internally harm American citizens to tie into the electronics and paypoints that had been installed pre Trump deposal in 2017 in hotels and restaurants as well as stores that are owned by Les Wexner.

Duff wanted to create this harmful surveillance state with his family to harm American citizens before the Robert Stevenson quest men arrived here.

Stevenson, a former deputy from the Orange County, California Sheriff’s Department, who is different than I am, is against America (he hates our American flag), was hired by their team later on with Brian Stafford, the former Director of the Secret Service Agency,  hired by them also and is likely angry and against their intentions internally. Whether Stafford deposed Trump for the right reason depends on his intentions for our American Presidency, should it be controlled by harmful individuals operating against American citizens with oligarchs or American voters, that I support. Donald Trump and his team admittedly stole the 2016 election, and it has been found out that their team’s intention was then to bankrupt all American citizens, even their own constituents who were average American citizens, the base they appeal to that love their Constitution and American flag.

I felt the paypoints Trump team with these individuals wanted for them to harm American citizens today at the outlet mall I went to on the California side of the Mexican border in San Ysidro, California. They are installed them in Mexico too, unlawfully. The paypoints will not happen any more.

Why do I fight these individuals? It is because American citizens are busy living their daily lives, and I want them to be safe and happy, Constitutionally without fear of being harmed by covert operatives working against them. The American people did not know me before, and I fight for them always to stay free.

As is stated above there is an extreme covert group of individuals who had plotted against American citizens using even, genetic sequencing with off worlders. The hardest thing is to explain what I do silently. When the deposal went wrong, and I was not made aware of it yet learned of it, I knew individuals harmed me professionally through American foreign policy and in my home by surrounding me with the tape recorders. I had to understand why?

I turned them in repeatedly. What is and was their intention, who was controlling the scenario, from when and why? Basically what were they attempting to conduct are criminal financial systems against the American people. I am always on their side with American citizens, small and unknown as I am, and known as the enemy to the dark side I fight against, I will soon send them to jail.

What is nice is that the work I did on my negative install did change things for all American citizens, despite what a covert corrupt official who wanted to kill me a long time ago wanted. Many hate me because of my support and work for all American citizens against them, including John Brennan as he stated.

I will call the individual 3/17 man for the sake of the discussion here, who wanted to kill me, “Putting the negative there won’t change anything, we’ve already got it all planned,” he said about the package to be conducted covertly, with intent to harm American citizens without their consent through Trump team then. The cashless system was started by them in the background intending to harm all American citizens through high tech monitoring they had planned unlawfully.

As it was admitted this morning, “We lost the identity codes,” they admitted today, so technically they are defeated even now, because their system was based on birth identities being numerically programmed through their supercomputer system and machines monitoring American citizens unlawfully. It is illegal because it is done without informed consent.

I know that 3/17 man was part of the team who came here the day they deposed Trump, and gave me hallucinogenic substances that day and likely the controlled substance was found in my car was planted by John Brennan’s team that had partnered with Stevenson, who when I knew him had become an undercover narcotics investigator. When I wondered what to do with it, I had been given hallucinogenic substances by 3/17 man, Brennan and other communistic operatives so I took a picture of it on the rainbow colored ball.

Stevenson was not as involved as I thought later when he worked with them to plant the controlled substance in my car with my neighbor, the Mexican American who lived next door to me then. He did not know how harmful these covert operatives are and sophisticated their technology is in the background that they attempted to use against American men here with their “quest” they put on. Stevenson admitted to hating W’s men’s opinion on cashless.

The key to this 3/17 man, oligarchs, Donald Trump and team who stole 2016 and were, are deposed correctly is that there was no informed consent of the American citizens to coordinate their plan covertly in the background to financially harm all American citizens and the individuals they hired including Stevenson played a tiered roll operating against American citizens, as they were hired by them, and some operated against their interests for financial profits.

