People wanted to turn my negative install into a cruel experience.

It has been a waste of time. The same people I testified against in my deposal notebook used my negative install to kill people repeatedly. They took it as a license to steal from and kill Americans. Should I to go to the police stations and inform them. Those individuals were also behind the graffiti and the drug running as well as insurance fraud. I intend to testify in public against all of it with all of my data. I became President and do not like giving our adversaries. This goes to the police department, should they instruct someone to inflict cruelty for rich men who own a van to collect payment? I do not believe in inflicting cruelty. Gordon Duff has gotten away with inflicting cruelty on my dog for 15 years and me now for  37 years. He is monitoring my driveway?  He works for our adversaries? Robert L Stenson partnered with a guy I hate to kill people.  The guy electrocuted me in my car because he had created the terrorism and Gordon Duff talked trump into profiting from rather than defeating long ago. Duff is an arms trafficker kicked out of Iraq  before we won. I worry that he will electrocute me again? Was that after deposal? It was not. Stole 2016 Trump was deposed after he was bought by Duff. He has manipulated throughout to profiteer. How much was made by him? Why was Duff put around my home post deposal?  He collected a lot of “tax money,” and drug money. Who else was with him? Is that not extortion?

I became President post deposal and am not bought. We have all bankruptcy as espionage. Gold only. Audit billions

They harm our relationships overseas. I intend to campaign non-partisanly. To track the funds. The threat of the day then leads to the Camp Pendleton which then leads to the Orange County sheriff’s department paying the 17 millionaires with the Mercedes vans, 2 were seen today on the same driveway. They are the ones who bankrupted Orange County before and the individuals managing their payments are those working for our adversaries.

Obama delivers money bag to the shooter? Is it  about the cruel hunger for money he must have experienced when he was a child of a Haitian immigrant or something else? In an honest world why wouldn’t Obama represent who voters believe him to be? I represent who I am every day. I work for the best in people. We need a full audit of these individuals who sat back and said, “I get to keep their tax money.” How much did they steal, bloated with tax money. Who will return the money? If someone handed you a bag of drug money? I would ask for a percentage and keep the rest as evidence. Housing that is designed to crash the housing market needs more drug money?

“I wanted this side of the driveway to launder drug money,” said Richard Cheney about my driveway, to be stopped today by me going to the Carlsbad police department and letting them know about when Cheney came in there. Should I go there? “My negative is installed correctly, ” Cheney said about my negative installed correctly and he wants a warrant from the Orange County sheriff’s department for my negative installed correctly by me. He has no right. I am against terrorism and pro audit. We could recover the money America needs and stop harming sheriff’s department’s retirements. Who stole their retirement in 2008? Was it the same people? How many times are we fooled? I want to marry someone who fights for the American people and who would never launder drug money nor murder anyone. No one would want to marry someone like that. I will meet a man who arrives in a gold spacecraft. When I delete it there is a warrant out for me “I wanted this side of the driveway to launder drug money,” and in my opinion I side with the new CIA Director Cheney is a bench warrant for me every day. I made sure I put the drug laundering down. We do not need men and harmful women to harm Americans Constitutionalism. Some people cannot be happy with a good life for the American people and we have to ask ourselves why? Is it criminal activity on a large scale? Gold only is global and cashless is criminal. It was designed to steal from every American.

Should we have a deck like this with the poster individuals? The sad thing is that Bush gives those on the deck cards and was behind their terrorism. Can Iraq be free? When is our tribunal. Why would he want to harm my side wanting war to be over? To house the millions of Iraqi refugees as we had planned with redevelopment. I remember when that maintained American standing with our budget surplus. We are in campaign season. Bernie Sanders should ride on the redevelopment for Iraq. I and Sanders are against terrorism.

Who is Responsible. We used 9/11 because I wanted to go back to Iraq said.

No American should ever be arrested for being honest. We have a right to work hard for justice and I am a witness.  Did a new CIA Director start? I am looking forward to meeting her. Transition is happening and I felt a more honest side coming in. Insiders know that. I hope she takes all of my data and I just sign off that she can take it to court.  I will be happy with an honest side finally. 3 years working for it. We maintain American standing at number one. Gold cash is printing globally. When I tracked our gold standard I knew criminals were operating in the background to damage America through devaluing. I was aware of my testimony. I was aware of adversaries. America can borrow now. What is going to happen to the housing? Why did they let them build it if they built it knowingly to crash? It is neither left nor right.

