Sleaze versus honor

When you think about a person you think is honorable who you have known and served as a quasi asset for for many years, knowing hands down that they are embezzling funds with prostitutes when they question your honest credibility is criminal.

The way this sounded was like the man was sitting there with this woman he is cheating on his wife with recollecting how they were embezzling funds from our Justice Department.

Brian Stafford said to her, in a sleazy couch talking voice of remembrance of criminal activities conducted that they got away with, “Remember when I said we get paid for bringing the aliens in here,” and that was History in the Making to cost American citizens long term financial standing. I would now testify against him on behalf of his wife who knew he should not go to San Diego, CA. “I don’t think you should spend any more time out there,” she said. An he said about me that I had no honor as trustworthy. He is trustworthy to cheat, cheat the American people, cheat on his wife and pretend that he is  a loyal American asset while my files were allegedly stolen from him regarding terrorists I fought so Americans could be safe is criminal while likely stealing from the stock market with Rudy Giuliani is pure criminal sleaze with the cocksuckers. We can count on it. He has a level of sadness about that so I empathized with it and that was the same like the aliens when they came here that should be killed in hours. We can no longer empathize with financial criminals depositions must be filed and testimony completed. May his wife and I ask for a divorce. They, those of criminal intentions, tried to make me fall in love with him, gullible I was with that, Basheert, to keep our planet in custody, thinking we misaligned our negative which is untrue and they set up a false core with the Mars rover in the old hole intentionally. I am only attracted to honor in our future.

Deposed Donald Trump admittedly by Michael Pence, “stole 2016,” so they have no standing as an elected Presidency. Deposed made me President with conditionally released Trump speaking in the media. I used my honorable Presidency, despite the agency guy, to investigate Trump further, and no matter what they did not win 2016 important in an election year, they were the losers of 2016 still trying to seem relevant despite the cocaine money laundering, and having lost 2016. I have my data sheets and know Hillary Clinton won the National election, yet refused the recount to take power. It was confirmed by Pence, they knew they lost 2016.

Pure sleaze is them. American honor is me. Depositions get filed by my team and me.