Public Service

An elected President is about Public Service. When I was at the beach before the election, I felt the spirit of the American people, an solid, anxious to be inspired and get back to work group who wanted someone to represent them. That is why Joe Biden won and in reality they knew who Donald Trump was when they went to the voting booth. They were like a standing army of their own kind who knew corruption in the media.

We worked on the war criminals of which he was one, or should we say is one. They are happy to have him out. During both impeachment hearings testimony about them could have been heard. I was ready with all data. We now can move ahead and accept the fact the will of the people happened and we worked in the background to save everyone from threats known about that some aided and abetted. In reality that could be brought up too.

A President is a public servant. Richard Cheney was arrested in St. Louis, Missouri and we still have some left on the poster. Should George W Bush cabinet members be involved in the incoming administration and should existential threats such as Bill Gates be left un-tried? No. We need no space shuttle for cocaine and can manufacture our gold program to be self sufficient. What part of Biden would not allow his voters the opportunity to be self sufficient? Old cabinet.

We keep everything we have for the voters who defeated threats. Defeat threats

We have good public service.

Anyone associated with Nisour Massacre and stealing from he American people needs to be removed.

I own our planet and others said “We lied and said they own the planet,” about Bush campaign.

We still have our gold standards and money back as deliverable with the differential paid to Biden Administration officials and Congressional members who were not involved in the housing developments.