Brian Stafford unknowingly got involved with 3/17 man, when 3/17 man said,”I’m going to send him out after her,” because I protected America against Trump when he tried to nuke China personally, himself on his own using insiders then. Stafford was not aware that 3/17 was using him as a tool to harm American citizens and violate his principles.

China at the time posed no threat to American citizens or soil and admitted that fact recently. The incident was used to later distract the deposal Stafford performed. The Navy then became the “boat explosion members” working for 3/17 against American citizens. “I hope she never realizes we were always working against her, even when we did the deposal,” said a Navy Chief now operating for communist threat with the UN Secretariat, as was admitted by him on February 26, 2019, “We just lost the communism that me and that Navy chief put in.” There was a team that did want to pick me up post deposal and they were confronted with likely the Navy Chief and the Secret Society members aligned with Stevenson, 3/17 and Duff. I found out they said, “What do you think they’re doing over there? Why won’t they at least let us come in here and pick her up,” asked Navy after Donald Trump deposed in 2017.

Before that, around July 28, 2017, Duff said to his friends here with the communist threat men “I’ll bet we can get her to play along with us rather than do all that deposal stuff they wanted her to do.”

Even if the Navy Chief was working against me, Trump is legally and lawfully deposed and I am President, obviously Constitutional, and want a better Navy than that Chief and those working on communist threat.

Xi Jinping admitted the other day, “I did not intend to strike then,” so Trump’s strike would have been offensive and according to the laws of war I am very familiar with could have likely encouraged a retaliatory strike at American soil and citizens by China, and it is approved as retaliation for an unneeded offensive maneuver conducted illegally if it had happened then. I am glad that I stopped Trump then and will continue to work for American citizens as President until I am recognized and deliver my Presidency to the American voter.

When I protected the Navy vessels and American citizens from attack back then, Duff then got involved and wanted to use the opportunity to weaken our Navy, and attempted to explode vessels as he admitted which we stopped, Duff confessed the same day as the Xi Jinping admission, February 28, 2019, “Some vessels needed exploding,” he said, knowing that was and would always be against my will, and I am not his friend.

When Stafford came in as this covert group operating against American citizens was installing technology, I asked him subconsciously, “Why are you even here?” Stafford replied, “I don’t know. He asked me “what are you doing?” I replied, “I am protecting my country.” Stafford knew and knows I was right to prevent the strike against China and defend American Naval vessels. If you know something is being conducted against our Navy it is illegal not to report it, and could be seen as treason in the future.

I remember saying to him then, “ I don’t want you to hurt me with the technology.” He did not, and maybe accepted their contract for their “quests” or better stated work against American citizens with Duff. I am unsure of even now if he is with them completely, if he is “hard right” working with communist threat against American citizens, or actually on the side of American citizens afraid of Bush. Based on what I added at the top, I would have to say it is number 3 here, afraid of Bush, as Stafford admitted, “W’s men have got me afraid.” Navy at the Pentagon has admitted that they hired me to put Bush on trial.

It happened much later that Stafford was hired by the Navy to depose Donald Trump. In my opinion now, knowing what I know, additional charges need to be added against his entire administration for working with the Russian men, two men identified today, who Stafford admitted earlier that Trump “liked too much” even for his tastes. One of the Russian men was admitted to earlier in the day by Trump who refused to disclose his identity.

Donald Trump was asked who it was in Russia he was in contact with early on, Trump said, “I cannot reveal that contact,” concealing it from the American intelligence operative who asked him, and it is likely his intention were and are to work with that contact and others to harm American citizens intentionally with malice.

“We’ve got these two partners we met overseas,” replied Trump after being asked by Hillary Clinton, “So how does this bankruptcy work?” I found out today, that confirms the two men likely included in the Steele Dossier possibly connected to Alpha Bank.

I had already been working on identifying the Russian oligarch participation to protect American citizens when the Steele Dossier came out because it had truth to it in the two Russians mentioned I suspected then. Duff knew I worked on understanding the dossier intently and intentionally likely wanted to harm me because long term he had been involved with these individuals operating against American citizens in the background and disclosed the fact that he had been working on bringing communism to American soil and citizens since 1957 recently. I also found out he was hired by Vladimir Putin around March of 2017 against me and American citizens.

