Spending and Our Votes

Working elections for almost 18 years and monitoring vote counts in the background to understand the electoral process, we need to concerned about the mail ballots and what will be done for 2022. American elections should be real and for the voters.

When voters went into polling places it was much easier to monitor what was happening on the back end, and I am non-partisan. It was noted over the years, on both sides, that voters voting for honest candidates had been purged off the voter rolls or rosters, this is called Crosscheck, and hopefully this has been stopped. I witnessed this repeatedly year after year and in California, the sixth or seventh largest economy, globally. The switch now to mail ballots only there not only took away from Americana of going to the polls, which early on had even been decorated for election day, but it took away our opportunity to monitor both the rosters and what is being done with the voters votes. The mail system now could cloak a big heist. Is Dragon Hardware being used in the background?

Polls should exist with exit polling as mandatory. We know that there is only a 2 to 3 percent margin of error with exit polling, so how with a “mail ballot society” do we establish that same accuracy? Will people be hired to phone poll voters who mailed ballots? How do we know they were really from the specific voters? On election night, can we trust the ballot counts are reported accurately and with more time to count, mail ballots could be seen as good, however there still seem to be gray areas to address.

Were there benefits to voting in person? It seems to me like when you vote at a poll there is less likelihood that your vote would get lost or stolen, and you can see what is going on with the election. Polls can be watched by everyone.

Also are the current issues with the US Post Office going to affect the 2022 election? We hope that voters will have real honest voting by then, so how can we, the voting public, make sure we do come election day of 2022?

Do I know how to open a poll? Most definitely. I miss it.

And I monitored them for many years as a field support representative/troubleshooter.

We know about list voting and have fought selected candidates for years as we want candidates who work for their constituents, not chosen based on spending by Congressional members. We have found that lists were made by individuals to keep candidates in their seats long after they have been rejected by the voter.

Candidates should know they are hired by us and by vote.

Candidates and elected individuals have a fiduciary responsibility to work for the voter and that relieves pressure from everyone.

When a candidate is elected, the voter should have confidence that these individuals in Congress and in the Executive Branch work for their interests. I have always worked for the voter and drove cross country to attempt to make the election convictions and contact Congress. I invested my own money for 28 years to work against individuals I found to be influenced by our adversaries.

We have investigated dark money groups that have interfered with voters choices and it was found that not only are votes stolen, they are even sold even off shore. Hopefully that ends.

Finding out about price waterhouse recently and their determination that some candidates are seen as not viable because of likely Council of Foreign Relations ratings could connect directly to foreign policy spending, decision making and spending by the Pentagon. This likely involves credentialing from the National Security Agency, other agencies as well as secret deals for profiteering that involves donors and stock market trades which are being examined right now. Could those candidates who are deemed as not viable for Price Waterhouse be the ones in opposition to payola?

These candidates would then be the ones we the American people would vote for and desire.

We must work this election to purge the ones who do not work for us and find out the truth.

How can we make sure every vote is counted and every candidate has an equal opportunity to win knowing what we know today about sophisticated spending and compensation packages in the background that can be seen as payola? We need to know what is going on in the background and I will work as hard as I can to update the voter on what I find out. It is to be reported Robert Mercer’s family donated $20 million to a dark money group for 2020 and micro-targeting is still going on in the background for 2022. We need to stop him and arrest the guilty. I felt that in 1993 he was an office stooge and “given some money.”

The American public does not have access to pay for play terrorism nor that kind of spending. Candidates may and it is unknown about the additional tranches of spending found out about and the election convictions to include micro-targeting with lists made may be in the background may be connected to said spending. We have successfully down-balloted harmful candidates who have accepted bribery from our adversaries and we continue to work for real votes to be counted and real candidates to win.

We hope cases are made associated with those who worked for and accepted bribery from our adversaries. Much data has been made public and many people have been paid who are bribed and I will never accept such bribery.

My publication The Military Beat was started in earnest and at that point we learned about China and Russia with year after year studying to understand at behest of the American people the truth and what has gone on in the background against them.

The American people will honestly vote. We want to make everyone happy with a clean election for 2022.


Tourism and great health is everyone’s side

“Why could I have not competed against Trump,” said Mike Pence and that is the same thing I wondered as I tried to give away the Presidency. “We stole the Presidency more than she did,” said individuals I turned in repeatedly. I did not steal Donald Trump’s Presidency either, they had given it to me in a covert deposal process, and I did not want it, so I tried to give it away.  I used it to prove what Donald Trump had been deposed for and validate my testimony. Covid was created.  I lost a lot of my own money helping Biden win.  I did manage to prove who was involved in September 11th and I did not as of today manage to get victim’s compensation for the victims including myself who spent 20 plus years attempting to prove who was involved in it.  Trump was at least partially at fault with the Florida incident then and I worked to identify the other individuals who likely used explosives then.  Richard Cheney hid in the background then on June 24, 2021 with other individuals then and likely other individuals likely partnered who with him involved with all hands who were part of the first September 11th attacks.

“Leahy has already been down balloted” found out October 8, 2021 and previously reported as “yesterday” for espionage and assorted crimes. He resigned publicly to the media.

I side with the Rand Paul side of Republicans and the Bernie Sanders side of Democrats.

I am glad Biden won. I am sorry about what they did afterwards.  The housing crashed in 42 states and well there were never depositions.  I work against terrorism conducted against the American people.

God works here

I wish at some point I could campaign face to face with the voters and I will work hard to report accurately the truth. We had made a statement about “money back” and those were American citizens returned tax money that was in the hands and at times personal checking accounts of individuals, those funds will likely never be delivered to the American people, and Donald Trump attempted to file against those funds in a stack of 20 filings. It would have been nice if Biden had had those funds in the treasury and control of those funds for the people and that was my dream that the American people would have had those Billions in revenue.  America could become Sovereign. Is Biden able to retain any sovereignty now that he is in the White House.  “We don’t know what we are going to do with the royals now we know they are not liked by the common people,” was happening on December 19. 2020.  It will be interesting as globally royalty is questionable and the is one thing we did with our negative install. Did they meet with Sisi and what will this house look like when they return from Egypt.