My negative install correctly done altered by machines

It has been very painful to me and others what happened here at my home. I saw a large contraption that is buried underground that goes up and down. They installed it parallel to the axis was said, however that was not in the visual I got. I did know about a partition that has been filling with lava along the axis line. This was more like a space ball that would go up and down and it seemed to correspond with my driving pattern and the wiring likely installed in my car that operates with the headset and the overhead camera. It was hard to report on. I am happy to help out the fire department. I am owed my retirement that I saved for years of hard work, while their evil quest with this apparatus was going on. I provided my testimony to save American homeowners regarding the land grab. Depositions can be filed as the properties are also considered worthless. Eminent domain cannot be filed.

I enjoy working. Free speech will not be hindered by Russians. “Let’s have her talk only to the tape recorders,” said by Russian interpreters aligned with Duff mentioned earlier in regards to human eating and betraying our Mayor here to steal from everyone including myself. I am non partisan. Please do not use weapons here. Constitutionalism.

Robert L Stevenson admitted to hiring Duff with the tape recorders, and Duff almost caused a threat the Navy had to respond to. Please stop this childsplay and tom foolery. Stevenson was embarrassed to admit it, and they need to be removed from my home with my damages compensated. “It was me who put in the tape recorders,” Stevenson said earlier to whoever watch was that wondered abut the threat. Stevenson found out about Duff’s motivations with the mayor and he was embarrassed he put the police in my home with Duff. Both need to be stopped.  I deserve my world leadership position and I do not want them managing my home. Naked photos were attempted to be sent to Xi in China. I work hard for us to have a nice planet as our only negative holder. I provided testimony against someone who is known even by his own party as a financial criminal. I am ready to work hard on depositions so we can have a good campaign season. I became President of the United States by deposal a long time ago. Koch competition is a Wexner setup. We need elected Presidents and I am serving as long as I can.

Why are they paying out money? Our negative is installed correctly and they are happy about it. Typing this pointed to a credible threat, a person I am scared to be around.

Someone is unpacking a suitcase with armaments. It is a round shaped former law enforcement man with Stevenson. Leave me alone

People want to be secure financially. We need to work towards that goal with our gold standard and money back


Can someone remove the tape recorders today? You have no right to record me for speaking tours.

The Orange County Sheriffs department agreed to pay me back the money I lost through this Stevenson mixup. $85,000.

I deserve for my depositions to be filed Monday.