These Russians have worked with Duff and likely Michael Flynn as well Rex Tillerson who cooperated with 3/17 man and Les Wexner against American citizens financial interests with the paypoints in their stores. The payponts will not work as Brennan told Wexner, they will not work, “with their identities returned to normal,” as Wexner’s friend over American citizens interests.

This constant drugging me senseless to be less serious than I normally am, during their harmful quest here at my home was called “making her have fun” by them as I took sometimes beautiful photos of things I thought were nice. Duff had malicious intentions participating through me to harm American citizens with the team that he was working with, and said, “We’re only making her (me) have fun, to get job done over here,” which meant to use the genetic sequencing hardware to professionally brand all Americans like cattle for their cashless pay-points. I have to work really hard against them here for American citizens.

Duff continues to attempt to confuse the authorities by saying, “You were meant to be with Stevenson,” while in reality, Stevenson too was hired by 3/17 man much later to conduct his quest with them for the land grab against American citizens to go along with the sequencing and the pay-points.

The thing that makes Stevenson less culpable is that he made a statement, that the financial back-end W’s guys tried to create here using him, is the one thing he hated about them. I do not support what Stevenson did at with the land grab and the stuff he did to my home. He harmed me professionally and has gone behind my back to damage my reputation that is for American citizens not compromising to W’s men operating against American citizens. I stand against them in their entirety and against the oligarchs, W’s guys and even Stevenson likely partnered with. I have a right to work on American foreign policy with what I know, which has required years of reading and education on my own that no one can take away. Stevenson did not invest the time or the money into understanding American history and the world. He could no longer work in American law enforcement, and I can and do. Our Constitutional values stand strongly for everyone to protect us all.

I suspect Trump is in on the genetic sequencing against even his own constituents who voted for him, wanting to entrap them like farm animals in America with the pay-points to tag them unlawfully.

The Russian contacts working against American citizens that were involved in Donald Trump’s Administrations, as he worked with Mike Pence to setup a new one through the fascists with them, need to be added to any removal from office for the whole administration that stole election 2016 with malicious intent.

“Yes I really knew the Russians really cheated us, but they pay me,” admitted Pence today, because God is on my side. Why are we allowing the oligarchs to listen here against our Navy? It is time to depose the Trump team publicly, and have no more communist influence on American soil through them, and no more harm conducted against American citizens. Their fans need the intention of Trump and his administrations explained to them professionally by me and whoever deposes them. Let freedom happen.

Timeline and miscellaneous quotes for use and more available. I have not finished my tapes I recorded also about the alien agenda hostages that we have.

2016 Trump made contact with the two Russians in the Dossier, those were the attempted bankruptcy Russians operating with him against American citizens. And he brought in the 3/17 man with Duff’s team in around the time they installed the harmful technology in the buildings in San Diego and other places likely.

3/21/17 Buildings started with team including Les Wexner, Gordon Duff and 3/17 man who hired Stevenson and told Stafford to “go after her” me, for the Dictator by Tweet stuff which was nothing bad that I did, other than protect our country from attack by China and preserve American service members rights.

Stevenson was hired against his internal wishes, which are our gold standard and money back now, to target me with them for the building construction contracts with their teams against American citizens, called Israeli only in my report on the Hard rock Hotel and Intercontinental, as well as Marriott properties with the cashless standard men I am against, even then. He just hates me personally for the informancy work I did back then.

3/17 man and team paid the Bankruptcy oligarchs who Trump worked with and liked too much, possibly in the Steele Dossier.

3/17 team  and oligarchs moved money back and forth for the land grab to force cashless against American citizens interests.

“We’re going to feed in the cashless barrier,” said Oleg today at 8:01, which is the harmful white sticky preventing people from deeply understanding and seeing the truth.

“We’ve got these two partners we met overseas,” replied Trump after being asked by Hillary Clinton, “So how does this bankruptcy work?”

