Movie Script: The Overlord a boy who knew

More to the story, “We won’t be able to recover our planet,” he said sadly, as they were on their final stages of after their negative was moved. We have ours restored, and we need to celebrate that. This will not happen to us, so this movie will tell the story of what happened to them versus us. When you know the outcome of the future based on others past experience you have to look at it closely, and report the truth. We can make a great movie about him as a young innocent boy hiding under the supercomputer as his parents struggled to fend of the harmful extraterrestrials before the lost. Not us here. We need to create good lives and people find understanding. The former overlord now dead, morphed from a clean clear young boy to a droid used for organized crime on our planet by a harmful extraterrestrial race that wanted to do the same thing to us here.