Questioning the IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION PART 1 Easter 2014 04-20-2014?

I had an interesting yet spiritually scary encounter with the people promoting the IS:IS PORTAL ACTIVATION PART 1 Easter 2014 04-20-2014 / 04-21-2014. They discouraged participants from protecting themselves with their own heart energy. I did not feel comfortable posting the information on Facebook. I suspect they potentially may want to hurt people and/or don’t understand spiritual sovereignty because no one who is spiritually aware would discourage participants from protecting themselves with their own energy. They then tried name calling. How strange is that? 

Here is the original comment I posted on Facebook under the activation page after statusing “Maybe”

“I am going to meditate during this time and focus on clarity, love and protection for all participating. When I first read about the activation, I felt the need to gather more information on it. Watching the video made me question not the intention of it but more the result of it. While I love and appreciate Cobra and the Resistance Movement’s intention, there is something strange about this activation that I could not put my finger on. I then had concern that some group was trying to hijack this event for their own benefit, to use the people participating somehow. I then upon researching remembered it was Hitler’s birthday and also happened to be listening to a radio program with Preston James on Mike Harris Short End of the stick, 4/17/14 about 38:50 of the interview ( that talked about Marduk and what that group associated with them wanted to do.

“Please make sure that when you participate you surround yourselves with Divine Source Light. First protect yourself with your heart energy by surrounding yourself with a heart shaped sphere that emanates from your heart. Then call on the Divine Source Light and infinite source to be around you. This will not reduce or impact your participation level but will enhance your connectedness from a safe vantage point. I would then connect to the Earth’s core through your lower chakra and then to galactic core through your upper chakra. You can then call upon and use a Galactic vacuum to transport any negative interferences to the galactic core for transmutation. These tools are found here, and I have been using them energetically for quite sometime now. They work for more than just clearing. Blessings and Love!”

What is amazing is what came next. At the time of the comment’s removal, I had 4 likes and they said there was no need to protect yourself basically. Why? I learned long ago when I was badly hurt by false spiritual beings that protecting yourself is important no matter what, and that no one with good intentions would try to prevent you from protecting yourself. That is why this caused alarm bells to go off. Here is the image of the Facebook exchange that was deleted. I am going to hold the light with protection on for myself and those participating. This is not fear based, this is reality. Who are they trying to protect?

Caution with 4-20-14-activation

4-19-2014 9:30 pm PST Theory as to Why?

Perhaps they are getting new thought people involved in a big distraction to prevent justice and true awareness from actually happening. They use the story of Aliens being accepted and “full” disclosure happening to prevent any reality of justice occuring to prosecute those who have comitted crimes. They, the cabal, maintain the control of the conversation. This is just a theory and an interesting one. Listen to about the one hour mark of the embeded video below.