3/17 man said regarding one of Trump’s Russian partners, “We definitely paid him before,” likely relating to Alpha Bank (ck spelling).

It was confirmed when Donald Trump was asked who it was in Russia, Trump said, “I cannot reveal that contact,” concealing it from the American intelligence operative who asked him, and it is likely his intention is to work with that contact and others to harm American citizens intentionally with malice.

Investigations are Complete, and Time to Advance to Protecting America Through Business

I am not one to sit around and wait. It is like watching American war criminals stealing from me, my time and energy and effort. All the data is there, and no stealing from my hard drives. We need to announce the gold standard and provide the money back as relief to the American people who suffered under the stole 2016 ones. Remember the farmers who had to kill their pigs early because of Bush ones, how are they doing today?

Who helps them? I always work to help them, and I am still President gold and money back. I have shown my ability to protect American citizens as President and all of my concessions stand. (50)

Trump is now using his personal Twitter rather than @POTUS showing how illegitimate his soft cover cocaine is. My success personally and professionally through my business can help millions of American citizens, so I have to move forward every day to help American citizens and maybe even Pakistan and India through water treatment, which both were interested in. China was interested in the HHO and Waste to Energy systems before. I will keep working and also working to put them on trial, where they all should be. When individuals attack countries using American resources preemptively, they put American citizens in danger and it violates their oath office.

America needs to be the bringer of Constitutionalism and freedom again internationally and here we need not to be afraid of what the stole 2016 ones are doing with the guilty in September 11th. How are they going to steal from us today? Why allow individuals who stole an election to reduce American liquidity? Everyone then has to make up for what they steal, and create new vehicles for prosperity. We have done this now for almost 18 years, to have to make up for the American war criminals. Why are they allowed one more day?

What has value are the American citizens who add value, not those who steal from us. We are “Enduring corruption,” and there is little  “enduring freedom,” because we have to monitor them to prevent them from harming American citizens.

Prime Universal Law, Jailer Aliens and Where They Come From and How the Operate

“The Prime Universal Law is very simple: All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate and harm others.”

The shadow government by their now known participants said they are “followers of non-corporeal entities that gain strength and sustenance off negative vibrations by supporting and melding with individuals while acting in unison with them, enticed into causing events that maximize human suffering,” to include harmful extraterrestrials I have identified and even remote viewed in projects of my own to save unknowing participants that were lied to and all humans.

People are lied to by the one world order individuals also known as “shadow” government or “shadow guys” as was even stated by the Supreme Court, who admitted to using them in the Electoral College to prevent the real electors from winning for their constituents they represent. On January 12, 2019, it was said by a Justice regarding the Electors they have in place to select the American Presidency away from American voters who are citizens, “We still have special seating for those shadow guys,” in the Electoral College, so they exist.

The individuals above who discussed the “followers of non-corporeal entities that gain strength and sustenance off negative vibrations,” turned out to be one of their followers here and conducts(ed) harmful on planet activities, such as what happened in Indonesia, as is shown here and the individual pictured was the one who described his own behavior as external to him when on radio. It is not fair or honest when individuals cause devastation and harm to people repeatedly for them to misrepresent themselves as honest and friendly, while having individuals fooled and hurt by them repeatedly on a global scale.

Indonesia Conducted Using HAARP by harmful individuals.


I started revoking agreements to stop these beings in their entirety and have placed our planet’s core in our perfectly put position, in its exact center where it belongs so harmful off planet life will be euthanized the moment they arrive here. It has been proven I did this work now for months, and recognized by one world order individuals and others including NOAA.

I started with this article. “Tell the Lords of Karma that You are Sovereign, No Longer a Lightworker in 2014.

Cameron Day discusses these beings, and some are corporeal and others noncorporeal, as conducting the following in their activities, “the demiurgic beings have fully committed to their own illusion of separation from Source, and therefore must find an alternative source of energy, which they derive from humanity in the form of worship, adoration, beliefs, counterparty contracts, distorted sexuality, deception, confusion, apathy, struggle, pain, suffering, hate, death, etc. (“Going on a spectrum of energetic ‘gourmet food’ to ‘junk food’ for the parasitic beings in that example.”)