We had espionage charges against those with Chinese side. We have not assessed their liabilities yet for the directed energy weapon used in devaluing existing homeowners or used to cause the American people harm at times registered in China. Meaning these individuals devalued you the American people for their espionage. Additional data on file to include financial harm to our stock market and the Chinese stock markets. When do we press charges. I would not have accepted bribery from China as they did. Are they trustworthy now in 2020? Should they be sueable for devaluing? “Maybe I should find a jail for stevenson,” to be said by suit and tie guys. “Why should they listen to the joint chiefs?” asked by them. Unneeded, Joseph Dunford outed for China long ago and new intelligence comes online. Straight data and Congressional members should be ready to press charges on those bought by our adversaries? We are campaigning for the White House who wants owned in the White House? Those accepting money from overseas should not participate with Romney here. They are associated and proves Romney likely owned explains the Kim Jong-un data. Why did he charge our government he asked Un to fire? Did he devalue existing homes with something he tried to get over on our government with. His tone was clearly wanting to get over on our American government. Did he tell them in advance he was going to do construction financing with the revenue? No. He called them up and asked the American government to protect us all from Kin Jong-un in a fear sense. We need no created threats for profiteering also known as fraud, waste and abuse. This has to go to court against him. Anyone complaining will benefit from the penalty assessed to Romney for it and it is our gold standard. Republicans are easiest to convince to work against their own financial interests as this man is, according to many.

Finally the playbook understood for our audit. “We create the terrorism and you guys decide which way you want to pay for it. We have a whole profit model created for that,” admitted previously. They then use the profit for their pet projects. Did the government know about the missile? Likely not in the beginning. Why do the American people have to create terrorism to create profit streams? Corporate welfare. We can take each incident and boil them down to and locate where the private money went in the shell companies. I have found millions of dollars like this before.

Headset cracking. I became President 3 years ago. Deposal of stole 2016 for validated convictions to include election theft. Crosscheck voter purges to be included. Gold standard and hopefully our money back, voters tax money, compensates those major corporations they bankrupted. We need an audit of the Pentagon and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. How much drug money have they pocketed. Were shipments halved? Should they run drug money into 2020?We are a Sovereign Constitutional Republic. Deposal of stole 2016 Trump long ago by those, found out to be by those who sided with our advesaries for 22 years or more years, against me and Americans. We do not need them in 2020.Gold currency printing. Democratic running mate for those believing in audit against those siding with our advesaries. How much did those siding with our advesaries earn. Confiscate those assets.

Posted by Ann Diener on Thursday, July 16, 2020

It is always about cleaning up after war criminals every day wasting time and stealing our money. “She could not do a speaking tour because she holds the negative.” A LIE about me not being able to speak to the media. We have to work hard to take down the lies every day.

The department of defense or anyone is free to use my Presidency to stop all drug money. “Now I pull money out of the atm for the shooting spree of the day,” can we have a day without a shooting spree. Our negative install is not about asset confiscation, nor about cruelty. It is about working together on a project. Shooting spree is murder of valuable people. Shooting spree stopped. Drug planting stopped. All evil stuff done stopped. And criminals on a poster keep going

“She didn’t work for the negatives,” to be said by Duff. I certainly did. I worked days and weeks to complete our install and now years and we have a perfect planet. How much should I be paid per hour? We also have Mars ready? How much is that worth to every American for space travel? And he is the one who said we gave you the rocket so Americans would not have space travel. Should he have any say?

“Bench warrants ruin governors?” Why? I am available to testify in any case on my twitter feed @a_diener. How do we get those working with our adversaries before they leave our country? We need to research who we deal with better at least data is out now?

This is Peace Strategist’s home not speaking tours. We can have our audit and stop those who are receiving funds from our adversaries. I have wanted to bust Allen since I found out he caused the OC bankruptcy and that is why Duff paying them through Orange County is criminal. We want real computer programmers not traitors working for Russia as they have been. This is why they have a Russian bribed man laundering drug money for them, Duff.

They have no rights to God’s negatives. Stop consciousness theft.

Gold only is global and cashless angers everyone.

Why are failures trying to harm American standing? “America can borrow.”

“All the below ground jails need replacement,” said because we finished our work and I should be paid for their demolition as I was promised.