The quest for bankruptcy that bankrupted them.

The people who have my planet money, my $50 million went on a quest with Stevenson for the land grab I testified against. Now it is time to file depositions against that land grab, pay me for my investigation and pay me my planet money. My income from my business will be $1500 per ounce of lithium extracted. Lakes and streams will produce electricity and farmers will be paid for the waste products and also will make money on as electricity they generate depending on how the partnership is setup, and their membership level if it is an LLC. Our gold standard and money back are American recovered assets and election convictions have been needed. Deposed for scam Against America Trump stole election 2016.

Why are they paying Stevenson.

I only earn money earnestly and do not launder drug money. Can the government ever pay someone honest?

Constitutionalists exist to tell their story correctly. Star jet incapacitated.