He also talks about how to break your contracts with them and discusses the Prime Universal Law, “The Prime Universal Law is very simple: All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to violate and harm others.”

As our planet’s core perfects itself and our Earth becomes more round, these individuals are forced to leave or die here because they cause harm to Earth based human life forms, and they will argue their right to exist to harm others, which I battle.

They are like fugitives in some ways, as it was just heard by John Brennan talking about the individual above with his team, saying “We could go to another star system and they won’t know his background.”

It takes a long time to arrest and detain them here, as they use advanced technology and it was admitted by him, “We did the technology here so we wouldn’t have to pay for the World Trade Center.”

He projects innocence through what I found out, despite turning him in over fifty times now, maybe even over a hundred myself, a “memory clip” which likely projects out innocence while he remains guilty. It is like I have been jailed by them electromagnetically in my home and body through implantation, so I use my time to gather information on what they do to get them removed.

This was one of the implants done to me that was very painful. They inject white alien agenda DNA under your skin, so it triggers a response from them when you touch it. It is like when you get the key to get out of jail, you touch it and the jailer responds. My neighbors next door were hired to implant me through breaking into my home, and admitted it on July 4, 2018, “Those were all agenda twenty one experts we had implant you.”

They inject white alien agenda DNA under your skin, so it triggers a response from them when you touch it. It is like when you get the key to get out of jail, you touch it and the jailer responds. My neighbors next door were hired to implant me through breaking into my home, and admitted it on July 4, 2018, “Those were all agenda twenty one experts we had implant you.” It is very scary when it is done and it is covertly done with few witnesses, and that is why I collect data about them. Agenda 21 is over permanently now, and I fought hard for it to be that way.

Now they are the ones who are dying or leaving, not us, American citizens.

More on different types of jailer aliens, I remote viewed a guided meditation by a group of individuals called the IS:IS Portal Activation on Easter 2014, April 20, 2014, and when I encouraged the group’s members to protect themselves, the hosts banned me from interacting.

I still participated in the meditation and arrived early energetically to remote view the session and see what I could encounter. I had a couple of volunteer remote surveillance friends who joined me to protect the innocent people I suspected would be harmed because of the treatment I had from the group hosts.

What I found early on was a large reptilian species who changed form to a reptilian transhuman individual.  Initially what I saw initially was more like modern dinosaur that transfigured into a similar form and less African American in facial structure to the one I used here as the featured image.

The final form looked more like this image I found on the left, with no horns and more sleek in appearance, and reminded me of individuals I had seen in statue form from ancient Egypt.

Last night, the agency man who conducted the deposal of Donald Trump, admitted about me, “What if we prevented the politician of all time, for the jailer aliens we put down below.” I am still here, and  I wonder is if those jailer aliens are the same ones I remote viewed that Easter Sunday of 2014, who are reptilian in form, and are likely connected to the one world order group. Notice the words in his statement, “we put down below,” so they have the ability to control them. Why do they use them at all? American citizens have a right to Constitutionalism they, including me, were guaranteed by birth or even naturalization.

It was heard on several occasions now groaning words from the alien agenda that is likely “down below” such as when I was in San Diego, working on identifying technological components placed in the Intercontinental Hotel in San Diego, “All the buildings we built with these electronics,” and this was not a human sounding voice, but rather a growly groaning one.

At the time a Navy Admiral admitted, “If only we didn’t build the Intercontinental in that way.” These buildings were likely constructed for the alien agenda monitoring system that connects to satellites and possibly even spacecraft most people deny.

Intercontinental Hotel San Diego

I’ve also photographed other buildings the alien agenda is concerned about being photographed. They cleary use surveillance against humans, and as our planet’s core is perfectly put now, we may have an advantage against them, and they are being told now, “Leave those human beings alone here.” Perhaps it is atonement for what some of the one world order individuals attempted to do that keeps a few working on the inside for good.

