Stopping Land Grab and Attempted Bankruptcy Against America.

Our Constitutional Republics stand. How crime led to the cocaine cartel now, that must be arrested legally and lawfully to prevent more crime. It started out as fun and parties in 1989, and then succumbed to murder of media media mogul and others who stand for justice. They forced America to be a loser with what they are currently are conducting and must be arrested now. I am President gold and money back. Though Trump is silently deposed, his premeditated criminal behavior is clear here.

This presentation discusses the land grab and attempted bankruptcy scam that is being perpetrated against American citizens through individuals who are deposed technically and who stole election 2016 with the help of Russian resources and are currently working with them against American citizens nationally.  I operate constitutionally for real elections, every day. We need elected representative government. This was updated to perfect it. Real estate and drug sales connector added with Maxwell murder added today. Please call me to interview me in person (760) 672-2028.

I want our Constitutional America restored without foreign influence harming American citizens. Panty parties with cocaine men will not stand here. They are outed in their entirety here.

For more informations, a video was taken by me of Deripaska’s yacht close to a Chinese container ship that may have contained suspected cocaine on board months ago in San Diego. This is important to watch and no more taunting American Naval service members by China should be tolerated.