Mail Ballot, “All I want is to be counted and not messed with.”

Today it was disconcerting and there is a future cartoon character as a mail ballot who has the dream in the headline. It was found out people who went to the Department of Motor Vehicles who did not want to have mail ballots sent to them, had them by their names. Did they sign up to be mail ballot voters? Some did not. Some even were given the denotation that they had and did not. Taking all pride away from our Sheriff’s department is a former cop from Orange County. We used to hand our ballots to them for many years securing our elections. Our ballots are the  work of millions in our county to choose who they voted for, secured previously by them. No longer, our sheriffs are used for “boat explosion running” to steal from every resident in our county through drug money laundering. Deposed Trump stole 2016 and tried to steal from the stock market with this team. If Republicans were told what they were doing would they have chosen to keep them going. “I can’t stand the cocaine laundering,” they would say and I am with them. I am non partisan. Republicans were cheated by Patrick Leahy team not told the truth. We have protected against Republican financial losses through maintaining. Stop monitoring my house. We have an election ongoing now.  We have recovered American assets, and testimony to provide for depositions.

We own our whole galaxy with the work I did. How can we own it more for everyone? I am not into being fooled by extraterrestrials. We need to take them on and see them as the enemy they are. I actually dated one who took the opportunity to be very sweet to my face while trying to steal from everyone I knew behind their back. I only believe in earning honest money. I was told before that I would be allowed to sue Trump and I hope that goes through sometime soon. All my data is usable