In the beginning they intended for all American citizens to be killed, as was stated by many members. I have tons of quoted material that reflects this, and we are making it through them now.

“We built the World Trade Center to make that happen,” said one suspect, and I fought them and am fighting them still. Maybe sometimes the neutrality I feel and exhibit helps me cope with them and what I know.

From My Post on Facebook, February 17, 2018.

A lot of people did not like the articles I wrote about aliens who were scheduled to eat humans, and the fact that the planet was to be evacuated of humans. This has been prevented.

People have thought that my work has not mattered, yet I had knowledge even from early 2001, March 15, that counts with the Draconian war and what happened to the energy of the Middle East which was primed for war unfortunately because of the work I did unknowingly, after my magazine Military Beat was bankrupted by Department of Defense civilians who I suspect wanted an honest, anti-war, pro-military personnel girl kicked off the bases in the Northwest.

They at Navy Region Northwest said, “We were told you were being revoked by professional killers so world peace would not happen.” The interesting thing is that post Draconian war, which was a black box unpaid, Netanyahu sponsored project done on an unknowing, heroic pro-American gal, my home was repeatedly broken into in Marysville, Washington. I was interrogated, implanted, targeted and monitored by a couple living in an upstairs apartment to the left of my house at 1510 First Street with assorted military uniformed individuals seen going in and out of their apartment. The same couple is back at it, and they need to leave. (One is the man above who I have studied intensely 2/27/19.) They are telecontrol experts connected to a very dark alien agenda that relates with green and also red aliens as well as cloning and possibly drones. This connects to master plan (confirmed “If they don’t stay here, then I can no longer stay here, “said Gordon Duff 12/12/18 regarding the Mintakans, called below, that were told today to leave humans alone.) in that they serve the same agenda, an anti-human agenda, which biologically speaking, as the Negative Holder by birth, I can help combat. That is why they have wanted me exterminated, to basically kill all humanity. With yesterday night’s quotes posted to twitter, it should be clear to those who read my tweets here: that there is an anti-human agenda operating.

Here are the quotes: “We have a whole concept of future reality that isn’t human based.” The Navy was supposed to take care of Paul Allen and they have since refused because of the wealthy men who are probably like Cobra’s volunteers.
“The resistance movement was filled with volunteers that did not know anything about that.” And when I questioned about Cobra’s resistance movement in relationship to another van the, “Resistance Movement was about aliens eating humans.” (This ties to the meditation I remote viewed on Easter 2014)

Also I sent to Interpol the man I refer to as “Australia man,” ” I wanted to keep the below beings alive and finish the human race off myself,”  he admitted. I sent him to Interpol. If he does attempt to enter the USA, I hope your office would not allow that. I have also sent him to the Navy on numerous occasions and nothing has been done yet. The below race actually need to be exterminated for us to survive on the planet.

Key questions from today is why would Fedex use Mercedes delivery vehicles? They would always look for efficient, affordable delivery vehicles, so would OnTrac. These vans in San Diego County, I suspect are part of telecontrol and remote monitoring for master plan, the aliens below who actually need to go, these are the “beautiful” aliens corey goode wrote about that are connected to the man in Australia and possibly a South Pacific Island as an entry point to the surface, as well as white supremacy (unbeknownst to the humans that have participated in it). The master plan unfortunately has had human volunteers who have been paid or accepted payola as well as other accomplice vans that have been broadcasting negative messages in regards to me, like “put her in prison.” For what? I have done nothing wrong and am a law abiding honorable human American citizen. It almost made one van driver cry who is human. Those who would choose a negative outcome for me are low or criminal people or anti-human. By low I mean suspect and/or criminal as part of a white supremacist quest that partnered with negative off world races to kill the people on the planet and the planet itself. People are scared to tell people, yet in reality, the only way to prevent something bad from happening is through disclosure and public awareness. People are also afraid the “pull it” story will come out about 9/11/01 to the American public that will find out they have been fooled for 17 years and may even have been fooled by an agenda designed by red aliens to sabotage our planet and nature.

