Russian Freedom is daring

This afternoon I had an interesting visual of Russian organized crime, and then the image of Russell Bonner Bentley behind him and this is what I got, “That’s who we are and that’s who we presented ourselves to be,” understood. How uncomfortable how they penetrated in American alternative circles that dig for the truth. Others knew behind the scenes and could not stand that we fell for them, however it did in some ways follow Mission and Values that encourage Youtube’s just like this. Could the video here happen if we did not find out about the East to encourage them forward. I was never sure about Bonner Bentley and did not like some of what I was concerned to be terrorism. I felt it. I did however post the coup in Ukraine question Vladimir Putin very strongly, why did he refuse to sit down with the Separatists at the same table and negotiate with whom I found out during an insider investigation were actually his counterparts, as Putin was aligned with George W Bush, aligned here so it is likely he was involved there with oil and gas production, and Rudy Giuliani, Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden. This is why he did not sit down with the people in the East who were being stolen from. In a video when war was starting in Eastern Ukraine, I remote viewed a man in a laundromat washing his work clothes as soldiers were piling into his village, ready to open fire and he wanted to go to work and not be bothered by coupmeisters, that turned out to be profiteers who obtained huge contracts corruptly to steal from the industrialized portion of Ukraine by entering in through couping a corrupt regime.

I suspect Gordon Duff who wrote at Veterans Today, knowing what I know about him, put on a false front of peace and freedom for the American and even Russian people, however when it comes down to it, the energy he really had was of a shyster salesman. He likely was part of Putin’s first string to harm our country internally foreign policy wise and he is still sitting somewhere monitoring my home. I found out he also worked for harmful extraterrestrials I am against vehemently and in God’s power we are killing them. It is a slow process and I am scared serious work.

As owner of our planet, I work for the guy in the laundromat. The OSCE monitoring mission there knew I worked hard to finish peacefully there with low casualty counts helping them to keep working for themselves to the best of my abilities. Our American mission is to spread freedom all over the world.

It was also found that Dick Cheney committed fraud likely by going to the government asking them for funding post our American war crimes tribunal when he wanted to harm our negative install.

“I think I know where I can get us some money, but we’ve got to be discrete about it so no one will find those below ground jails inert right away,” which they are right now, said Cheney at beginning of his criminal quest, I get paid now hopefully.

Heard this afternoon after all boulder builders are dead now, and there are only 2 harmful spacecraft left with very few caretakers, “I negotiated a treaty with the lord above,” said by the more ominous one we can legally bring down as they are our enemy and our enemy committed fraud to keep them going through committing an embezzlement operation. We could not beat them before and that was why DoD did not want to undertake the mission. With our negative install we can defeat our enemy. The lord above is no longer a threat, it is a mousey extraterrestrial that is a third stringer who was friends with Gordon Duff regarding their illegally garnered harvesting contract. I found out they are using suspension air to stay in space, meaning our enemy will be brought down and in the future can no longer fit through our galactic core, meaning we are unstoppable. Victory for us is ahead.

My side at Department of Defense the freedom loving side know that their enemy, them, hates me.