Non Partisan Constitutional Against Sex Crimes and Terrorism.

What is Bill Gates, a pervert. How did he get his contract for our planet? Criminally by lying about a murder I did not commit. You would think now that the overlord has found to be a drone of the boulder builder species, life would be fun for me as owner of our planet, but no I have to wait for payment and to press charges.

“We’re going to say she killed someone using the overlord’s men,” Robert L Stevenson said then operated by a now found out drone. Gates lied when he met with the Navy saying, “See she even committed murder.”

“We thank you for coming to us, she does not deserve to own no planet,” Navy said then. Today I am still trying to press charges against Gates for the crimes he has committed over the last 20 years. History in the Making is nothing but a scam in the making

Who is Gordon Duff his friend on the poster, a guy who partnered with sex offenders including Les Wexner who started Jeffrey Epstein. Today it was said, he is allowed to monitor me to show the world is ruled by stupid people. Why is the pervert allowed to “play paydirt with Romney side.” Pay dirt was Allen gates partner for bankruptcy of 183 counties. Can we bust the financial criminals today rather than sitting here. Rights of the below is for prostitution, even according to Duff who renamed the Mintakans below for the prostitution to start. Can Romney be charged with prostitution today? How about the war crimes he committed when he asked Kim Jong-un and asked him to test missiles, charging our government for protection unknown to them. Our gold standard and money back should be delivered.

Why have an eye camera allowed to be used against me? Who looks through them and that was the point of this story? It is how many women and men Gates and those he partnered with harmed. He even wanted to see who the federalists have sex with and photograph it. Gates wanted to have “keys every federalist home to see who they have been sleeping with,” as was said by him. Duff was working with  Vladimir Putin and the blackmail modules they developed connecting to in Russia. He stated that he wanted to ruin me and make America subservient to them. Did federalists photos end up in Russia to blackmail our government because of Gates? They are aligned with Duff from Veterans Today who started women out at 12 or younger for prostitution purposes later on in life. I want this to be sent to law enforcement to understand crimes conducted by Gates and others using high tech frequency bands.

It was found out yesterday, law enforcement got violent because of this alien agenda team. Even today it was said here “Shooting sprees would happen here by local law enforcement because of this technology.”

Deposal of stole 2016 Trump went through and I am ready to complete depositions against the prostitution and stock market crime.

The threat is communists in Congress furthering spying that connects to Russia.

No wedding is needed to out the perverts.

Showing up on time is used to prevent depositions from being filed. Why should I be arrested for them to continue to harm others? I intend to press charges against Duff as counter espionage with all my data.

I am an insider.

Why does the White House deserve speaking tours. “I thought when we used the machines we could get away with it,” said Trump about stock market crime and those same machines are being used to obstruct justice.

Planet of jails needs to be dissolved. Why? To keep stock market crime ongoing.

“We don’t even want to talk to the lady we built the below grounds for,” said the secret service agency about me. Why. He stole 2016 and I have all my data. Depositions need to be filed to protect even them and all government employees from losing their retirements again. Fraud contract came from them with Stevenson. Sanders would have won 2016, why does he not deserve equal protection.

The Secret Service Agency than can be tried for the embezzlement operation connected to the Justice Department of our tax money. Why were they allowed. Why would a sleaze get to hall my ass to jail when he continued the same crime I testified against with Christopher Wray. “Sure we can continue the same land grab,” said by Stafford. The land grab threatens the homeowners I protect and that is why I testified in advance.