Is it time to colonize space?

With the drawdown in Armed forces globally America has to be proud, the war on terrorism is nearly defeated and remember how Amazon had been selling plots of land on Mars? Now could be your opportunity to actually land there. There was a billionaire in space who could be tabulating how many planets we own. As of a few days ago earth and Mars are self regenerating.  Could he help to bring our gold program back, the one I brought here that flew through the sun to combat the boulder builder species? It can reach other galaxies in 5 to 6 days. In other nations. they would be excited to have such a program and it is unclear as to why America will not give it a chance to manufacture. We had cocaine men flying it before and it was put in the background. I want that spacecraft and hope we can manufacture it here for commuters in space. I remember my human friends who came here in two of them from their star system and the captain was killed in one, but we defeated their enemies, so we have on left.

Recently, they actually photographed a helicopter there on Mars, so obviously there are teams already there.

We are against war as always here. So every day in the past we worked to defeat terrorism, and that was hard for 20 plus years since September 11th. As you read this morning’s headlines with the draw down in Afghanistan and troops being deployed likely to Russia, we must realize have made that mistake before with diplomacy. I was painfully reminded of the Odessa Massacre in my email. Ukraine has been a key issue of contention, and I have always supported the Ukrainian people in their quest for democracy while still supporting the Russian passport holders in the East. Before we had a more limited presence of our European allies in assisting us in negotiations there. How can we balance both the European Union and the Customs union and remember I am for individual nations achieving their sovereignty and freedom for all with modernization towards sustainability and zero waste.

Why can “unfavored nations” never be offered a package towards peace and sustainability? That would be in the American people’s best financial interests as it accomplishes their goals of reducing costs and decreasing militarism long term. I have always wanted those nations to be sustainable as this will reduce combined conflict globally.

Realigning these costs may be a way the American people may be able to travel to space. How in control are they, the American people, of the defense budget as Congress just wanted to pass another $768 Trillion budget a few days ago?  What was really included there? Bernie Sanders exposed the war money spent again on the conflict in Yemen with the Saudi Government, and Congress is voting on raising the debt ceiling. Can we diplomatically solve this problem and put those funds into the people of Yemen and end the suffering there? Isn’t it ironic that we have these arms sales funded by us and we cannot pay our own debt?

In Ukraine, could Germany, a leader by example, help us to establish a stronger diplomatic position there in Ukraine? I will never forget when tanks rolled into the East and it was terrible for the people there and so I have always worked on this conflict to bring peace to both sides. I have hoped that our diplomatic leadership would take on the Customs Union and help them to utilize what is most pure of theirs which is their food production without GMO’s and toxins, and advance them forward to water and energy independence. Crimea became a tourism mecca before and we hope Ukraine will stay sovereign and democratic and serve as a bridge between old world and the new one we long to create for the people. Can America do that, work specifically for the people in each nation to be successful? I am so tired of people in the media being depicted as fictional characters versus when you meet them they are actually honorable. Do we need that specifically, depictions of one enemy or the other to be happy and proud of our countries? We have to be critical and in the know. President Joe Biden has been doing very well according to some and not so great according to others. It is sad that Vice President Kamala Harris has struggled according to the media.

What we need is a global mission, one that embraces every nation and everyone, a mission into space to colonize our planets. What will such a mission like that cost? We can use our troops as labor in space on our planets, so this will help alleviate any fears of peace building, because the biggest concern is that if we were ever to have global peace and armistice, what would we do with our troops?

It would be interesting to know how many planets we have and that is 12, so if they are habitable wouldn’t space tourism start to begin? Do people already have building and loans setup for space and we don’t know yet? It will be exciting to participate in what we started against the harmful species I wrote about. We removed many harmful alien species. The disturbing thing is that some wanted to start cloning again which to me is a sacrilege. We need real live humans to inhabit our star system. Can we accomplish it? Yes we can and you the American or international deserve a seat at the table. So how do we get there from here? I have worked for years now on our planets to make them habitable for people.

Could we realign our armed forces from other conflicts and put them there? Great Presidents have created great missions. A mission to habitable planets would be the greatest mission for Biden.  Would the American people be more excited about that than reading about Covid? Something they can dream about and visioneer for our future. When was the last time you heard even that term in the reality we are currently living in? Too long, so what will it take to realign our world to a hopeful and optimistic one for the young and old? When you think about What Vladimir Putin did when he took over Crimea, and they were all russian with the exception of a 7-8 percent tartar population, he turned it into a tourism mecca. In Ukraine, the conflicts were disgusting and the pillaging of the country itself was criminal with the interests that came in and sadly here we are again.

We dealt with the “russian ones” throughout our story, and they were harmful extraterrestrials that conned people and had sexual pleasures. They were defeated. So can we have our planets as Americans without them now in the Biden Administration.

Sustainable building is our future here and hopefully today we are focused on building a peaceful world for all Americans to be successful and prosperous and with so many digital currencies and block chain codes .that is possible, however. how do we know how to invest our money? I hope to become rich someday and as a middle class American who works hard, it is challenging to be the best and do the best for everyone every day. President John F Kennedy took us to the moon, so hopefully President Biden can expand his vision globally to take Americans to space. Who is to say he is not more like Scranton getting the Union workers to actually build our gold program for the commuters to travel to space.

And in Ukraine we hope to see an EEU, a European Eastern Union, blending both sides for sustainability and diplomacy working with what is good to improve it and removing what is harmful to the people as I hate to see people of any nation suffer through war.

May our best days be ahead.