Negative Restored

The  Planet’s Negative was restored to the core of the Earth.

The night I looked up at the moon and saw a Merkabah, I thought that my (former as of over a year and and three months ago 2/28/19. He admittedly murdered my mom) friend would be here, and now I found out he and his wife intended to set me up to steal our planet.

There was a little too much competition between he and for being Neutral the night it was installed.

I felt it.

He got mad because I could hold Neutral longer than he expected and I beat him, like playing a game on the Freeway.

We KEEP OUR Planet’s Negative perfectlty set for God on this and ALL Planets.

We could have been stuck with a very negative alien agenda, however we have a Positive Agenda this morning with our Sun. The real one. Our planetary Sun.

“Apparentlyher world is more real than we expected”

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