In Science, Everything Proves Itself Over Trime

Nature is stronger than any force known to mankind. In science everything proves itself. Our planet was infested with alien agenda that had moved our core thousands of years ago to harm you. Magma is filling the false bardo they created and our lives our ours because of our negative install done two and a half years ago.

“Alien agenda bardo is filling,” said yesterday about the fake one they created to control your lives criminally. North Korea is almost done.

From August 3, 2017, “The Negative is what makes the Earth in alignment. The removal (repositioning is the correct word) of it was done quite possibly to allow the alien agenda to exist and create the “bardo region” that allowed for soul erasure by the overlord and his accomplices. Bust ’em today!,” said said in an online publication I wrote for, with the article re-published here. This was written about the time our negative was repositioned in the center where it is supposed to be for our planet to function normally physically.

The false bardo setup which is like a fake hell is confirmed by the statement above. It was referred to by me in my early writings about our install at that time with the estimated dating to be 18,741 years ago at that time, and that was several years ago when it was set up criminally to rape our planet.

Our natural bardo opened a few days ago that corresponds to our sun opened a few days ago and was reported on by a Buddhist monk that said, “Our bardo is open now.” Shortly after, the white aliens were taken to the sun for prosecution.

This is about our larger planet, not one subset of a corrupt culture. The planet of billions  of people is repairing itself as my negative was correctly installed several installed years ago and we have validated it at every step to prove humans own it outright. We were conned when alien agenda arrived here into moving our core. Now magma is flowing and we have the Northern Hemisphere almost repaired with the south still repairing itself.

It is like a large joint pulled out of socket, when our Earth’s core was moved, now that it is back in the correct position, two and a half years later, the blood as magma is flowing normally and our pain is subsiding all over our planet.

There is a fake visual sequencer in use to con remote viewers so make sure you have your apertures correct. We own our planet outright.

As the alien agenda is like a harmful virus that entered criminally even lying into our planet thousands of years ago, it is like a virus we are treating, so sometimes there is no period at the end of a sentence. That helps God work for your interests. Once our planet is no longer sick from the infestation, we will feel better. We were sick for thousands of years and I earn their respect over time. We need a collaborative effort to repair our planet based on our knowledge that we have gathered.

No killing spree is needed I work strictly on a scientific basis for our planet to be corrected to perfection where it was originally before they came here. People here have to stop asking what’s going to happen to alien agenda and start asking about the billions. What is going to happen to humanity? We win

Just because you install listening equipment in someone’s environment does not give you the right to control there life as Stevenson said, “We installed listening equipment,” that is much smaller of significance than the work I have done. You can listen but you are not doing. I tabulate based on data about people. What do they do that serves billions? We have advancement forward to helping every humans life on our planet, and that is what I started my mission for. The people need to be told so we gain momentum. Why fight. They were wrong in the beginning and facts and data should outweigh their original misconceptions. The people are to be protected over anything else in our world and that is how I live. We provide for the common defense for them. When we find out something is wrong it is up to us to correct it. Back then it was hard to tell how controlled we were by an infestation. They have infested everything we eat, drink and our environment surrounding us. We are winning and I did it on my own surrounded by opposition

People have to be nice to me and recognize what we are doing for everyone globally.

God is here on the planet and has been working with the other side to select them for future missions

Why is anyone being paid to keep an infestation in the background? Sorry to be mean, at some point when my install is proven, I get paid. We already had the two waves on both hemispheres, and the fake bardo is filling, so when is my payment scheduled for?

It was such a scam with these aliens, as it was found out this morning, they were running their alien arrival for human eating in the future through the Justice Department, Brian Stafford said to one of them, “Remember when I said we get paid for bringing the aliens in here,” and that was History in the making to cost American citizens long term financial standing. we keep our gold standard and our money back to be delivered and know we are overcoming this outcome.

In the future it would have been said, “What a mistake we made. No one will accept our currency. We (as the United States) cannot borrow again.” Going into the 2020 election, those who have worked on my side can say we have saved our country and my planet I own outright with not much money.

With our work that started with mine as negative, we own our whole star system, known to human Americans and others as our galaxy, now and can add other repaired planets as we move forward. It is actually a star system as our planets revolve around our star, the sun now fixed.

Constitutionalism exists and I provided my testimony in earnest against still deposed stole 2016 Donald Trump and I tracked the election in earnest proving it was stolen, meaning they should have no standing, or less because they did not win and have been involved in criminal activity I informed on laundering drug money and conducting prostitution.