How stupid we are that we allow the American public to be the only public in the world that is left stupid. That puts our people in the most vulnerable position, as it gives foreign countries more power over us, because they and their public know the truth. It also makes our people vulnerable to concentration camps and payment for crimes against humanity that they were blindsided on as our media has been told and forced to suppress the truth to protect war and the war-making industries as well as outmoded space programs such as NASA. The world is also left blind on negative alien agendas, so I am glad I continue to write here on Facebook.

We are the only ones, America, that is blind and also left stupid despite the evidence we have collected. Though we have the ability to tell the world the truth, have financial stability and advance the world with the knowledge I gained, that the government is aware of, we continue to fall behind and not disclose because of the Mercedes vans and possibly payola, that could have been outed many months ago, though evidence was doubted and some paid handsomely to keep others fooled about me. Every day that goes by, the American public looses, and we are weaker yet. As with the defeat of those negative individuals I turned in with the quotes from yesterday’s posts, the NAVY had the opportunity to defeat at least 3 of the powerful people connected to anti-human activities prior to the end of the year and into the New Year. This would eliminate the planetary threat for humans. Still no news today on those individuals incarcerations and others that were involved. They deserve to be brought to justice, including those involved here in the USA against me, because in reality they have served the same masters.

Today February 27, 2019, the alien agenda has little life left.

Hillary Clinton and other big wigs have defended the alien agenda that they wanted to take our place here.
“We were going to take them go to LaGuardia,” said Hillary Clinton, September 1, 2018 about the harmful Mintakans, called the below aliens.

On January 29, 2019, it was admitted by Bill Clinton that the alien agenda plan was “some deal the aliens made with her,” Hillary.

These aliens were scheduled to be used to “kill all American people,” as was said by Clinton February 23, 2019, and stopped by us.

The building technology was put in around March of 2017, shortly after the 2016 election was stolen both ways with the Russian oligarchs encouraging it to be stolen for the alien agenda, that had been called, “Putin’s aliens,” to be here instead of us.

Kellyanne Conway admitted to working with the teams that wired the Intercontinental Hotel, and said, “We did that one,” when the hotel was pointed out. These hotels should not be built with advanced electronics as they are hackable and the information can be sent overseas. The technology contains “blackmail modules” that are connected to Putin.

Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed his purposes for participating in the wiring of these buildings and said, “The package (as the wiring system is called) is to be used for blackmail purposes.” The Israeli origin of these building constructions and the alien project I worked on in 2001 likely connect in some way with the Draconian war I fought then psychically, and have had to fight now to protect American citizens. These buildings need to be returned to normal for American citizens to exist peacefully and no further destruction is needed in any nuclear holocaust event like they planned, and called the “main event.” They are in their homes.

They are just thieves and is known that part of the reason these individuals conducted the cocaine bribery here is to covertly steal real estate to profit from.

“We did the whole nine eleven event,” was said by Naval officer and he attempted to erase it from my memory on January 31, 2019.
“We were involved with the land grab. We knew about it,” said by Naval officer, after he was confronted about the memory erasure in my brain.

Hopefully the case is solved today, as there is too much data for it not to go that way. Real estate and building construction are the key, as well as their reliance on harmful extraterrestrials who are malicious and need to be exterminated permanently needs to be exposed directly to the media to protect all American citizens from the reality they wanted to create with September 11th. We need to restore our American Presidency to the voter to correct what has been done.

“They programmed us all to think like they did, the alien agenda,” said one source, for a communistic ending rather than Americanism like what was normal in our country. Our Constitution stands strong with 327 million American citizens, and I am really President gold and money back, who saves everyone and we live to see a historic beautiful reality.

Buildings Alien Agenda did not want photographed.

Questioning the IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION PART 1 Easter 2014 04-20-2014?