How much was extorted to bankrupt America

How do we recover the stolen funds hidden on an Island found out about today? “They (America) does not own the island where we are going to file the bankruptcy (of America) from,” and during this entire time individuals connected with that island have been extorting huge amounts of funds to be recovered for the American people “We are going to conceal that Island,” also known so we are after it today to recover all monies. There is an inter blending of funds methamphetamine assets likely wired blended with tax money and the Island may be in the bahamas associated with Jeffrey Epstein. We need to know how much was put in their coffers, the past few days they were also pumping and dumping the stock market.

I work hard to protect each and every American from their bankruptcy since I found out about it on both sides. Who else stands against what they have conspired for during the entire time they have been in office? We always try to compensate for them. Gold is global and has been the one thing that has upheld our economy. Now these funds could be moving away from the American people.

On August 17, 2020, “We were going to take the money offshore,” said & it should be tracked as it is a blending of American citizens recovered monies & drug money. I had a strange feeling that day like huge sums of money missing. Who watches out for the people? We have an election started and now is when the sticky fingers happen against the American people. Can we recover all monies  associated with this heist? If I was President officially I would be a superhero for the American people and confiscate all corrupt assets and put them in the American people’s coffers. This has been a premeditated crime since they stole the election and even invited others to partake in extortion of funds. How much drug money is moving? And it would be typical to compensate someone who worked against financial crime.

I am a journalist who became President and it is normal for an American to work until they know their country is secure from financial crimes reported on.

Now if we could attack the stolen funds and recover them to Civil Liberties