Republished from August 3, 2017, Negative Goes to the Core

Love is on Earth
Earth courtesy of NASA.

Note: God exists and deserves to be here fully. Religious texts are wrong from my understanding. The planets, suns and cores which are light holes are all part of our birth-death-birth cycle. Currently the core of our planet needs to be restored for the planet to be in its natural state. I also write on foreign policy that is critical of our current system. Big change is needed, so please be understanding. There is plenty of evidence in earlier articles with lots of links to fact based evidence  also relating to AI, etc.. This investigation has been unconventional and an effective way to learn from direct spiritual, physically experienced phenomenon.

The Negative is actually a large core mass of magnetic material that has been removed from the core of the planet. The Negative is quite possibly in North Korea where the “bardo” is supposed to be for the control of humans using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technology. Projected electricity is also used in certain new buildings and installed in cars. It is very painful and needs to be stopped immediately.

As humans we need to restore the Negative to the core of the planet to restore the planet to its proper alignment, our earth will be perfect again. We have the right to be sovereign. I am Sovereign. We have a right to stand side by side with Beings From Other Star Systems (BFOSS) and not be controlled by any of them.

Moving the Negative stops soul erasure by the overlord and the criminals who want to keep our gifts as humans secret. They use mind control and AI technology to do this. The Negative beings, which are real and on the planet will then go below.

The Negative can be moved today. The physical Negative core wants to be moved back to its proper place at the core of the earth. By not moving it, we are also stealing from Death. Death & God will be happy when the Negative is moved back and the planet is restored. God is walking on the planet today.  Earth is our real home.

The Negative is what makes the Earth in alignment. The removal of it was done quite possibly to allow the alien agenda to exist and create the “bardo region” that allowed for soul erasure by the overlord and his accomplices. Bust ’em today! Thank you for reading Veterans Today.

Everything and everyone proves themselves eventually.

The United States of America defeats colonialism and subjugation. The USA replaces it with freedom and independence for all. Sovereignty is natural for all.