Water Energy Independent Home

I am developing a home that is completely water and energy independent that is hopefully to be available for under $50,000 US.

What does it take to have a Vacation Planet?

To me it seemed like over the Summer, we were very close to creating this beautiful ideal world.

Even John Brennan was involved positively. Back then the focus was more on healing the world, rather than communism. I remember him being around then energetically. I’m not sure why we can’t go back to working on the Sun making the world perfect. I am so tired of us wanting things that are dark.

I actually see a beautiful vacation planet of the future without those dirt movers. It is a Natural world. I am not sure how we get there. Then, now, I saw clapper and the red actor. Maybe that’s how we get to the Vacation Planet is by avoiding those two.

NAVY. clapper. redactor. Brennan. Stafford. clinton. VACATION PLANET. GOD
NAVY. kissinger. nasa. GREATNESS. Merkabah. Gold Energy. Annunaki. Trump. “he is not going to release us.”
Stafford. OCEANSIDE. GOLD STANDARD. Treasury Direct. Navy. pointed head man.

MUELLER INVESTIGATION. Investigation. clapper. redactor. nuland. Russia.

Overview of Water Energy Indpendent Home

I have been working on developing a water-energy independent home for almost 10 years now. This project will soon be launched on  It is my personal goal that no one should ever be homeless or without food, water and energy or fuel.

We need to create a sustainable, self-reliant world and this home is the start.

What I always think about is, how long have we humans been living on earth? At least thousands of years.

How many average people own their home, outright? How many own their water production and treatment? How many own their power? Almost no one.

In how many years? Thousands…

This is why we have to do this.

We have to establish a benchmark for life for the average person, so that they are strong and self-supporting and can help others to be the same. It is leadership by example and moving forward on basic needs, that still as of today are not met for the majority.

Our goal is to provide a housing system that would be affordable to almost anyone. We want to permit and builf this energy and water independent home, so that we can use it as a demonstration project to show what can be done.

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